Andrew WK Was Once a Male Model, Here Is the Awkward Proof

Party King strikes a pose - or two.

Ultimate Guitar

A string of head shots of Andrew WK have been uncovered showing the singer's modelling attempts in the late '90s.

AsĀ Gigwise notes, the singer is well known for his party lifestyle and rock and roll attitude but the pictures uncovered by the Village Voice tell a very different story. It is uncertain how successful his modelling career was, but it didn't take long for him to ditch the smouldering looks and bouffant hair and embark on a much darker, blood-splattered, hell-raising path.

Enjoy it (or not) below.

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    Is it just me, or does he almost have a Freddie Mercury look in the 4th pic?
    Andrew W.K. playing Freddie Mercury in Queen Biopic. Confirmed!
    aaand the inevitable "Andrew W.K. leaves Freddie Mercury biopic, slams Brian May for involvement in script" UG headline soon to follow.