Anti-Petition Against Anti-Ghost Petition Officially Launched

The ridiculousness continues...

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Following an online petition demanding that Ghost cease to exist, an anti-petition petition has officially been launched, now demanding that the mentioned petition ceases to exist.

Racking up over 450 signatures so far, the piece reads, "Because this petition is ridiculous, any band that occupies the metal genre with success can only be good for metal as a whole, thus this petition seeks to support ghost and have this silly petition destroyed and show that the aforementioned petition is NOT what metal heads truly believe!"

"To: Rick Sales, Management of Ghost; Counter petition: 'Shut down the Swedish retro metal band Ghost'; We the signed support Ghost in all there endeavors within Metal!"

As reported, the original petition, which has gathered almost 800 supporters so far, insists that the Swedish act is "destroying the real metal."

"We petition against Ghost of the heavy metal genre that continues to make albums and tour. Many people getting into metal think that they are the real deal and that we should forget the real bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, etc," the description states.

"They wish to destroy real metal with their carnival music nonsense. Seriously, is a song like If You Have Ghost actually something that a real metalhead would listen to? They are not metal. People also make the erroneous claim that they are so directly inspired by King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, which is just wrong. They are, in fact, a watered-down version of BOC. We the people oppose Ghost continuing as a band, and they should be split up as soon as possible."

We're not sure what the next step might be. An anti-petition against the anti-petition against anti-Ghost petition maybe? Who knows...

