Awww: Here's a Gallery of Slayer Members Cuddling With Puppies

The guys from Testament and Kim Thayil from Soundgarden were also there to steal a few cuddles...

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Proving that no-one is too metal to cuddle with cute puppies, the guys from Slayer and Testament got a visit from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue ahead of their recent show in Seattle, WA.

This led to a gallery of the boys cuddling with cute puppies, not exactly something you see every day.

Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil also decided to show up and steal a few cuddles.

The rescue organization noted: "What's better than puppies and metal?! Nothing!!

"We were fortunate to spend Saturday night with Slayer, Testament and Carcass who very much enjoyed hanging out and cuddling our puppies! There's nothing better than tough guys showing their soft sides...

"This was the second time we met Kerry King and Paul Bostaph, but this time we got to meet Tom Araya and Gary Holt as well. They are all huge fans of rescue and our mission, so they were happy to enjoy the puppy time.

"The guys from Testament were awesome too and we heard all about everyone's animals they couldn't wait to get home and see! This tour is almost over so they won't have to wait long!

"There was a special surprise when we Kim Thayil of Soundgarden came up to us backstage and asked to see the puppies! He and his wife were absolutely in love with them as well and they really enjoyed the whole concept and our mission.

"It was a great night, and AWESOME show and we are so appreciative of the generosity of these guys and the crew! Thank you!! Thanks also to Niffer Calderwood Photography for the amazing shots."

You can check out more stuff about Motley Zoo via official site, the gallery awaits below.

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    I felt dirty for clicking on a Slayer article, but then I felt better after I saw Testament!
    Brutal. Nah, really cute. Although Gary cracks me up as usual, there's something to his smile that seems right in between "innocent and adorable" and "GIVE ME YOUR SHOES".
    Can't think of anything negative to say. Surprise cameo by Kim Thayil, and Kerry even took his shades off. Alright alright alright.
    i would like to see Ozzy there biting heads off
    I would like to see Ozzy biting your head off. Actually, I'd pay LOTS of money for that.
    Didn't they trust them with Carcass?
    I can't see why it would have been a problem. Bill Steer and Jeff Walker are vegetarians after all.
    Jeff Walker is also an animal rights activist so I have no doubt he'd be kind. I therefore expected them to be there as well seeing as they're touring with Slayer and Testament now, aren't they? So I thought the Animal Rescue Center was maybe put off by misinterpretation of their lyrics (as many outsiders seem to do). Now I see Jeff Walker broke his foot, so maybe he had to back off during daytime in order to perform that evening.
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