As I Lay Dying Frontman Will Tattoo Your Name On His Butt For $5000

Vocalist Tim Lambesis shows just how far is he willing to go in order to fund his side project.

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How far would you go to provide your band with the financial funds necessary for an album release? As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis has decided to give us his answer on this one by launching an online campaign for his Austrian Death Machine side-project and offering fans a number of compensations for the money they donate.

Apart from limited edition vinyls, gym training and punching Lambesis in the stomach, one of the compensations has proved as quite an attention-grabber. For a hefty sum of $5000, the singer is willing to tattoo the initials of two lucky donors and take them both for a celebration dinner afterwards. Now that's what you'd call taking one for the team.

"The past couple years of my life have been really busy with As I Lay Dying tours, kids, and life in general. While I've always wanted to do a 3rd Austrian Death Machine record, it became harder and harder to justify the time. I have however found enough time and made it a priority to get in better shape. Maybe it's partly because of that, but for whatever reason, a huge percentage of fans started asking me for a new ADM record on the last couple tours", stated the vocalist.

"I'm launching this campaign because I believe these are all things that you guys want and if that's the case - it justifies leaving the rest of my life unorganized for a while when I focus on Austrian Death Machine."

Austrian Death Machine is a comedy metal outfit from San Diego based around the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. The band is currently preparing itself to enter the studio and start working on their third album, "Triple Brutal". The goal of the initiative is to raise $63,000 within the next 44 days. Over $10,000 has already been donated and you can join the campaign over at Indiegogo.

"Don't be a girly man and buy something fantastically brutal that will make both of our lives more full of pump! Plus, Arnie is back doing movies, so the timing is perfect!", the frontman concludes.

You can check out the video of the band, whose vocalist is ready to sacrifice his butt for the sake of new album release.

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So would you be willing to do something like this for your own band? And will you consider joining this fund-raiser? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    "Oh, yeah? Well my initials are tattooed on Tim Lambesis's ass!" - Nobody
    Relax, man, it's all for fun. Don't take it so seriously, Tim is a really nice guy.
    Not funny. Get off this website bitch.
    ehhh, hey Beavis. I'm gonna get a tattoo of a butt with a butt-shaped tattoo on it. And I'm gonna get it right on my butt. uh huh huh huh that'll be cool uh huh huh huh
    What would be funny is if another band got together and donated the money and made him tattoo their logo on his butt.
    I would pay him just to tattoo TENAC on his butt and then find someone else and pay him to tattoo IOUS D. Then, I'll introduce them to each other and make them unite their butts, just to see it in real life
    Hello, my name is Dick.
    It's a fun side project for him so obviously he's going to include something ridiculous as a perk.
    Except it's to fund the production of a new album. He needs fans to pay to have it produced and released. This is a hilarious fanservice by a devoted musician. Not the classiest, but it's Austrian Death Machine. Girly men aren't allowed.
    UG should start a collection and have us donate a dollar a person to get up five thousand and have him get UG tatted on his ass
    I'd be hoping that the donations come up just short of the $63,000 to make the album, so that I could just go spend the money on hookers and cocaine.
    Bullshit, you'd never see real musicians doing this. Maybe they should donate their music to the bin.
    Lighten up, there isn't some musician's code of honor or anything. It's all for fun.
    Um...yeah, lots of musicians ask fans to donate. Most bands don't make enough profit touring to actually release music on their own profits.
    this donate crap that bands are starting to use is really pathetic
    Really? That is one of the greatest developments in modern music. They don't have to pay labels to release music, and it lets them do whatever they want with it. Best thing is they get the money in advance, so they don't really have to worry about piracy. I think more bands should do it.
    There are alot of bands out there that actually dont follow up with their promises made with these 'kickstarter' like funds. I know plenty of bands who have this little thing called a JOB, its something the rest of us use to fund our projects instead of begging fans for money. There are tons of ways to release music with a label ever heard of tunecore? Theres a plethora of services, now more than ever to rid bands of the label. Dont make that an excuse.
    Let me know when you can hold down a full-time job, make $64,000 in a few months or so, and tour full-time with a band. I'll be waiting to hear how you did it.
    Correction: Some of the ways that bands convince you to donate is really pathetic. The donating itself is, as millarso says, one of the greatest developments in modern music.
    I know they should just suck it up and have to use their entire advance from the label to fund their album and recording. God forbid they actually see the fruits of their labour.
    This business model is great I wish I had come up with it. You pledge your support by donating money to BANDS YOU SUPPORT, MUSIC YOU WANT. How much better can it get? It's great, plus you get special items created for the projects exclusively based on what tier price you pledge! Not to mention, a percentage of my recent purchase on PledgeMusic will be donated to a charity of the band's choice i pledged to. The hosting site for the pledges gets a cut of the money and artists keep the vast majority of the money for their project. Nothing can get better than that.
    I get the feeling he will literally have "Your Name" put on his ass, rather than someones actual name. EDIT: Actually nevermind, I didnt see the part where he said it would be initials only.
    Aside from the posting of "A Greater Foundation," easily one of the most interesting things AILD has ever done (to me that says a lot. I love this band), I wasn't all that into the article. Big deal. At the same time, Austrian Death Machine is just plain fun. I want to see more releases from the.
    Not surprised, AILD are that desperate for money now
    Are you this retarded? He's doing it for Austrian Death Machine, which is his comedy side-project.