Amon Amarth Frontman Set to Play a Viking Warrior in 'Northmen - A Viking Saga' Movie

Rest of the cast includes "True Blood," "The Tudors," and "Game of Thrones" stars.

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Amon Amarth frontman Johan Hegg recently scored the most fitting movie role - character of Viking warrior Valli in Claudio Fah's film "Northmen - A Viking Saga." Apart from the singer's appearance, the fact that Norse mythology comes as Amon Amarth's key lyrical theme makes the casting all the more appropriate. "The mythology behind our Viking heritage is ingrained in everything we do and it is awesome to have the opportunity to be part of 'Northmen - A Viking Saga,'" Hegg said. As Hollywood Reporter reports, the rest of the movie's cast includes "True Blood" star Ryan Kwanten, Tom Hopper ("Knights of Badassdom"), Ed Skrein ("Game of Thrones"), James Norton ("Rush"), Ken Duken ("Inglorious Basterds"), Irish actress Charlie Murphy ("Philomena") and Anatole Taubman ("The Tudors"). The main storyline revolves around a group of Viking marauders getting wrecked on the Scottish coast after raiding the British Isles and facing a chaotic storm. With the help of mysterious warrior monk Conall played by Kwanten, they commence an epic journey to reach the safety of a Viking stronghold. Ralph Dietrich, CEO Ascot Elite Entertainment Group - the company behind the film - noted that Amon Amarth are "synonymous with the Viking experience," exactly what the moviemakers were looking for. The latest Amon Amarth studio effort, "Deceiver of the Gods," dropped on June 25 through Metal Blade Records. Prior to the official release, the record was exclusively streamed in full on UG.

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    Please give him some lines as well. Guy sounds like a more authentic Thor when hes speaking normally
    i hope it doesn't suck. pretty much every Viking/Norse/Anglo-Saxon-themed movie (except for 13th Warrior) has sucked. Beowulf was a joke and an insult which included idina menzel, Beowulf and Grendl was another "feel bad for the villain" boring-ass movie, Pathfinder did nothing to change the stereotype of "horned helmet vikings", Valhalla Rising was not only boring, but it depicted the Vikings as idiots, and Thor/Avengers might as well have pissed on all of Scandinavia
    Thor/Avengers isn't really about Norse mythology, so that doesn't count in my opinion. I do agree with you though, 13th Warrior seems to have been the only good film I could find.
    The "Thor" in the Marvel universe isn't the God of Thuder of Norse Mythology, but very closely inspired by him. That's an unfair comparison, is what I'm trying to say.
    Let's be fair about Thor/Avengers though, that's Marvel, not the guys who made the movie . Besides, Johan said he liked the movie when he came into Pittsburgh a year or two ago lol... But yeah, the rest of your comment is spot on. I loved the 13th Warrior, but even that got critically panned. Hell, the guy that played ibn Fadlan's guide at the beginning of the movie retired from acting cuz he thought the movie was so bad.
    The History Channels Vikings is accurate
    I'd rather say 'more accurate'. It is well worth the time to watch, anyway. Recommendation to vikingman369, if you want to see something that's not blatantly pissing on history
    I like how they specified the "Irish actress" Charlie Murphy. Not to be confused with Eddie Murphy's brother... then again, that would have been kind of interesting...
    i hope this doesn't suck. most movies about Norse/Viking/Anglo-Saxon people usually suck (the only one that didn't suck was 13th Warrior and even then they butchered the names of the Beowulf characters until it was downright silly)
    "And that's why our band name is from Lord Of the Rings and means Mount Doom." Totally nordic