Amanda Palmer to Morrissey: 'Crowd-Source Your Next Album'

Singer tells Morrissey to get on Kickstarter.

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The Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer has written an open letter on encouraging Morrissey to use Kickstarter to fund his next album. The singer stated that Morrissey's fanatical fan base would be ideal for a crowd-sourcing project:

"You have some of the most fanatical fans in the world; caring and devoted people from countries far and wide who would be really, really happy to support you at levels far beyond $5 just to have the songs in their ears," she writes. "You're possibly one of the best candidates on the planet to use crowdfunding, because of who you are and what you mean."

Palmer also went on to note that crowd-sourcing is the way forward in an age where artists don't need record labels: "What does one need a record label for nowadays? To put albums in stores? The stores are closing. To make all the phone calls, so that radio plays the album? The radio stations are closing. The good outlets with human beings programming them (non-commercial radio, college, the BBC) will probably just download the record if it's good, and play it."

What do you think? Is crowd-sourcing the way forward for bands? Or do artists still need record labels? Let us know in the comments.

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    I thought he said he was quitting music? Crowdsourcing is awesome though, when Protest The Hero got all that money in such a short amount of time it nearly brought a tear to my eye. If the fans want it enough, they'll pay for it.
    Couldn't agree more. I think think the people who have a problem with it don't understand it. It's not a willy nilly donation, just a big ole pre-order and you know that ALL the money is going to the artist. I've recently pledged for Dave Mcpherson's latest one and he even records the album first so you don't have to wait long. He's also given away around 200 extra songs and will continue to do so for the rest of the year!
    I pledged for D Macca as well. In addition, I don't know if you saw the update where he mentioned playing a hen do- I was there! Such a nice guy, and really on the ball with updates and extras for pledgers. He's brilliant, and the concept is brilliant.
    Amanda did a good job crowd-sourcing her album. Raised way more than she expected. I think, for *some* artists, this IS the way forward.
    Isn't she the woman that wears the dildo on her forehead? Or was that some other crazy?
    I'd pay for that
    Oops. Turns out that was Peaches. She's some feminist that tries to be controversial by doing things like strapping a dildo on her forehead. IDK seems like attention whoring to me. Plus good ole' fashioned whoring as well
    Theres another way to "crowdsource" your music...Its called not cancelling every show.
    I think if he had any intention of doing so, he probably would have by now.
    Morrissey's health issues seem much more the problem than a recorddeal would be. Nontheless, I'd be very interested in funding an album, especially if it'd come with nice perks. First, however, his biography appearing in shops should be a priority.