Arcade Fire Headlining Glastonbury 2014

Band unveils four upcoming summer dates.

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Arcade Fire have confirmed they'll be headlining next year's edition of Glastonbury festival, sharing a set of four upcoming summer dates via Twitter. Apart from a June 27 Glasto show, the post confirmed June 23 Rock in Roma performance, along with June 24 Verona gig and June 29 concert in Dublin. "It's such a communal rite of passage in the UK and there's this communal spirit," said frontman Win Butler. "It'll be at a point of touring when we're scary good. We're super excited to strap on our wellies and let it rip." Kicking off on January 17, Arcade Fire are up for a hectic tour itinerary, keeping the six-piece busy on the road throughout late August. Check out full concert dates and ticket info here. The band's latest studio effort, "Reflektor," saw its release on October 28 via Merge Records. As the fourth record in Arcade Fire opus, it scored a No. 1 spot on both US Billboard 200 list and UK Albums chart.

Next year, one week in June

— Arcade Fire (@arcadefire) December 19, 2013

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    This website seems to have a distaste for this band on every news article they're mentioned in, 'sup with that? Good news though.
    'Errmmeerrgerrddd!!! this is so mainstream hipster and needs more Metallica but Kirk Hammett is over-rated' - Typical UG member
    So far, we've got Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys and the Stones... well fook, there goes my money. If they confirm Manic Street Preachers too, I'll get a boner.
    What the **** are you on about? Stones and Arctic Monkeys was 2013.
    Holy ****, you're right, I just got excited to see Arcade Fire getting in, so I googled for "Glastonbury headliners" and got this. Well, shit. Plot twist.
    Your comment looks 3 times bigger from behind my hipster glasses, they're buzzin'! *grabs Starbucks and walks away like a snob*
    Nothing wrong with the stones, Arctic Monkeys and arcade fire my friend
    Nothing wrong with the Preachers, other than their lack of touring in North America
    Yeah, they're pretty mainstream, I don't see how they fit UG's definition of hipster.
    broken ipod
    I hate these pretentious indie bands. I can't wait for the garbage indie pop/rock scene to die out.
    Fuck this ! I want Mayhem, Burum, Immortal, Satyricon; Enthroned and Aborted
    You ... don't seem to know what Glastonbury is.
    That'd be the worst Glastonbury even. You got Bloodstock for bands like Burum (Birmingham's favourite black country black metal band).
    I tried to listen to Reflektor, then I looked liked I just watched "The Ring". If you like them, great, but not my cup of tea