April Fools Day: the UG Roundup

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April Fools Day: the UG Roundup
Happy belated April Fools day! You probably noticed some suspicious stories floating around the UG news feed yesterday. It's time to come clean and tell you which stories were fake after all. One note before we continue - there were actually a couple of real stories that seemed so unbelievable that people thought they were pranks too. Believe it or not, David Lee Roth really did insure his penis when touring with Van Halen in the 1970s, and Ghost B.C. really did have their artwork banned for offending Christian CD manufacturers. Here's a summary of each story, followed by the reaction from UG readers: Dave Mustaine to Tour With Metallica Summary: Dave Mustaine has secretly been acting like a conspiracy nut to live up his side of an old pact with his former Metallica bandmates in order to reform and tour with them 30 years after being fired from the band in 1983. WaddleDeee: "**** you UG I got my hopes up even for if it was just a fraction of a second." Pit_: "Last year I fell for it when UG said Metallica was calling it quits, not anymore." Axeman Eugene: "Oh man, I was actually going to share this with my friends, but thankfully I strolled through the comments first! That was pure evil, UG!" Billie Joe Armstrong Slams Meltdowns Summary: Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is furious that the rock media calls his onstage meltdown from 2012 a meltdown. The headline also references the old slam in-joke from UG in 2012, which peaked with out Top 10 Slams post at the end of the year. robbie.thecloud: "he's having a meltdown about his meltdown." RoboHendrix: "Ultimate-Guitar Episode VI: The Return of the Slam." Megadeth2011: "Ultimate-Guitar Episode V: The Slam Slams Back." Grunge Cult to Build Time Machine Summary: Grunge fans post a Kickstarter crowd funding page to raise almost $10 billion to build a time machine and travel back to the late 1980s so they can witness the original alt-rock revolution. thes50: "is this actually a thing?" CHANDLER21: "Wait what?! Are they joking? They want millions of dollars so they can "build a time machine" to go back and visit grunge music????? 1. Why even go back for that kind of music when theres better music? 2. Like hell your going to put all that money toward a time machine! Probably gonna spend it on drugs. 3. Why not make a better use of a time machine? Like prevent deaths and such?" N7Crazy in reply to CHANDLER21: "Why do so few people check the date?" Kueller917: "If in the 80s a time machine was created from a Delorean, what car would a 90s time machine be made from?" zamboni757 in reply to Kueller917: "prius." BlameTheDrugs: "I know it is a joke...but still.. one of the greatest ideas I have ever - EVER! heard!" DJ Lethal to Form New Limp Bizkit? Summary: After being booted from the forthcoming Limp Bizkit tour, DJ Lethal starts his own version of the band with the same name, playing their records from a deck so he doesn't have to hire a backing band. hotdogs585: "WHAT A NEW LIMP BIZKIT?? I CANT BELIEVE THIS, IT'S A TERRIBLE IDEA DON'T SPOIL THE LIMP BIZKIT NAME DJ LETHAL PLEASE!!"
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