Babymetal Are About as Metal as Justin Bieber, Journalist Insists

"Don't call it metal when it’s obviously not," the article reads.

Babymetal Are About as Metal as Justin Bieber, Journalist Insists
Babymetal are still very much stirring up the metal community, garnering more and more reactions that range from massive praises to full-on bashing.

In that spirit, an interesting article has recently surfaced on Gun Shy Assassin, stressing the need to draw the line between what is metal and what isn't, and therefore place Babymetal outside of the guitar-heavy domain once and for all.

"Certain words are meant to have narrow meanings, but through overuse and lazy application, language loses its value and people with ulterior motives can use the vastly broad terms to do some scary stuff," author Rafael Gallaher kicked off.

Singling out "epic," "awesome," and "beautiful" as prime examples of such words, the author focused on metal, saying, "One culture that seems to have been on crazy pills trying to redefine itself is the metal community. A substantial portion of metal authorities is deeming Babymetal 'metal.'"

"There's really nothing metal about them other than the color black and they have distorted guitars. They aren't sinister (their lyrical content is about chocolate, for Chrissakes) and they aren't rooted in the blues or punk. They are an electronic pop band that uses some instrumentation that has become identified with heavy metal.

"That's like saying Justin Bieber is metal because he wore a Municipal Waste patch on his battle jacket."

"You can't redefine metal because you're bored with metal bands, fellas. If you're bored with metal, don't listen to metal bands. Don't find a quirky electronica group you like and say they are a progressive step for metal and people who don't embrace it are narrow-minded. I might be narrow-minded when it comes to metal, but, s--t, at least I don't think something is metal solely because it has loud guitars in it.

"I'm not saying don’t enjoy it, I’m saying don’t call it metal when it’s obviously not," the article reads.

Pointing at what he considers a more plausible alternative, the author brought up Sockweb, "an insanely talented, insanely fast grindcore band that springs from the mind of a seven year old girl and her multi-instrumentalist dad. Their album 'Werewolf' makes you gnash your teeth. It's really good.

"As opposed to basically getting handed material written by corporate pop song architects who specialize in easy to regurgitate lip-sync material, Joanie writes lyrics about things that actually bother her. Sure, they are presented in childish lingo, but she's seven, dude, she did fantastically. She confronts the primal feelings of isolation, fear, and rage, describing struggles we all go through at one point or another.

The conclusion notes that "Sockweb is very, very metal by definition. Babymetal is not." Check out the clips below and let us know if you agree.

