Babymetal to Start New Sub-Genre of Metal Called 'Cute Metal'

Band want to be pioneers of "Kawaii Metal."

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After performing at this year's Sonisphere festival, Babymetal has been speaking about their musical aims.

As Blabbermouth reports, the heavy metal offshoot of Japanese pop idol group Sakura Gakuin intends to start a new genre:

"Our goal is to start a new genre of metal called Kawaii Metal [Cute Metal]. We are the only band making music in this genre right now and we want this genre to be accepted."

BabyMetal is set to kick off a tour in support pop superstar Lady Gaga on five shows in July and August.

In other news, one of Ghost's Nameless Ghouls has called the band "bizarre."

Speaking to Team Rock, he had the following to say:

"We obviously like bizarre so they are doing something right but J-pop is always going to be weird. They seem to be a cool band, I guess."

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    That's awesome, being called "weird" by a member of Ghost
    Yeah, because playing covers of Abba & The Beatles are like, the weirdest thing ever, right?
    Nope! Playing mediocre Pop-Occult Rock and continuing to exist solely because of a gimmick totally is, though.
    they aren't particularly original, ut they are a good band anyway. The gimmick helps, but I'd still listen to them without it. Just because you don't like them, iit doesn't mean they are objectively bad.
    I just love how everyone is harshly criticizing three teenage japanese girls like their going to be the end of music.
    Am I the only person that thinks that they're not that great? Their music is just generic hardcore with a few J-pop influences. The only reason they seem to be achieving any success at all is because people like "Kawaii" Japanese girls...
    Will it still be called cute metal when Babymetal get old and lose their cuteness?
    They're asian. They don't age.
    Well they're a constructed band so they'll just be quietly replaced by the label as and when. Anyway this is kinda silly but it's not bothering me except inasmuch as I wish the J-rock bands I like got this sort of exposure, so I'm happy to wait for the west to stop caring.
    Until one mysterious week when they all magically age by 50 years. Still not sure at exactly what age that happens.
    It'll probably just be the sound of the music more than the fact they are all 16 and under..
    Saw them at Sonisphere with little expectations but turned out to be pretty entertaining, them and their backing band. They managed to get a chant of "we want more" from the crowd and the only other bands to achieve that the whole weekend was Metallica and Maiden
    Its just a bit of fun I really do wish people would calm down. They were pretty good at Sonisphere and their band are great, if they wanna have a shot at making it in the metal scene let them, and if you don't want to listen to it then don't.
    Why are you whining guys? Takayoshi Ohmura is a great guitarist! I will not be surprised if I see Marty Friedman joining them in the future...
    Maybe he'll convince Dave Mustaine to be the vocalist of a new Kawaii-metal band?
    That my friend would be beyond halarious. Even though I am not a fan of this trened, I'd buy the albums for the sheer halarity of mustaine singing Kawaii metal XD
    WTH does dave mustaine have to do with friedman anymore? o.O
    why does this article have so many downvotes? I watched them at sonisphere an they had the biggest crowd for a second band the whole weekend, and the biggest pit up to that point!
    I find it hilarious how many people think metal is "sacred" and that anything that isn't a classic or heavy is "stupid and wrong" . Grow up. I personally think they are awesome just the way they are. I love them and am not ashamed to say it. On the other side, I really don't think that "かわいい メタ" should become a genre. Mind you stupid HIM tried to make "LOVE Metal" a thing and that got nowhere...
    Jesus all this whining? whats going on? who cares? why should anyone care? Who gets exposed and who doesnt, who is fame and who isnt, I mean you know the rules why these things happen, you sure understand them so we can leave out that rubbish. What kind of music they make is none of your business if you dont like it, as long as they dont kick in your door and play it you should not be insulting them at all. They are the problem with metal? Because they dont take it seriously? Guess how many Metal Bands take themself seriously... look at the lyrics, c'mon thats just fun with awesome music. Go get a girlfriend and stop whining about shit that does not matter. If Justing Bieber picked up Metal I'd be like "we'll this kid seems to go the right direction" and most here would rage all over his face. Calm the f*ck down and be cool about it.
    I have some fun just watching, but don't expect me to buy any of the damned albums.
    To those who don't see them as metal need to hear some of their tracks... and see their crowds. Their musicians are incredible and give some wonderful solos live. I was at their show in Paris and it was one of the most violent I went to. As violent as I experienced at Slayer's or Amarth's concerts.
    I agree, the "metal" element to it is thrash/death, the backing band is kinda like an extreme version of Dragonforce
    Well, I've never heard before about "BABY METAL" so I've just checked out some of their videos. Usualy i'm open to hear new music, but certainly, I find their music awfull.
    It's pretty funny though I'm not quite sure who their music is targeted towards. Not everyone needs to be Dream Theater.
    It seems like cute metal has a target audience of 14 year old girls and pedophiles just like any other Disney channel music artist. Won't be long til they get older and incredibly slutty and Brian Posehn has new jack off material.
    Cancer Metal is more suiting. why don't they go back to ****ing tentacles? at least they're good at it
    Yeah! This is what's ruining metal! People took it so seriously up until these clowns came along! Racist ****wit.
    a "Metal Band" that only features the three vocalist. then hide the ones that really make their music metal(ish)
    "The room's spinnin' real good now.. on account of.. on account of the gayness" - Ricky Bobby
    I saw half a video on YouTube with these... girls... And I immediately rather wanted to be in the middle of a traffic accident.
    The (Rock) music industry is due for something big to happen. We need another Appetite for Destruction or another band like Nirvana to shake things up a bit. I surely hope these guys aren't the next "big thing" to revive the music world. I do wish them the best though.
    I saw a band at Pulp Summer Slam '14 in the Philippines called Crossfaith, another Japanese metal band. They put on a great show, but as for their music I did not like it at all. As for trying to start a sub-genre called "cute metal", get real. What is that supposed to be other than a gimmick?