Babymetal to Start New Sub-Genre of Metal Called 'Cute Metal'

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Babymetal to Start New Sub-Genre of Metal Called 'Cute Metal'
After performing at this year's Sonisphere festival, Babymetal has been speaking about their musical aims.

As Blabbermouth reports, the heavy metal offshoot of Japanese pop idol group Sakura Gakuin intends to start a new genre:

"Our goal is to start a new genre of metal called Kawaii Metal [Cute Metal]. We are the only band making music in this genre right now and we want this genre to be accepted."

BabyMetal is set to kick off a tour in support pop superstar Lady Gaga on five shows in July and August.

In other news, one of Ghost's Nameless Ghouls has called the band "bizarre."

Speaking to Team Rock, he had the following to say:

"We obviously like bizarre so they are doing something right but J-pop is always going to be weird. They seem to be a cool band, I guess."
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