Axl Rose Wants Los Angeles Photographer To Stop Defaming Him

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose is threatening legal action against a Los Angeles photographer.

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According to, Guns n' Roses frontman Axl Rose is threatening legal action against a Los Angeles photographer for allegedly making false statements about him in order to sell her photographs.

As Blabbermouth reports, Rose's attorney sent a cease-and-desist letter to Laura London over a downtown L.A. exhibit called "Once Upon A Time... Axl Rose Was My Neighbor" which purports to "mix actual documentary photographs of a circa-1990 graffiti vandalization of the residence of Erin Everly by her then-husband Axl Rose with London's studio and location recreations and interpretations of the main characters in the story - the rock star Axl Rose, his wife Erin Everly, his former girlfriend Stephanie Seymour, Slash (the lead guitarist in the band) and the classic lineup from the Guns N' Roses album "Appetite For Destruction"."

According to the letter, Laura has claimed that her main piece - a photograph of a garage door with "Sweet Child O'Die You R 1 Of Many Nothing Special" spray-painted on it - is a picture of Axl's garage from years ago. The photographer allegedly advertised the image by claiming that Axl himself spray-painted the garage during a fight with Erin Everly.

But the Guns N' Roses frontman says that statement and the photograph are "outrageous, false, fabricated and highly defamatory". Axl's attorney writes, "Mr. Rose never spray-painted anything. Your salacious and inflammatory statements are plainly designed to garner attention and line your pockets with money".

Axl is demanding an apology and retraction, and he is requesting that all showings of "Once Upon A Time... Axl Rose Was My Neighbor" be canceled.

"Once Upon A Time" is scheduled to open at Coagula Curatorial Gallery this Saturday, September 29 and run through October 21.

Image courtesy of Coagula Curatorial.

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    With that picture, he is probably going to accuse UG of defaming him too.
    "Slash (the lead guitarist in the band)" Oh thank you, I had no idea who slash was, now I know.
    I thought this was about the awful photos of him UG keeps slapping on the "news" items...
    you're already defamed, douchebag
    careful. he might send a cease and desist over defamatory
    Once upon a time Axle Rose was never really talented
    Yeah, but we don't live in a fairy tale, and in reality, Axl Rose is one of the greatest frontmen in the history of rock & roll.
    People Give Axl Shit , Too be Honest hes like one o the only living rockstars, He Doesn't take shit from anyone!
    Gotta love the photo they put on the article. Made me read the entire article in an Axl whiny crybaby voice.
    "Once Upon A Time... Axl Rose Was My Neighbor" LMFAO! Now that's a claim for fame! NOT!
    axl rose SLAMS L.A photographer
    At first glance I thought it said "sweet child o, pie" and thought well that suits Axl.