'American Idol' Needs Contestants the Audience Cares About, Fox Admits

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'American Idol' Needs Contestants the Audience Cares About, Fox Admits
Fox Chairman and CEO Peter Rice has been speaking to journalists about the issues facing "American Idol," Billboard reports.

Addressing an assembled crowd at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour on Sunday (July 20th), Rice stated that the show was struggling in the ratings because its contestants were not interesting enough:

"We haven't found in the last two years a group of kids who've captured the imagination of the public."

He also stated that the show, which launches its 14th season next year, is "aging gracefully" although there has been too much attention placed on "this constant conversation about who should be judges." While he acknowledged that Idol was facing competition from many similar show formats these days, he noted that the programme still has a "very committed fan base."

There has been speculation about Idol's future after declining ratings. The finale for the show's 13th season was the lowest rated season ender yet.
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