Anthrax's Scott Ian: What Was It Like to Drink With Dimebag Darrell

"I'm not saying a hundred to exaggerate..."

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Anthrax's Scott Ian: What Was It Like to Drink With Dimebag Darrell

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian recently remembered one of his drinking with Dime stories, telling Loudwire:

"It was mid '90s with Pantera, as most of my good booze stories are.

"They had just played Roseland Ballroom [in NYC], I can't remember which album they were touring on but they were having some party on Avenue A at some bar.

" I remember walking into this bar, I got there pretty early, it wasn't packed yet and Darrell had gotten there before everybody and lined up a hundred Black Tooths on the bar.

"I'm not saying a hundred to exaggerate. He literally lined up 100 Black Tooths and it was just me and him and a couple of other people there. So we just started doing shots... there was a hundred shots lined up on the bar. We were doing our best to finish those hundred so Darrell would have to buy another hundred.

"The next thing I knew [laughs], I was being carried out by Rex and I don't even know who else was carrying me out. I passed out face first on the ground after God knows how many shots.

"I was already drunk when I got there. Yeah, I passed out face first, luckily I didn't break anything and they carried me out on the street and sat me down. I'm just sitting there trying to get my wits back; people were coming into the bar and knew who I was and they're like, 'What the fuck happened to you?'

"I tried to rally and finish the hundred but I left, if I remember correctly I got in a cab and took off. So that's just one of many drunken stories."

The more you know...

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    My only regret in life - Not seeing Pantera live. My parents said I was "too young" and wouldn't let me go. Now any band I like I go see asap because you never know what will happen. 
    I caught em once on the Cowboys tour, just outta pure luck. I happened to be in Arizona for the weekend and caught em with Flotsam and Jetsam and Sacred Reich. Kicked ass. Sorry you missed out, but now you on the right track. See EVERYONE!
    Who cares? One time I also went to a bar, drank shots, felt really drunk and took a cab home. Only difference is I'm not famous.
    You're right, nobody could care less if an unknown UG member gets drunk instead of a funny anecdote involving Scott Ian and Dimebag.
    Which part of that story was the funny part? And the op is right, who cares? Another "hey pay attention to me, I partied with Dime!!" fluff piece so Scott can get some attention.  If you werent such a fanboi bitch, you woulda probably understood.
    Does you people understand there is an originating article that is not something about Scott Ian getting drunk? This is purely UG. But also, who is really acting like a bitch? Why do people read AND comment on articles about people and subjects they claim they dislike or don't care about?