Asking Alexandria Singer: 'Justin Bieber Has More Talent in His Little Finger Than Half of Warped Tour Bands'

"He's a talented f--king kid," says Danny Worsnop.

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Following the recent rumors of Justin Bieber's retirement, Asking Alexandria singer Danny Worsnop stepped up to defend the young star, calling JB more talented than most of the Warped Tour bands.

"I respect someone who gets more sh-t than anyone and who is just shot down and f--king just put aside by everyone just for stupid f--king reasons," Danny told Artisan News.

"Justin Bieber - he's a talented f--king kid," the vocalist continued. "He's a talented f--king kid. I don't care what anyone says about it, he's a talented f--king kid. And he's got more talent in his f--king little finger than half of f--king s--t on Warped Tour right now."

Further sharing the same Warped Tour stance, Worsnop added: "All those like f--king bands on Warped Tour - he's more talented than pretty much all of them, so... [puts up middle finger]."

Some of last year's Warped Tour performers include Black Veil Brides, Bring Me the Horizon, We Came as Romans and more. The event's 2014 edition will take place this summer and feature the Devil Wears Prada as one of more prominent acts.

Danny gave quite a bold statement here, but do you agree with him, even to a slight extent? Let us know in the comments.

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    I will agree that Bieber is talented, but do we really want to give an ego boost to an already annoying brat? He's already made a movie about... guess who... himself. And Worsnop says he respects people who are shot down, etc. but I wonder... has he actually heard his music before making these comments?
    Damn. I wish my best friend's sister could make that much money.
    How the **** is he talented he doesnt even make his own music? What the hell I really didnt expect to see this on UG...
    He plays the guitar, drums, he sings. He was a telented kid, shame he got corrupted and became the spoilt brat we all know him to be. I play several music instruments, check my profile page to see, some to a very high standard, and you're saying that I'm not in any way talented?
    Eh, I don't know how much the music industry affected him. Seems like he became a common high school douchebag, but just had access to a lot of money.
    My Last Words
    Look him up on YouTube, there are actually a couple of video's of him performing during his pre-fame era. Judge for yourself. Also, on a side note, how can one not be talented if he or she does not write his or her own music.
    I always think of it this way, if Bieber was fat and ugly would he be famous? Nope. His talent has nothing to do with it not that he has much to speak of.
    Well the music industry has become image based. If you don't look good, you won't go far. Obviously there are exceptions (Susan Boyle is a pretty good one), but otherwise, most musicians are slim, attractive, etc. Sometimes music doesn't matter to people, yes I'm talking about those die-hard fans who cheer for the musician not the music (most BVB fan girls generally is a good example) =p
    I bet you couldn't give me any name apart from Adele (who isn't fat anymore) who's s famous a-list artist these days.
    Meat Loaf, Barry White, Notorious BIG, Cee Lo Green, Chuck Billy, Ann Wilson, Missy Elliott, Aretha Franklin, Jack Mother****ing Black! and so on...
    don't forget susan boyle... even though she's hardly relevant anymore... actually, a lot of those artists aren't relevant anymore.
    Not to defend the kid but I think people forget he is 19. To have all those things thrown at you can't be easy.
    Fuck both of them. Asking Alexandria sucks dick now, with there clean radio rock songs.
    I really don't like the rising up of these kids to pop stardom at such an early age. People really don't learn that fame that early (or for some, EVER) is a bad thing. Beiber is 19 and acting like a burnt out Brittany Spears from a few years back. Sad really. Also, the deal with a lot of the bands and groups and etc saying they "admire Beiber" is because they think that saying they like him will bring some of those rabid little girls running after them.
    "Justin Bieber has more talent in his little finger than half the bands on warped tour" include Asking Alexandria.
    Asking ****ing Alexandria have no ****ing talent, nothing even in their ****ing pinky ****ing fingers and now I ****ing can't stop saying ****ing but I ****ing suppose it makes me ****ing tough... NOT.
    Danny was drunk when he said this. Everybody should just calm down and get on with their lives. This was also when he had his long hair which is over a month and a half ago. This is old news.
    Tyler Marley
    I think Bieber will never get enough hate to justify the damage he has done to so many people's perceptions of art.
    Coming from a guy who can't even sing the same songs live as he does in the studio...
    jesus christ.....further proving this new wave of pure fhag metal is what it is...
    he got famous because someone needed a kid like that to make money. and even if he is talented he didn't show it so far throughout his "musical" carreer
