As I Lay Dying Frontman Will Tattoo Your Name On His Butt For $5000

artist: As I Lay Dying date: 02/21/2013 category: wtf?

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As I Lay Dying Frontman Will Tattoo Your Name On His Butt For $5000
How far would you go to provide your band with the financial funds necessary for an album release? As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis has decided to give us his answer on this one by launching an online campaign for his Austrian Death Machine side-project and offering fans a number of compensations for the money they donate. Apart from limited edition vinyls, gym training and punching Lambesis in the stomach, one of the compensations has proved as quite an attention-grabber. For a hefty sum of $5000, the singer is willing to tattoo the initials of two lucky donors and take them both for a celebration dinner afterwards. Now that's what you'd call taking one for the team. "The past couple years of my life have been really busy with As I Lay Dying tours, kids, and life in general. While I've always wanted to do a 3rd Austrian Death Machine record, it became harder and harder to justify the time. I have however found enough time and made it a priority to get in better shape. Maybe it's partly because of that, but for whatever reason, a huge percentage of fans started asking me for a new ADM record on the last couple tours", stated the vocalist. "I'm launching this campaign because I believe these are all things that you guys want and if that's the case - it justifies leaving the rest of my life unorganized for a while when I focus on Austrian Death Machine." Austrian Death Machine is a comedy metal outfit from San Diego based around the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. The band is currently preparing itself to enter the studio and start working on their third album, "Triple Brutal". The goal of the initiative is to raise $63,000 within the next 44 days. Over $10,000 has already been donated and you can join the campaign over at Indiegogo. "Don't be a girly man and buy something fantastically brutal that will make both of our lives more full of pump! Plus, Arnie is back doing movies, so the timing is perfect!", the frontman concludes. You can check out the video of the band, whose vocalist is ready to sacrifice his butt for the sake of new album release.
So would you be willing to do something like this for your own band? And will you consider joining this fund-raiser? Let us know in the comments section below.
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