Anti-Petition Against Anti-Ghost Petition Officially Launched

artist: Ghost date: 07/22/2014 category: wtf?
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Anti-Petition Against Anti-Ghost Petition Officially Launched
Following an online petition demanding that Ghost cease to exist, an anti-petition petition has officially been launched, now demanding that the mentioned petition ceases to exist.

Racking up over 450 signatures so far, theĀ piece reads, "Because this petition is ridiculous, any band that occupies the metal genre with success can only be good for metal as a whole, thus this petition seeks to support ghost and have this silly petition destroyed and show that the aforementioned petition is NOT what metal heads truly believe!"

"To: Rick Sales, Management of Ghost; Counter petition: 'Shut down the Swedish retro metal band Ghost'; We the signed support Ghost in all there endeavors within Metal!"

As reported, the original petition, which has gathered almost 800 supporters so far, insists that the Swedish act is "destroying the real metal."

"We petition against Ghost of the heavy metal genre that continues to make albums and tour. Many people getting into metal think that they are the real deal and that we should forget the real bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, etc," the description states.

"They wish to destroy real metal with their carnival music nonsense. Seriously, is a song like If You Have Ghost actually something that a real metalhead would listen to? They are not metal. People also make the erroneous claim that they are so directly inspired by King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, which is just wrong. They are, in fact, a watered-down version of BOC. We the people oppose Ghost continuing as a band, and they should be split up as soon as possible."

We're not sure what the next step might be. An anti-petition against the anti-petition against anti-Ghost petition maybe? Who knows...
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