    This comment is so low down it probably wont get read. But ready for downvotes too: The music industry today is simply different to 50, 40, 30 and 20 years ago. You needed talent and skill. There were no writers. It was all you on your own working hard and making your own name. Nowadays it's totally different. The more important thing is how good to you look, and how good do you look doing what you do? Apart from image it's the luck of the draw. Getting noticed and picked out to be signed from a gig or something like that doesn't just happen. And Bieber got lucky with his online videos. He does have talent. Let's grow up now. Do I like his music? no. But I can't deny the brake he got using what he had to get to where he is. Music becomes about the money eventually. Yes you are the unique snowflake who writes the inspiring songs about your life. But if you don't do it you are out of an occupation and therefore money. Rock and metal guys, we are an old hat. Seriously. I go to a gig and everybody sounds the same. My band uses some of the same elements. Not strictly different (the keyboard is different in our local scene), but similar enough to get lost. Youtube, full of bands who just rehash the same ideas that everybody else has. Djent got so popular because it was a new genre (It's a genre now, get over it). You play an instrument? You can sing? You are a musician. Finished and settled. Everybody here has to stop being such elitists and see it for what it is. No auto tune? No effects for your instruments either.
    Saying that someone is more talented than half the warped tour bands isn't much of an accomplishment
    Asking Alexandria. . . Well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black. . . calling the skillet silver.
    More talented than most of warped tour? Well.. for sure better than Asking Alexandria. I had a lot of respect for JB before his retirement, but i can't call a guy who retires at a age of.. 19 or 20 a real musician.
    I feel like Asking Alexandria knows how much people hate them and are just playing on it now.
    All I got out of that is that this guy thinks Beiber is extremely talented because people hate on him. Yup... That checks out...
    Note to self, don't listen to asking alexandria. Apparently they have no taste in music.
    Yes let's compare a massively produced pop star to run of the mill up and coming alternative bands that let's face it wont really be making it as far in the industry. I wont disagree that Beiber is a good singer; however that is about it for talent. Look at any of his real hits and he is probably not the person who wrote them, and if you removed all that studio magic on his voice now, what would it sound like? I don't know who this dude from Asking Alexandria is but he just seems like a brow nosing twat, is he trying to do a duet with Beiber or some shit?
    What's with all the "****ing" before every noun? Who are you, Tony Montana?
    Because swearing before each ****ing word is so ****ing cool. Innit...
    I swear, these ****ing annoying ****s think they're the dog's bollocks because they ****ing swear all the time, they ****ing kill me. Utter bellend that he is. He should **** off and die. Oh wait... EDIT: apparently, "bellend" isn't a curse word to UG.
    Bieber isn't talented, he got where he is today because he's a pretty boy, and young girls will fall for pretty boys like flies to honey.
    That, and a relentless marketing scheme rivaling the inclusion of "indulgences" within the Catholic Church.
    This is an honest question because i simply don't know. How many writers is there pr. Bieber song? I know Kanye West had like 9-14 on Yeezus. I'm sure a band like "We Came As Romans" dosen't have 8 or 9 writers on their songs. Fact is: Bieber have relative good pitch, his not frightning to old ladies, and his easy on the eyes = Hollywood Money. Talent ain't that important in today's pop music industry.
    It's good to see a "metal" band recognize that Bieber gets more shit than he deserves, but it just came from the wrong person because no one wants to or should agree with anything this guy says. But yeah I'd never listen to JB's music, but he's brilliant at what he does for pop and he could be making a lot worse music - regardless of how much you hate it
    I don't see how someone can be on either side of the fence on this one. Who is one to judge someone as talented or not? Saying that i would also like to point out danny definitely shouldn't be bashing other bands. considering A) his band appeals to mainly gr 9 girls and B) i find almost every other band on warped more entertaining and creative than AA. Hes just the bieber of metal.
    What an eloquence. The amount of ****s etc shows exactly how much meaningful his words are.
    In these comments: A bunch of wannabe musicians talking crap on successful musicians.
    What is a 'successful' musician, by your own definition? Sales and popularity? I would say there would be more than a few skilled musicians on this site who could consider themselves 'successful' by their own definition.
    Why all these well-known musicians talk about Bieber? I'm pretty sure they have more important things to care about.