Asking Alexandria Singer: 'Justin Bieber Has More Talent in His Little Finger Than Half of Warped Tour Bands'

"He's a talented f--king kid," says Danny Worsnop.

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Following the recent rumors of Justin Bieber's retirement, Asking Alexandria singer Danny Worsnop stepped up to defend the young star, calling JB more talented than most of the Warped Tour bands.

"I respect someone who gets more sh-t than anyone and who is just shot down and f--king just put aside by everyone just for stupid f--king reasons," Danny told Artisan News.

"Justin Bieber - he's a talented f--king kid," the vocalist continued. "He's a talented f--king kid. I don't care what anyone says about it, he's a talented f--king kid. And he's got more talent in his f--king little finger than half of f--king s--t on Warped Tour right now."

Further sharing the same Warped Tour stance, Worsnop added: "All those like f--king bands on Warped Tour - he's more talented than pretty much all of them, so... [puts up middle finger]."

Some of last year's Warped Tour performers include Black Veil Brides, Bring Me the Horizon, We Came as Romans and more. The event's 2014 edition will take place this summer and feature the Devil Wears Prada as one of more prominent acts.

Danny gave quite a bold statement here, but do you agree with him, even to a slight extent? Let us know in the comments.

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    If Hitler called me a good person, I wouldn't take it as much of a compliment.
    What's with all the "****ing" before every noun? Who are you, Tony Montana?
    Because swearing before each ****ing word is so ****ing cool. Innit...
    I swear, these ****ing annoying ****s think they're the dog's bollocks because they ****ing swear all the time, they ****ing kill me. Utter bellend that he is. He should **** off and die. Oh wait... EDIT: apparently, "bellend" isn't a curse word to UG.
    I think Danny needs to focus less on the drugs, more on the rock and roll, and attempt to find a better way, other than saying Justin Beiber is a talented ****ing kid repeatedly, to get laid.
    Regardless of what he does, a majority of people will hate them. So he's just going to keep doing what he wants to do.
    So many dreadful musicians mentioned here, arguing who is better seems rather redundant. I also include JB too, I'm sick of rockstars saying how awesome he is. He can just about hold a drum beat and can play a couple guitar chords, if it were anyone else he'd be ripped to shreds. But there are some in the rock community who try to defend these popstars to sound all high and mighty, it does my head in. JB, as well as lady gaga (who also gets the "shes really talented" treatment by the rock community), are commercial products sold to teenagers to make men in suits more money. Music, burgers, soft drinks, doesn't make a difference to them as long as it can be sold.
    Lady gaga and JB both have good voices, that's what their talent is. They don't need more talent than that to be famous.
    Indeed. Sinatra is only credited with writing a handful of tunes, yet I don't hear many people who ever called him talentless. That being said, I instinctively have more respect for musicians who write and record their own stuff.
    This is spot on to a degree, however it doesn't take into account the backwards nature of modern successful pop stars like Bieber - 9/10 times today its image first, 'talent' next. But even if they don't have too much talent theres always autotune, and Bieber is no stranger to that.
    That's because back then you NEEDED a quota of talent, nowadays you can use loops and autotune and you're ready
    Have u tried singing some of Sinatra's catalog though? It's not apparent at first, because he blends it in so natural, but his rhythmic vocal phrasing is quite hard at places, so many people who try to copy sound rushed, or come in too early or late, or skip a legato note. Closest thing would be like pink floyd's money time signature, not quite apparent, but it's still odd.
    Exactly. So much "oooh I love all those pop stars that so many musicians dislike, look at how awesome and open-minded I am" attitude...
    There is a world of difference between Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Lady Gaga is a song writer and probably defined the current era of pop music. I think you can see a pretty big difference between what was on radio before her The fame, and what came after. I think Asking Alexendria dude is right that Bieber is more talented than half the musicians on the warped tour. The difference is its not because bieber is super talented. He's simply an idol for 12 year old girls, not very different from N-Sync about 10 years ago. However, there is a lack of talent in rock right now, especially the type of bands in warped tour. Most of the bands on warped tour circa 1999-2004 are a lot better than whats been there from 2009-2014. A lot of them have had 10, 20,25 year careers. I can't say that about the bands now. Most of them are playing radio pop with metal guitars and won't make it past three albums. They cater music to 16 year old kids and don't do it half as well as justin bieber does. You can see that kids today aren't picking up guitars but instead picku pup dj equipment. Look at your typical guitar center. In the last 5 years there are ten times as much dj equipment while the guitar amp section has actually shrunk.
    I don't think the guys from Asking Alexandria are above Warped Tour level enough to start trashing half of the bands on it... I feel like these guys think that their band is bigger and more relevant than they actually are, when in reality "half the bands on Warped Tour" are really their peers. Not a good move on their part.
    This is an honest question because i simply don't know. How many writers is there pr. Bieber song? I know Kanye West had like 9-14 on Yeezus. I'm sure a band like "We Came As Romans" dosen't have 8 or 9 writers on their songs. Fact is: Bieber have relative good pitch, his not frightning to old ladies, and his easy on the eyes = Hollywood Money. Talent ain't that important in today's pop music industry.
    Bieber isn't talented, he got where he is today because he's a pretty boy, and young girls will fall for pretty boys like flies to honey.
    That, and a relentless marketing scheme rivaling the inclusion of "indulgences" within the Catholic Church.
    What an eloquence. The amount of ****s etc shows exactly how much meaningful his words are.
    Calling Bieber talented is fine with me but disrespecting other bands who are basically their peers makes me hate AA even more. I'd suggest getting recognition from someone who isn't 13.
    He may be talented, he might be able to sing. He's also able to lip sync perfectly and have other people write his songs for him and be a complete and utter douche hole at the same time. Look up some of the shit Bieber has done, one of his fans recently killed herself because he said she looked like a "Beached whale".
    I will agree that Bieber is talented, but do we really want to give an ego boost to an already annoying brat? He's already made a movie about... guess who... himself. And Worsnop says he respects people who are shot down, etc. but I wonder... has he actually heard his music before making these comments?
    I always think of it this way, if Bieber was fat and ugly would he be famous? Nope. His talent has nothing to do with it not that he has much to speak of.
    I bet you couldn't give me any name apart from Adele (who isn't fat anymore) who's s famous a-list artist these days.
    Meat Loaf, Barry White, Notorious BIG, Cee Lo Green, Chuck Billy, Ann Wilson, Missy Elliott, Aretha Franklin, Jack Mother****ing Black! and so on...
    don't forget susan boyle... even though she's hardly relevant anymore... actually, a lot of those artists aren't relevant anymore.
    Well the music industry has become image based. If you don't look good, you won't go far. Obviously there are exceptions (Susan Boyle is a pretty good one), but otherwise, most musicians are slim, attractive, etc. Sometimes music doesn't matter to people, yes I'm talking about those die-hard fans who cheer for the musician not the music (most BVB fan girls generally is a good example) =p
    How the **** is he talented he doesnt even make his own music? What the hell I really didnt expect to see this on UG...
    My Last Words
    Look him up on YouTube, there are actually a couple of video's of him performing during his pre-fame era. Judge for yourself. Also, on a side note, how can one not be talented if he or she does not write his or her own music.
    He plays the guitar, drums, he sings. He was a telented kid, shame he got corrupted and became the spoilt brat we all know him to be. I play several music instruments, check my profile page to see, some to a very high standard, and you're saying that I'm not in any way talented?
    Eh, I don't know how much the music industry affected him. Seems like he became a common high school douchebag, but just had access to a lot of money.
    Damn. I wish my best friend's sister could make that much money.