Asking Alexandria: 'Metallica Are Sh-t Now and They're Still the Biggest Band in the World'

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Asking Alexandria: 'Metallica Are Sh-t Now and They're Still the Biggest Band in the World'
Rising metal stars Asking Alexandria have recently shared some honest thoughts about today's state of music, giving metal gods Metallica both major kudos and a bit of bashing.

Singer Danny Worsnop and guitarist Ben Bruce reached the subject while discussing Nirvana, dubbing them "genius," but also noting that very few heavy acts managed to survive the massive grunge wave in the '90s.

Singling out Guns N' Roses as one of such acts, as well as Bon Jovi ("but they were country," adds Danny), the duo focused on Metallica.

"They're a different breed, they're untouchable. They're sh-t now and they're still the biggest band in the world," Bruce told, just for Warsnop to sarcastically chip in, rolling his eyes, "Great drummer!"

Discussing their modern peers, the guys didn't hesitate to bash young acts, saying that it's bands who are causing the problem, not the radio. "People are saying, 'Radio's dying now, radio's useless,' but that's completely not true," Ben said.

"It's just the bands that, honestly, suck," Danny jumped in. "Everybody sounds exactly the same. They have this formula and they just all copy it and they all use it and write the same song and it sucks."

Asked about what's missing in rock these days, Bruce replied, "People are p-ssies now, no one's an alcoholic anymore." "I know, seriously, get a drug problem!" Worsnop added.

"It's an issue, that's why the music's lacking," Ben continued. "Yeah, the issue is the lack of issues," Danny said. "Who want's to listen to song about, 'Oh, we're middle class and stuff's all right, we got money, we ain't got a lot of it, but we're doing OK, we're not struggling, we're right there.' That's a song? F--k off!

"'I've got two kids and a wife and we've got a golden retriever and we live in the suburbs ... Rock n' roll! ... Now scream for me!' And everyone's like, 'No,'" the singer jokingly added.

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