Americans Hate Justin Bieber, Say Latest Poll Results

Canadian pop sensation scores highest US hate rating in a recent Public Policy Polling survey.

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Despite the sold-out tours and chart toppers, 19-year-old Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber is still the most hated music star in the US.

According to the latest Public Policy Polling survey, young JB has gathered up the Americans in their hatred, even uniting Democrats and Republicans in mutual Bieber hate.

To give you the exact figures, Bieber received 54 percent in unfavorable, while only managing to gather 20 percent of favorable votes. Joining JB on the unlikable side are also Lady Gaga with 50 percent negative and 29 percent positive feedback, as well as Chris Brown, who received 57 percent negative and 13 percent positive reactions.

As far as favorable artists go, the Americans opted to single out Adele as their favorite, giving her 54 percent positive and 18 percent negative votes. Country pop star Taylor Swift was close behind with a 53 percent positive and 27 percent negative feedback.

When it comes to specific genres, voters gave classical music the most thumbs up (77 favorable, 13 unfavorable), with country (71-23) and jazz (71-20) trailing just behind. As for the good old rock sound, it also proved itself as the crowd's favorite, earning 65 percent positive and 26 percent negative votes.

When asked to name who they would most like to see as President of the United States between Adele, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna, 34% opted for Timberlake. And believe it or not, there are even those who think that Justin Bieber and Chris Brown are proper President material, as a total of 13 percent opted for one of the two singers.

The research was conducted nationwide on May 6 and 7, surveying 571 voters around the US.

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    "Bieber received 54 percent in unfavorable, while only managing to gather 20 percent of favorable votes." + "Chris Brown, who received 57 percent negative and 13 percent positive reactions." + "Justin Bieber is still the most hated music star in the US." = Maths with UG
    You'd find the other percent is based around not caring or not know who these people are
    This isnt really news, nor is it something that needs to be on here. It is just a small percent of people that are very loud that love him
    It's sad that even JB's haters are mad obsessed about her. Stop caring, people. I don't like eating sea foods, but i never bitch about it to anyone. Just a small affair.
    In a nation of 300 MILLION people they ask 571 and paint with the brush named "Americans"... ugh... Not that I like or dislike this kids music, its irrelevant to me really...
    this is flawed, in the demographic that was polled. Bieber's demographic is mainly teenage girls. you can't poll 40 year olds and ask them if they prefer Zeppelin or Sesame Street. poll 12 to 60 year olds and then come back to me with the results.
    Tomorrows article: New survey shows 4/5 guitarists in the United States prefer Mesa and Marshall amps for larger live venues than a Line 6 Spider.
    link no1
    President of the United States? Aren't the presidents of America supposed to be American? I don't know whether or not Canadians can be president but Adele is British...
    So does Canada... We just try not to draw attention to the fact that he is from here
    The UG Community; making musicians look like basement-dwelling neck-beard ****s since 1998, Congrats!
    If most people prefer jazz, classical and rock.. why is shitty pop all we hear on the radio?
    Think about it; back in the late 50's to the late 80's, all you'd hear on the radio is Rock, (Classic, Hard, New Wave, Punk, etc.) The same can be said about this generation of music, it's just a fad that'll hopefully pass.
    I hate this generation's musical taste. Nothing is real, pure music anymore. I solute the bands who stick to the "old ways." I can only hope bands like Foo Fighters and Green Day keep making music until some generation picks up the slack. Rant over.
    You lost me at Green Day. Green Day has become a band for teenage girls who want to "edgy". Their sound is just generic and bland at this point.
    Yeah I agree. But holy crap can they rock the house! If you want a good rock show go see Green Day. When the crowd is into it the place is crazy. Peace
    I'm not gonna argue with you paulohd2, mostly because I would probably be banned from the website.
    Darth Wader
    The most disturbing statistic was that Taylor Swift received 53% positive feedback...way too high
    How's that disturbing? She's one of the very few decent songwriters in pop. Not saying all her stuff is good, but she's proven she can write and she's proven she can sing.
    A poll based on hate. They're right, that is exactly what the world needed. Now we can finally rest assured knowing everybody hates Justin Bieber. Good for us.
    Reborn through hate! We'll slash your necks until you die Reborn through hate! Commands that the death shall rot your life
    Now...I can see how classical music is #1 because it rocks (metal has classical influence in its music, come on), but country music at number 2???....although country music shares its roots with rock and roll, but come music sucks.
    I dont know why this dude keeps getting in UG week after week. Rock, we want news about rock. We all knew that very well
    Newsflash: Anyone with an internet connection was allready aware of this...
    take off the travian add on this page, it has flashing colors and may cause seisures
    Honestly, all of those people except Justin Timberlake (who actually is pretty talented) are on just about the same level as Biebs, so this is like saying that American's love beef but hate steak.
    Why are these kind of posts even on here? Who would think that anyone in the UG community would care about Justin Bieber?
    I swear you have to be born in America and live there for a certain number of years and be over 35 to even run for presidency.