Andre 3000: 'Playing Hendrix Saved Me'

Outkast man says appearing as icon Jimi in biopic helped him out of a "dark place."

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Andre Benjamin, aka Outkast's Andre 3000, says playing Jimi Hendrix in a biopic about the legendary guitarist saved him.

As Classic Rock notes, the movie, titled "Jimi: All Is by My Side," was written and directed by John Ridley and focuses on Hendrix's life and career between 1966-67. It's considered controversial by some close to the guitar icon for containing violent scenes they insist never took place.

But Benjamin tells the New York Times: "Playing Hendrix kind of saved me. I was in a not-so-great space, just in a dark place every day. I needed something to focus on to get me out of my depression and rut.

"Sometimes when you're alone, you can let yourself go. I knew if I got on a train with a lot of different people, then I couldn't let them down."

No Hendrix tracks are used in the film after producers failed to secure the support of his estate. The soundtrack will instead feature Benjamin's own covers of songs from the period.

"Jimi: All Is by My Side" is released in UK cinemas on October 24.

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    It is kind of ironic... Andre playing Hendrix saved his life. Hendrix playing Hendrix killed him.
    andre is a cool guy! I am sure he will do just fine in it. loved the trailer. Can't wait myself!
    First! Can't wait for this!
    Thanks for clarifying that you're the first to comment, I had no idea.
    You got first on this article? Tell me more about how I literally have no shits to give about your comment.
    Honey Badger
    Why did you comment about his comment if you have no shits to give about his comment? And good for Andre!
    OMG I just totes forgot what this article is about, cause I'm sooo excited that you got the first comment!!!!!
    When he says "playing Hendrix" he doesn't actually mean "playing" him on the guitar. Since this movie apparently has NO original Jimi Hendrix music in it. Which is like watching a sports movie, without the actual sports in it. Count me out.
    No songs means no matter. This was a waste.
    Baby Joel
    Agreed. There's nothing beyond Hendrix other than his music. Without his original recordings, he really isn't interesting, and there's no point looking at his life.
    It's not the filmmakers' fault Jimi's estate did not give them permission to use his songs.