Axl Rose Plans to Buy a Tiger?

Axl wants to buy animal as Slash protests shark cull.

Ultimate Guitar

A report from the New York Post has claimed that Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose is planning to buy a tiger. Axl reportedly discussed his plans with Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Jonah Hill and Michael K. Williams at Catch Roof in New York City:

"They were seated at a VIP table surrounded by tons of security. They looked like a modern-day Rat Pack. [Axl was with] a harem of ladies and was telling the group about his plans to buy a tiger."

The news comes after former GN'R guitarist Slash has hit out against the culling of sharks. Slash, who has teamed up with the animal conservation group Shark Friendly Marinas, has issued the following statement:

"Recent data shows that over 100 million sharks are being killed a year. That's three sharks every second. That's unsustainable and it's not cool. We need sharks to have a healthy ocean. Please get involved by ending the harvest. Don't buy shark products, don't fish for sharks and if you happen to catch one, catch and release. Let it go."

Just don't ask.

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    matteo cubano
    Fuck it man, buy a tiger. Why not. ...and slash just doesn't want shark week to ever get cancelled.
    This just sounds like a couple dudes who've had a *few* drinks... (in slurred voice) "Dude,,, shutup... no, seriously dude... I'm (laughs) I'm gong to ****in'...(more laughs) Dude, I'm seriously going to buty a ****in' tiger!" "What? No ****ing way dude! No you're not!" "Bullshit I'm not... I know a guy who says he can hook me up! Same guy who sold the tigers to Siegfried & Roy!" Of course, the next day Axl doesn't remember this, and when asked will be like, "I never said that!"
    Axl will probably be found ded with his tiger gnawing on him if he literally does this.....
    Axl will probably be found ded with his tiger gnawing on him if he literally does this.....
    Axl will be ded probably found with tiger his on him gnawing literally if he does this...
    Mr Moobly
    The tiger will probably be found dead with Axl gnawing on it
    100 million sharks killed every year? holy shit, how many sharks are there in total?
    Judging from these comments, no matter what happens, if Axl and a tiger are at the same place for a couple of hours, then something is going to get eaten by the other something. I look forward to seeing that article here at UG.
    Axl will probably be found ded with his tiger gnawing on him if he literally does this.....
    I'm confused. Is there another way of buying a tiger, other than literally buying it?! If you buy it, without literally buying it, you've actually stolen it.
    Needs to be done. Crass rock n' roll excess just isn't complete without a pet tiger. P.S: Please name it Tony.
    The worst part is, after the tiger eats Axl, it will be shot dead. Carnivorous wild animals do not deserve death for eating dumb people, happens all the time. Tigers are going to be extinct in a generation. Killing them is a sin. Against Nature. The real "god".