Axl Rose Takes Activision To Court Over Guitar Hero III

Activision promised Slash wouldn't feature in the game, the stuck him on the cover and made him a playable character.

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As part of a $20 million lawsuit, a judge has thrown out Axl Rose's claim that Activision fraudulently led him to allow "Welcome To The Jungle" on "Guitar Hero III" - but will allow a trial for breach of contract to go ahead next February.

Activision promised that it wouldn't feature any reference to Slash, the guitarist who has been Rose's arch-enemy since splitting from Guns N' Roses in the 1990s. Slash later featured on the cover of the game and as a playable character.

The judge is expected to dismiss the claim because Axl waited more than three years to file his fraud claims, and the statute of limitations had expired.

In his defence, Axl claims that Activision led him to believe there would be other Guns N' Roses dedicated games worth a lot of money:

"Activision offered me a separate video game and other business proposals worth millions of dollars to resolve and settle my claims relating to 'Guitar Hero III'," he said in a deposition (via Hollywood Reporter).

However, Axl's claims that there was a breach of contract over the same issue will be settled in early February 2013.

A copy of the court documents filed by Rose's attorneys in November 2010 can be found at (PDF file).

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    Ive got no respect for articles that use photoshopped pictures to Influence peoples opinions. It's clear UG doesn't like Guns but that doesn't mean you should keep writing biased tabloid BS.
    My thoughts exactly, how am I supposed to respect or take UG seriously as my 'go to' for music news stories when they produce biased tabloid crap like the above article?
    wait, they just updated the photo. Hmmmmm. Yeah UG does post a lot of crap stories where they take a line out of interview and blow it out of proportion and out of context.
    Axl is an arse but if he got Activision to put that clause in writing, I totally side with him because of breach of contract is BS. Of course when Activision killed the Guitar Hero franchise, Axl's possible GNR game was killed too. So yeah, he had to sit on his hands until now. Probably too little too late. But come one, Activision is no saint either.
    Agent 00Awesome
    My comment was removed, so ill state it again. "Who cares, **** Axl." Its relevant because I'm sure 90% of the community agrees with that.
    questoion is if there was a trial, would he be there on time?
    When did Ultimate Guitar become the equivalent of a sleazy top shelf tabloid? I'm losing faith everyday with this website. Disappointing.
    you dont have to come here
    The article you're reading now isn't the original. The first addition of this article had a photoshopped picture of axl. The article also sounded like it was written by a 13 yr old with an agenda. Thankfully they changed it. I just expected a slightly higher degree of professionalism. Not a big ask.
    Classic Axl, showing up late once again, Guitar Hero III came out years ago, nobody plays it anymore.
    I doubt axl has a chance to win the case. Activision is a multi billion dollar company so they have the upper hand atleast money wise.
    Not surprised. He's probably trying to resolve the debt from all the unsold Chinese Democracy copies.
    Your attempt at humor at the expense of Axl Rose doesn't work this time; Best Buy is the one stuck with the bill on that one. Axl got his money for it. It sold fine other places, besides the US - hell, it sold fine here, compared to other albums in recent history - but Best Buy wanted to be the exclusive retailer in the US. So, they agreed to buy all the copies for sale in America, upfront, resulting in immediate platinum sales upon release. I'm also pretty sure Best Buy paid ~$13 per copy, and they grossly overestimated how many copies would sell, but I think they were contractually obligated to buy a million copies. Therefore, due to their agreement, any leftover inventory was property of Best Buy, as they had already purchased it -- not like your typical album, in which the distributor/retailer returns leftover material because it doesn't actually own it. That's why you saw Chinese Democracy at such a low sale price. They were just trying to unload the surplus of inventory because it was taking up too much space. Some places must have bought boxes of them at an even further discounted rate, because I saw some at a gas station for $2 -- the same price Best Buy was charging customers. All in all, Best Buy had to bite the bullet on that one. It might not have been an overwhelmingly well-received album (I thought it was pretty damn good), but Axl & co. still got paid like it was.
    Axl, get over it. Get over yourself. Even the fans you have left dont care. Just do the music thing, and itll be ok. Activision 'fraudulently led you to believe...' so what. quietly accept the money and the exposure being on guitar hero gives you.
    Seriously dude, I'm not calling either member a homosexual cause I love 'em both, but this is my theory on the Slash/Axl fued: When the band was initially starting to take off, both members of the band had sex with each other. Slash had previously aquired Aids/Herpes from a woman on tour, and he had sex with Axl with no lube and gave him butt herpes without telling him he had it. Now I know thats an entirely unrealistic scenario, but seriously, how could you have so much hate and resentment about an individual so key to your success not only as a musician but making the name "Guns 'N Roses" such a household name.....20+ years after they first started writing material together. Either that or Slash murdered all of Axl's family or something.
    Seems like he didn't care enough when it initially came out to do anything about it IF his story is actually true. Big if.
    If you read the short, almost pointless article, you will be informed that he presumably took issue with it at the time, and they were to have an exclusive GN'R game to help settle it. Obviously, they didn't do that, and that's likely the reason for the delay in bringing the issue to the court's attention.