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    As a metal fan, it saddens me that there are other so-called metal fans that would actually petition for bands they don't deem "metal enough" to cease existing. I for one admire Ghost because they remind me of a more theatrical Black Sabbath or early doom metal bands such as Pentagram. It surprises me that the petition claims that Ghost exists to make us forget them. I, like everyone else, have my personal likes and dislikes, but to try and make the music I dislike stop existing? Unthinkably childish.
    It's really stupid that people think they have a say on whether a band has the right to play music or not. Seriously even if you don't like the music, that band has as much right to express itself or play music just like these idiots have the right to create these stupid petitions. Izzy you are right, incredibly childish.
    The whole genre argument is getting tiring, really it is just going way to far. Everyone who listens to metal already has their own opinion, so there isn't anything to be gained. The internet has opened up the world to way to way to many opinions. Music will always evolve, just listen to what you like, and ignore what you don't like.
    And, as a fan of Metal and Occult Rock, it's annoying that people keep calling an incredibly Pop-heavy example of an Occult Rock band "Metal". Metal fans just seem to have this incessant need to validate their taste by trying to claim anything popular and tangentially related to heavier music as Metal. No one goes around calling The Devil's Blood a Metal band, even though their music is far closer to being Metal than Ghost ever will be. But they're still clearly Occult Rock.
    link no1
    If you can't listen to a band without 'validating it' as something else, you're a pretty lame person. As is getting angry about people labeling something as 'metal' whether or not they're correct about it, as though it's tainted an entire genre and now you're unable to listen to it. Why not just do this magical thing called 'ignoring things you don't like' and listen to stuff you do?
    Funny thing is, all Ghost really is...they're a knockoff of BOC. And without their makeup and costumes, they're boring as hell. Their music is not original or great.
    I want to start a petition against this petition.
    this will only give the band more publicity, thus creating more ghost music so it's very pointless to make this petition if you really want them to disband. maybe it's actually ghost fans making the petition to accelerate their fame, it's all a ploy
    If you don't like them, don't listen to them. It's that simple. I don't listen to them so why should I care if they make music? They bring joy to their fans so I have no business to stop that.
    So if its an anti-anti petition, does that mean they agree with it? (Double negative and all...)
    The metal genre has become such a joke. Any band that becomes successful is "destroying the sanctity of metal." Get your head out your a** and don't listen to it.
    I hate how much people use and expect something to happen.
    I've kinda noticed that too. A petition reaches the 100,000 signatures required, thus, the gov't issues a response, but the response is usually "we're a bunch of ****ing douche bags" seriously, people, if you haven't read some of the responses that the government has given on this site, please do so.
    The Govt is only required to respond, not actually do anything about it. Hell, there was enough signatures for a petition that the Govt build a Deathstar. The response to THAT is priceless as they actually give numbers on the cost.
    THAT'S RIGHT!! I totally forgot about that one! Yeah, probably one of the best responses on that site. +1
    haha i honestly believe that was created because they wanted people to stop being up their ass. It truly is a novelty site. If you peruse that bitch, the petitions are so stupid, much like you said about the Death Star, it was fun to vote for it, i admit that i did, but thats all it was, is a joke.
    I hope that guy wasn't putting down Blue Oyster Cult when he said they were a watered down BOC...
    I don't understand you people who bash this band. I finally listened to them the other day to see what the fuss was about and they sound great. Keep in mind, music is art. Go pick up an art book with lots of famous pieces and think to yourself that every single one is a genre and they're all famous. Tldr; Go **** yourself
    i thought the original petition would be christians complaining about the fact the entire ghost act is about offending christians, but instead its old metalheads that cant deal with change. even more pointless.
    im not trying to say that all christians are over sensitive spoilsports, but some are. i agree with you that the over the top anti-pope look is a bit cheesy
    Wouldn't be funny if Ghost were behind both petitions? Or even just the Anti-Ghost one, and people are petitioning against Ghost's petition to end Ghost?
    I wanna start a petition to shut down change's website, for real its getting extremely annoying -.-
    Good job acknowledging the stupidity of a very small number of people as something to be taken seriously.
    Oh, NOW its ridiculous... Whats happens now? an anti-anti-anti petition? or do they just reinforce the first one?
    I actually find it amusing how seriously people are taking the "anti-petition" here. Whoever came up with the idea is pure genius. This is pure Monty Python
    These online petitions are getting out of hand as a whole, "I don't like X lets start petition to get x banned by the government", grow the **** up.
    I support the original petition. They are indeed a watered down BOC, with some elements lifted from Mercyful Fate and Jethro Tull. If I wanted to listen to those bands i'd just listen to those bands. Or one of the newer bands of this style that is actually good, like Blood Ceremony. Also these guys stole their entire image from the Australian band Portal. Tobias Forge should have just stayed in Repugnant.
    Ghost is an awesome band a retro metal is the perfect way to describe it. They have metal spirit, okay? They're definitely like Mercyful Fate and Black Sabbath's lovechild.
    I want to start a petition against stupidity. Because all of this is stupid and I'm getting angry because of it.
    I am actually a ghost. I was a knight that was killed in the crusades ( or Holy War as we called it) in 1165. Now, I like this heavy metal music that currently exists - so much better than all that chamber music in the 1700's. I like the band Ghost, and not just because they're named after me ( because there was Spirit, Ghoul, Skeletal Spectre, the Phantom Band, Rob Zombie, Poltergeist etc that got there before them) - I am a big BOC enthusiast - whats not to love about Astronomy, Godzilla and Joan Crawford ?? I think these guys rock and they have picked up the gauntlet ( I had one of them before I got my hand cut off bythe Saracens) from BOC and they are taking it on to a new place. So, as a soldier from the legion of the actual undead I say give these guys a break and enjoy. Now don't get me f***ing started on BabyMetal....
    Bad vocals, boring songs. These guys are all image. None of you who claim to like them would have if they had came out as "The Trade winds" with the exact songs, and no gimmick.
    i began listening to them before knowing about the image so NO! ghost are amazing
    Tim the Rocker
    I saw them life, they rocked HARD and it was eerie to be there... Isn't that the whole point of metal? Loud music and creepy atmosphere? And I don't think Ghost BC has ever said that they are "the real deal" so who the **** is writing these things? Some newfag metalhead who doesn't know what string is the G string
    "We have petitioned to get the band Ghost to split up. We do not believe that Ghost should continue to make music. Ghost has done so much damage to real metal, so we petition that the band Ghost and their management be split up." Crybabies.
    I don't think the people who support the original petition have ever heard of traditional doom metal before...
    I love Ghost. Saw them this year and they were realy cool. Yes, they are extraordinary, since when is that a bad thing?
    I can completely understand how thinking that one band ruins your genre, makes your favorite bands become worse by it (a)
    Why would you be so childish? Bieber hasn't been shut down and why would you? That would suck for the people who actually do enjoy the music.
    This is why I've become such a sullen ******* when it comes to music. Literally everything about both sides of this is so childish. Just grow up.
    The band is very deceiving. They look like they would sing death metal, but it's like depeche mode and BOC merged.
    Signed I don't even think they're that great, but they're certainly not terrible and I do find their act-thingy amusing. Plus, I hate close minded, elitist douchebag metalheads
    What the hell is even happening? This is so ridiculous, I mean, I don't like deathcore and the like, does that mean I should start a petition asking deathcore bands to disband? What a bunch of ****ing whiners.
    The first song of theirs that I heard was Year Zero. My thought was "Satanic disco? Yeah, I can get behind that!" They may not be "heavy", but they have a nice variety of styles. I don't understand the hate, even if you find them too mild or boring.