Anthrax Confirm 'Good Groove' on New Album: 'We've Got Something to Prove'

"We're deep into it, it's going well," says bassist Frank Bello.

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Big Four thrashers Anthrax gave a brief progress update regarding their new album, confirming "good groove" and a "very tight" approach. Bassist Frank Bello and drummer Charlie Benante did the talking as they explained Loudwire that the band still has a thing or two to prove. "We're deep into it," Bello kicked off. "It's going well. It's a good groove we've got going. We're very, very tight and I think we've got something to prove. We're really going and really psyched about the future for Anthrax." Benante chipped in, "Our last record [2011's "Worship Music"] took eight years to make and so we're very careful about the next record. I think a lot of people will be comparing it, of course. But we're very much nitpickers." Bello additionally shared the band's down-to-earth approach, saying, "We just do what we do. We can't worry about it. We want to write the best record and if we feel good about it, the fans will hopefully feel good about it. I mean, we're fans. That's the whole idea, and never think you're above anybody, so we feel that if we're good with it, we hope that the fans are, as well." The bassist concluded, "Don't forget where you came from. That's the whole key. We grew up like this and we'll stay like this." Guitarist Scott Ian previously confirmed seven new songs written, while Benante recently also noted that the demoing process had begun. "Worship Music" saw its release in September 2011 via Megaforce Records.

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    Italic problems... But at least it's not in the "lostprophets" category this time.
    The most underrated band of the big four.
    I think slot 4 in the big 4 is where they belong. No disrespect to them but Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer are just better.
    i disagree, still a good live band. we'll just have to wait for tom to decide
    Nah, Slayer are not a good band live... Saw them 2 years ago(ish)and they were very boring to watch, saw them again last August and they're still boring. It's my love of Slayer that keeps making me go to their gigs but I'm always dissapointed.
    Anthrax are the coolest most down to earth musicians, especially out of the big four! I've met them numerous times and they're just normal metalheads like us! That's what rockstars should be like! .....i hope Axl Rose is reading this!
    Worship music was well produced but, way to commercial. No angst or edge, which is at the core of all things metal.
    I happen to like Anthrax BECAUSE they don't sound as "angsty" as other metal bands. teenagers are angsty; they are grown-ass men.
    I've just watched Charlie's drums fills for the new album on Youtube and it's so fockin' badass! Those guys are getting better and better. The new album will be even better than Worship Music, I'm pretty sure bout that.
    This is going to be great. I like worship music alot. But i think problem with some new thrash albums is that they feel bit too studio polished if you know what i mean? If we listen song like Nfl its very raw. Anyway thats too much bullcrap, im excited.
    I didn't like Worship Music that much, but production wise it was a pretty tight. I hope they rack it up a little with this new album, Worship Music was too much "modern" sounding to me, where I was expecting a more classical Anthrax sound since they got Belladonna back.
    "and I think we've got something to prove." What is there for them to prove? They've done it all, they're one of the biggest metal bands on the planet and one of the pioneers of thrash metal, they don't need to prove anything, all their albums are amazing.
    I definitely have some Anthrax albums on my shelf that I wouldn't categorize anywhere near "amazing". Worship Music included.
    You didn't deserve a downvote, unless there really are legions of fans who can say they put on Stomp 442 or Volume 8 as much as their best albums, or before literally anything else.
    I think Stomp 442 is a pretty good album. Better than albums like "St. Anger" or "Risk".
    I think what separates Anthrax from the rest of the Big 4 is the fans are always excited for their new albums and are usually not disappointed. Sometimes not entirely pleased but they still enjoy it and are not just putting up with it. Whereas Slayer, Metallica and Megadeth have all had that one album (or many more)that fans usually disregard.