Asking Alexandria: 'Metallica Are Sh-t Now and They're Still the Biggest Band in the World'

"Today's bands suck, people are pussies," metallers explain.

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Rising metal stars Asking Alexandria have recently shared some honest thoughts about today's state of music, giving metal gods Metallica both major kudos and a bit of bashing.

Singer Danny Worsnop and guitarist Ben Bruce reached the subject while discussing Nirvana, dubbing them "genius," but also noting that very few heavy acts managed to survive the massive grunge wave in the '90s.

Singling out Guns N' Roses as one of such acts, as well as Bon Jovi ("but they were country," adds Danny), the duo focused on Metallica.

"They're a different breed, they're untouchable. They're sh-t now and they're still the biggest band in the world," Bruce told, just for Warsnop to sarcastically chip in, rolling his eyes, "Great drummer!"

Discussing their modern peers, the guys didn't hesitate to bash young acts, saying that it's bands who are causing the problem, not the radio. "People are saying, 'Radio's dying now, radio's useless,' but that's completely not true," Ben said.

"It's just the bands that, honestly, suck," Danny jumped in. "Everybody sounds exactly the same. They have this formula and they just all copy it and they all use it and write the same song and it sucks."

Asked about what's missing in rock these days, Bruce replied, "People are p-ssies now, no one's an alcoholic anymore." "I know, seriously, get a drug problem!" Worsnop added.

"It's an issue, that's why the music's lacking," Ben continued. "Yeah, the issue is the lack of issues," Danny said. "Who want's to listen to song about, 'Oh, we're middle class and stuff's all right, we got money, we ain't got a lot of it, but we're doing OK, we're not struggling, we're right there.' That's a song? F--k off!

"'I've got two kids and a wife and we've got a golden retriever and we live in the suburbs ... Rock n' roll! ... Now scream for me!' And everyone's like, 'No,'" the singer jokingly added.

