American Couple Uses 'Raining Blood' As Their Wedding Intro Song

Newlyweds from New York mark the beginning of their marriage with a thrash metal classic.

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Blasting out "Raining Blood" isn't exactly the way most people would mark the beginning of their marriage, but Dan Phillips isn't among that crowd. Dan got married to his wife Kinga back in September 2011, and with both of them being true metalheads, it was bound to be different than the usual.

"Slayer has always been a very special band to me. Slayer, Metallica and Anthrax were the reasons I got into heavy metal. I remember first hearing 'Hell Awaits' in 1987 and being blown away. I never heard anything like it", Phillips tells Blabbermouth.

It seems that it was 'metal love' at first sight for these two. Dan also adds that he didn't want the 'typical wedding music' for their intro, with "Raining Blood" appearing as the perfect choice.

"When I first met Kinga, I didn't know she was into extreme music. She's from Poland so I randomly asked her if she heard of Behemoth or Vader. To my surprise, she heard of them and had seen them live in concert a few times. So we instantly clicked. Our second date was a Rotting Christ concert."

"When I was planning our wedding intro, I knew that I didn't want your typical wedding music for our intro. I spoke to Kinga about it and she agreed. A standard wedding intro just didn't seem right for my wife and I. Something about the 'Raining Blood' intro seemed like the perfect walk-out music for us. I got goosebumps just thinking about it. Most of my friends and family loved our intro. They said it was perfect for my wife and I."

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So what do you think about the metal lovebirds? Would you consider using some of your favorite songs as a wedding intro of your own? And what tracks would those exactly be? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Scavedge [VR]
    Something about the gentle guitar tone and baby-skin-soft vocals really tugs at my heart strings...
    That's romantic :') "-Our second date was a Rotting Christ concert." God bless that beautiful couple. I hope they stay together
    As a husband I am puzzled why they didnt use Hell Awaits for their marriage intro. Hold on, the wife is trying to change me again. Let me turn up the Mind Control to drown it outback to you!
    Did they have a priest presiding? Did they kill and eat his flesh following the kiss?
    Vicryl 2.0
    So metallica and slayer has already been used.. i wonder if theres anyone gonna use Anthrax and Megadeth as a wedding entrance..
    Good to see there's still normal people out there. A friend of mine got married to "My Heart Will Go On". Had a hard time keeping my countenance.
    My wife and I walked in to Master of Puppets at our wedding. Our first dance was also Little Wing by Hendrix.
    No comments yet? Can it finally be my time for a medal? Wont get my hopes up too high.