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    The backing band to babymetal sure is metal. Anyone know who it is?
    Jim #4
    Takayoshi Ohmura/ Leda Deluhi Guitars Boh Bass Aoyama Hideki Drums but they keep changing because of the involvements of these dudes in other band. and those guys seriously can shred.
    The bassist in the band is from Blood Staind Child. You can definitely hear their influence in Babymetal.
    That's my problem with it. It's a group of talented individuals with a bunch of naive teenage idols taped onto it in order to make it sell (AKA manufactured music).
    It's ridiculous to care so much about whether they're metal or not if you don't like them. I don't like them. You know what I do? I go listen to some Lamb of God or something. It's that easy. In a related note, I feel like I've been added to a sex offender registry just by watching that Babymetal video.
    "That's like saying Justin Bieber is metal because he wore a Municipal Waste patch on his battle jacket." No it's not. It's like saying Justin Bieber is metal because he has songs with blast beats and 32nd-note tremolo guitar riffs.
    Exactly, that's kind of like saying you're not Metal because you don't have long hair, it's such a ridiculous statement. Stick to the music, not the aesthetics.
    That thumbnail pretty much sums up my thoughts about this; who actually cares if they are metal, pop or country & western for crying out loud.
    Metal Elitists care unfortunately and there is no stopping them. You'll find more open-minded folk in the Westboro Baptist Church. It's a real shame.
    I'm a metal elitist and I don't give a shit what people call them. If I don't think they sound metal, I won't call them metal.
    Eh, I think there's a distinction to be made been elitism and discerning sensibility. Like, I don't really have an issue with people saying that bands like Falling In Reverse aren't metal, because between the rapping, samples, posturing, awful vocals and overproduction, it bears no resemblance to anything metal. Similarly, I think that Babymetal is a gimmick since I don't see any legacy to their music. BUT it's just a laugh, it's fun to put on and just be immmature. That said, technically Ghost is more traditionally 'metal' than bands like Napalm Death or whatever, and it really pisses me off when people start dismissing numetal, metalcore, proggy stuff and even, though it pains me to say it, djent, as being 'not metal'. Because they are.
    Floyd Phoenix
    Literally anyone who isn't really a metalhead starts defining anyone heavier than Metallica as white noise, so getting as angry as this guy has just makes him seem more like the guy in the photo on the page than anything...
    You can't redefine metal because you're bored with metal bands, fellas.
    Okay, how the **** else do you redefine it then, genius?
    You don't.
    Well that's just backwards thinking. If it wasn't meant to be redefined, everyone would still sound like Sabbath and Priest's early stuff. That being said, I don't much care for their annoying voices, though the backing music is alright. I don't really get the hate these guys get, but then I don't get the hate a lot of bands get. If there's one thing metal fans are good at, it's hatred.
    Babymetal and Ghost should tour together. Just for funsies. Just to take the piss out of folks they upset.
    I still don't understand the hate for Ghost. They're a great band, especially live.
    Pick 'n' Finger
    Nope, especially live they suck. A ridiculous costume fest without any energy and repetitive as hell.
    Have you even bothered to watch a live video or something before? They certainly aren't Slipknot or GWAR, but they still bring out a great atmosphere live. I guess its all just up to personal taste.
    Yeah well Metal always had weird lyrics anyway. Why not chocolate ??? Is it better to sing about wizards, the deep sea or mountain energy ? Never thought there was anything violent and agressive with wizards ha ha
    Well it took them long enough...
    This s*** was released in the mid to late eighties, so before Babymetal we had Babyhairmetal.
    The metal community is so toxic when it comes to genre classification. Dont listen to the music if you don't like it. It's like they need to justify their self-worth to the world by being brootulz enough.
    "They aren't sinister (their lyrical content is about chocolate, for Chrissakes) and they aren't rooted in the blues or punk." Kraf Dinner by Annihilator is hereby not metal, not sinister enough. Cacophony is hereby not metal, closer connections to classical music than punk and blues. This paragraph shows that the author doesn't even have an understanding of music history or genres whatsoever. Defining metal by sinister lyrics and clear blues/punk influences rules out so many bands that are considered metal bands (i.e. Cacophony, any power metal band ever, and so on)
    Honestly, who the hell cares? It's three little Japanese girls, if they can cause this many "pure" metalheads to get offended by getting on stage and having fun I say they're an overdue thing. Metal doesn't need to be uber-serious 100% of the time, guys.
    I'm a metalhead and I don't mind them being classified as metal (hell, I consider the Power Rangers theme song to be metal). That being said, the vocals are shit.
    There is one of them in Megitsune who shows some vocal prowess, but other than that a lot of the vocals seem like a kid just talking into the mic. Nonetheless I still strangely like them
    Genres really aren't important. We basically use genres as categories as if there are exact limits to what fits in each category and that it either is in the category or it isn't. The reality of the situation is that music lies on a spectrum. It's not that Babymetal is or isn't metal, it's that it's more or less somewhere in between. It's not as heavy as Meshuggah or Gojira, but it's certainly heavier than many Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin songs (remember heavier doesn't mean better, especially in this case). Also it's a mix of pop as well, so you can argue that it exists on several spectrums. In either case, they're entertaining and I have no real issue with them.
    ... The kind of mentality that this article reflects is why rock n roll is frickin' dead. It's all about "WUTS METULZ?!" and "DAT IS NOT REALZ ROCK". Frickin' bickering ****s, arguing semantics. The metal community is becoming increasingly like the Indie community, totally self-importance, and the self-importance of the fans is what makes sure no bands from the genre can properly break the mainstream anymore, and not lose it's audience. It's fairly ironic. The reason shitty pop acts are ruling the damn world is because real artists are being forced into the position of staying "True" to some silly target audience or another. Sure, my personal opinion is that that Babymetal stuff is almost unlistenable, horrid to my ears.. But so ****in' what? That doesn't mean that suddenly it doesn't belong. Guess what.. PEOPLE define music genres. If we collectively decide tomorrow that Kesha is metal as balls, then it is so, why? Because we own the damn label of metal. Wether you like it or not, the majority does define things.
    Who the hell cares if it's metal or not!? If you like it, you like. If you don't like it, you don't like it... Plane and simple
    Agreed... people need to chill the **** out, especially Rafael Gallaher. 3 japanese girls gets on your nerves? get off the internet and find something else to care about, seriously
    The music is pretty good, but when they start to sing is when I have to turn it off. This band will die out and be forgotten before next year.
    "The music is pretty good, but when they start to sing is when I have to turn it off." Many people have felt like that about Overkill, and they've managed to stick around for over 30 years now. (I love EVERYTHING about Overkill, BTW, but I realize that Blitz' voice isn't for everyone.)
    The difference is that one is a thrash metal vocalist that suits the music, the other are a bunch of mid-teen Japanese pop singers who never knew what metal was before they're agency formed this idea.