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    "Everybody sounds exactly the same. They have this formula and they just all copy it and they all use it and write the same song and it sucks." hmm
    *chugs on my drop c guitar with some heavy palm muting* "BLAAARRRRGGGG RARRRHHH RARRR" *Breakdown*
    Darth Crow
    It DOES sound kind of ironic coming from them, doesn't it?
    My thoughts I saw them live for as a support band coming into it with an open mind willing to see if they were good. They weren't terrible but my thoughts after their set was, 'eh, thats really no different from any other typical new metal band these days'.
    I find dat ridonkulous.
    BTW, Who the hell listens to radio nowadays any way. I would rather listen to Ghost (Who I will be seeing Live on may 10th) Witchcraft, Graveyard, Or Red Fang than anything on the radio or anything Asking Alexandria
    I was thinking the same thing. This coming from a band that sounds just like every other "POP Metal" band on the radio
    These lads are WAY off - April fools was almost a month ago. They best be trollin'. All I read in their interview was sheer IRONY .
    Well, if Metallica suck, then Asking Alexandria even swallow.
    And surely swallowing is preferred? Lets all try and re-write it: "If Metallica suck, then Asking Alexandria take a full load then spit it into your face"
    Yes. Because that has a better ring to it...
    I forgot how creative and revolutionary they are... I can't tell if they're kidding, or just retarded.
    If you notice in the interview, they can't even answer the questions posed properly. Amateurs!
    Nice Cap.
    I thought the two guys giving it to each other in the butt behind the music store the other day looked familiar...
    I think they're talking a lot of sense here. When was the last band that came along and absolutely changed everything? When was the last band that made headlines for all the wrong reasons? (not just racing their supercar down the block!) I saw an advert on youtube for a band Like A Storm. Well WTF has happened people??!!! This is possibly the best example of how lame rock/metal music has become.
    link no1
    I would rather have bands that concentrate on making great music rather than concentrating on getting a vein to inject into. It's not the 60's anymore. Metal is a big part of popular music and bands don't really need to sell themselves with shock value anymore.
    satyam 29
    Everyone can go FuCk off, but admit it, Metallica has inspired a lot of youth to come out and put up music out there, Even these guys must have been inspired by them at some point. One must not say wrong of someone who inspired you!!!!
    It's good that a band can inspire others into being musicians for sure.. What I hate is when you see so many bands that are just crap versions of bands already in existence.. This is what happens when the industry takes less risks and pumps all the money into only a few 'fail safe' bands. Things become stale and being unoriginal becomes the norm.
    It's not the bands' fault, it's the entire industry. There have been many bands that have come along that could have changed the world, but were limited by their contracts and were screwed backwards. The record companies want to pump out as much bullshit as they can - enough to hook the brain dead consumer - make a quick buck and then squeeze the ****ers dry. Pay the bands as little as possible, pay off the government agencies tied in with the label and find the next trend to replace. Most of the ****ers who listen to music LISTEN to it. They don't feel it, they just hear it. I agree completely that this world needs a ****ing musical revolution, but it's not going to happen when 80% of the pussies complaining and complying use computer keyboards as weapons.
    the problem is it's coming from dudes who, minus make up, look as feminine as the hair metal bands of the 80s.
    Does he wear it backwards so he can fit more cock in his mouth?
    The only reason I liked this article is because I laughed my ass off when he said "Every band follows the same formula". Good read, good read.
    You gotta love when bands/people think they are so superior to everyone else. Its a bit pathetic.
    There's great bands out there. Radio is generally only interested in playing what sells. Everybody knows this.
    '"I know, seriously, get a drug problem!" Worsnop added.' <- some great advice...
    If these are the bands people look up to, I am very scared for the future. Rock and roll isn't about drugs and being an alcoholic, It's about your passion for the music, the instrument you hold in your hand and own; the story you tell when writing a song. Nobody should be taking lessons from a rock star who is a drug addict. These guys are acting like a bunch of 14 year old's who just took their first puff of a cigarette and are now "cool" because they can say they did "drugs". These guys need to rethink what their message is to their very impressionable fan base.
    Guns N' Chains
    Yeah, really. Maybe if they are such badasses, maybe one of THEM should get the damn drug problem. Drugs ain't a game and the situations people get/put themselves into because of them ain't funny. **** these guys!
    So I guess nobody should be taking lessons from any musician ever. In case you haven't noticed, almost every super successful musician had a drug problem...They called it sex drugs and rock n roll for a reason.
    So I guess nobody should be taking lessons from any musician ever. In case you haven't noticed, almost every super successful musician had a drug problem...They called it sex drugs and rock n roll for a reason.
    I'm a fan of a band (Coheed and Cambria) that had their bass player kicked out because of a drug problem. He also robbed a Walgreens for pain medication before a concert. It sucks seeing a member of a band you love struggle or feel like they can't go to someone for help in the band. In this day and age drugs and alcoholism have no place for a musician. People are taking lessons from the musicians that have drug problems, don't do them. It was the mindset of those people in that time frame, what someone would call a "good time" others might call "intervention", The people that had a drug problem then are either dead or have cleaned up and gotten their heads straight. I'm not a straight edge person, I drink and on occasion I have weed, I still have people that look at me and judge me for what I'm doing. Don't you think the musicians realize what influence they can have over their listeners?
    i have a drug problem can i have money nao plz? i can plays guitarz and sing 2
    Asking Alexandra Step one: Tune your guitar to drop C! Step two: Only use the low E string Step three: Just scream
    Dear Asking Alexandria singer. Growing a beard doesn't make you a tough guy, growing some balls does. Are these guys trying to compensate the fact that most of their fans haven't even seen their first hair growing down there? Seriously, I know NO other band that is so full uf itself, yet their music, to me, is the most pussy kind of music I have ever heard.
    BVB are slightly more full of themselves, IMO. At least AA seem to have some sense of humour. Please don't get the wrong idea, I detest both bands equally.
    Guns N' Chains
    Agreed. BTW, Coheed and Cambria puts Asking Alexandria to total shame.
    What does that mean?
    Guns N' Chains
    Well, the good poster above me has a Coheed avatar (I assume they are a Coheed fan like me) so I was just stating an obvious opinion (or fact, really) in agreeing with that poster. In other words....Coheed & Cambria are BETTER than Asking Alexandria.
    Asking Alexandria does nothing but bash them selves you idiot, and they never said they were any good they just told the their opinions.
    Today's bands/music sucks? They have a formula? so does Asking Alexandria! :/ They are the band that keeps going back and forth with a breakdown and a shitty chorus with clean vocals. "They're shit now."??? seriously? You were always the ugliest and smelliest piece of shit. Even Metallica's worst song is WAY better than their best song. They could never come up with something as amazing as One, Fade to Black, Master Of Puppets,etc. "Great drummer."??? I'm pretty sure their drummer can't even come up with something as ****in' amazing as One! and NO you don't have to be in problems to write a song. I'm happy, my bandmates are happy and yet we write lyrics and songs that talk about problems and these problems are either about war, major problems with humans- Fear and poverty, media, government,etc. Asking Alexandria..??.. Great band *rolls eyes* -_-
    Every single time this band is in the media it's either because they've said something controversial, they're being douches, or both. Their music is a bit shit so they have to keep saying things like this to get attention. Sad.
    U hit the nail on the head. So sad, what sells music these days. Attention. Aka Miley goddamn Cyrus
    i laughed while reading this. they have a point even if they are also part of the problem
    I came into this article getting ready to bash them on the Metallica comment, but as I read I was just baffled. Metallers are pussies because noones an alcolholic anymore? Get a drug problem? Forget the obviously retarded metallca comment, bashing of Lars, or even the funny comment about other metal bands not being original. This is a band that somehow has millions of kids around the world as fans. That drugs comment was outright stupid.
    I haven't heard a single Asking Alexandria song, can someone confirm that they're pretty ironic when they say it's the same formula
    This band are so pathetic... Metallica influenced just about every metal band, these guys will never influence anyone at all, unorginal talentless garbage
    As much as I hate to admit it, they'll probably influence a couple more shitty metalcore bands up until the metalcore fad dies off.
    Judging by how well Stoner/Doom is doing in recent years, I would say that this "Metalcore" fad will die off very soon. Hopefully the term Metalcore will once again apply to bands like Converge and Botch, bands that actually mix Metal with Hardcore.
    This sounds like 15-year old metalheads raging about pop music. Seriously. There is such a shitload of bands available and some are just glorious. If you don't like happy feel good musics that's perfectly fine, but that doesn't mean the Beatles are shitty. And no drugs are required for hell raising music. Look at Heaven Shall burn, a vegan band with a major part of band members that are Straight Edge, but they write heavy, driving melodic death metal. I'm not going to make a list of bands I like but even restricted to the metal genre there are huge bands. I wonder what they got on their MP3-Player. Asking Alexandria ?
    Totally agree.There are tons of great bands out there right now. I've been in the game for over 30 years and the best time to be a metal head is now.
    And who are Asking Alexandria? I've looked them up on Youtube and they're another generic screamo/metalcore band that sounds exactly like every other band in that piss poor genre. Metallica have always brought something new with every album they've released, whether fans disliked it or not they stayed true to their musicianship and integrity. And 'Tallica are shit now? So is that why they're bigger then ever filling stadiums, running their own festival and the only band in history to achieve five consecutive albums début at number one selling over 110 million albums to date? 'Tallica is carved in the history books, AA are the equivalent of shit skidded down the toilet bowl, couple of flushes and its gone.
    Asking Alexandria 1. is not heavy and 2. is in no position to be stating something of this nature. They are the definition of GENERIC and every single one of their "songs" can be tabbed with Binary code. Though i agree Metallica is pretty bad today Asking Alexandria is at the bottom of the Metal list if they are lucky to be on it at all (which in my opinion they are a genre i like to call scene core)
    While I agree Metallica aren't what they used to be, for these little twats to say they're shit is a ****ing travesty. I never cared for these little ****s but after reading this stupid comment (by a band who has been absolute shit from the beginning, unlike Metallica who were once gods amongst men), I can't wait for the day that everyone forgets that this corporate fabricated band even existed.
    I had very little respect for these guys to start out with. Their music is what I consider cheap and bad. In my opinion, they are one of the worst metal bands to ever find success. Whatever respect I had (which was pretty much nil) is gone. This is pretty much the stupidest shit they could have said. This is stupider than anything Mustaine has ever said. How do these guys even have fans?
    Maybe Metallica are not that good anymore but Asking Alexandria have always been shit!
    Am I the only one here that finds it funny that everyone is hating on this when they are saying the exact same things that you, the ultimate-guitar readers, say. Yes it's ironic that they are the ones saying this, but it is no different than everyone else is feeling.
    Na, the irony is palpable. I've said it before and I'll say it again, for every good UG user who is open to all sorts, there are 98 who are so incredibly old-school-metal-elitist that I can smell their neck beards and band singlets from here. OOOH, THAT ENGLISH GUY FROM THAT NEW MELODICELECTRONICABREAKDOWNCORE BAND IS OPENING HIS MOUTH, LET'S BLINDLY INSULT THE HELL OUT OF THEM But can you say a bad word about Opeth? No...
    You will almost never find ANYONE on UG who is like "I respect you for having your opinion even though it is different than mine." All I ever hear is people bitching and saying how this band sucks or that band sucks or "THIS ISN'T TRVE METAL LISTEN TO OPETH OR *insert random blackmetal band name that no one can even pronounce* UG Community, metal isn't defined by your definition. It is music that always has been on the back-burner and should honestly be more full of people who are ACCEPTING of others. Not putting people down for their taste in metal.
    Totally. And it comes in cycles. Currently people LOVE Djent, but give it a while... Get more accepting, folks.
    Soooo.. they say everyone's using the same "formula" which makes everyone suck, but then again they say bands should stick to stuff that has been sung about a million times already like drug problems and other issues. Seriously these guys must be kidding. How do they even dare to insult other bands to be p*ssies? Because obviously THEY are the p*ssies.
    these two twat waffles and the rest of there dick sucking band are the biggest hypocrites in the ****ing universe. You say its the bands that suck? it's YOUR god forsaken band and other bands like you that ruin music. They're just jealous that bands like avenged sevenfold and Trivium are better than them because they actually write music that has meaning and substance. so asking faggots can go **** themselves twice over. ****s.
    Metallica can still put on a better show than any of this sound-the-same pop metal. Listen to Ronnie Rising Medley, they still got it. They incorporate something called melody and another thing called creativity so not every song sounds the same so...
    I love how they say bands these days follow a formula as if they aren't the biggest culprit. I try my hardest to see good in bands that I don't like, but Asking Alexandria are talentless, formulistic, dilusional, egotistical douchebags who only play music to get money and pussy along with being disgusting people. Fuck them.
    I don't know who these kids are, but I did notice that when Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets and Justice for All were released they were still in the concept stage.
    They have a point, some bands tend to live off their older music because their newer stuff isn't as good according to the fans that listen to them (BFMV are a good example). Most bands find they've peaked in their first few releases. It's a shame when any band experiences this.
    It's true that the last 3 Metallica albums are the bottom 3 IMO. But I think people tend to overlook how great "Metallica" and "Load" are. Anyone who says Load is shit hasn't actually given it an honest listen. "Bleeding Me" and "Outlaw Torn", now stfu.
    Death Magnetic in the bottom 3??? Well you're entitled to your own opinion but i'm surprised you'd say that. Some awesome thrash on that album!
    the only thing wrong with DM is the loudness war.
    Agreed but the songs are top notch! All nightmare long, That was just your life, the unforgiven 3, to name a few!
    There are some good songs that had potential to be great, but the sloppy solos and terrible production made it way less than it should've been. Still a decent album but it could've been so much more...
    I felt some of the songs were a bit too long for their own good as well. If they were more concise and the masters weren't brickwalled then it would be one of the best things Metallica has ever put out. Even with these flaws it's still fairly solid.
    Death Magnetic is a great album, but I can't find it in me to say it's better than the classic thrash or the Black Album. It would be silly to actually have a bottom 3 because Metallica doesn't have 3 bad albums. I'll even enjoy St. Anger on some days.
    outlaw torn completely blew me away when I heard it for the first time, and at the time, i was a 12-year old kid on the "load sucks" bandwagon. that's what got me into the amazing album load is. oh, and outlaw torn's s&m version is even better than the original, imo.
    I couldn't agree more...if Load and Re-Load where made by another band they would be considered great albums...
    Agreed. So many good songs between those two albums... King Nothing, The Memory Remains, Fuel, Where the Wild Things Are, The House That Jack Built, etc. If those two albums were released by Alice in Chains or another alternative metal band they would be instant classics. People just didn't want Metallica (the thrash band) to sound like anything other than what made them famous. Too bad, because those albums rocked.
    If load and Re-Load where by a different band they would be forgotten about. The only people who still talk about them are Metallica fan boys. And even then they are pretty split about what to think.
    I loved Load, but Re-Load didn't do it for me. Other than Fuel, there wasn't much to love on that album imo. Load was seriously good, though, and way underrated.
    Load is actually my favorite album of all time. I grew up with this on repeat all the time.
    Honestly (flame shield up) the Black album and Load are my favorites. Sad but True, Wherever I May Roam, King Nothing, The Outlaw Torn, so much good stuff on those two.
    St Anger is better than Asking Alexendria. Near enough every Metallica song has at least 1 awesome tiff to it. All these new bands just detune their guitars and chug away, theres nothing talented to making it heavy. Even Metallica's black album still sounds heavy and apart from one aong its all standard tuning. I dont think metal bands should have to write about drugs and addictions to be good, otherwise they would all sound the same.