Band Makes Money From Spotify by Streaming Silence

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Band Makes Money From Spotify by Streaming Silence
Funk band Vulfpeck came in with a rather interesting and legally questionable idea to fund their new tour - by streaming silence via Spotify.

It might sound strange at first, but the approach actually makes perfect sense. So firstly, the band released an album called "Sleepify" consisting of 10 songs featuring nothing but absolute silence. Note that each of the tracks slightly exceeds the 30-second length, the minimal duration for a song to be registered as having been played.

Anyhow, theĀ Guardian further points out that this is where the fan support comes in. So as reported, a band makes $0.007 from a single song stream, which is 100 streams for 70 cents of about 143 streams for a dollar.

So if a fan played the album while sleeping for seven hours on repeat, he'd generate $5.88 for Vulfpeck through approximately 840 song streams. All you now need is 100 fans dedicated enough to merely play the album before going to sleep and the near $600 income is secured through a single night.

As the group noted via YouTube, all funds raised from "Sleepify" streaming will go to support the tour by scheduling shows in cities where most of the streams came from. Furthermore, each the concerts will be free. Check out the clip below for more details, you can also (not) hear the album in full via Spotify.

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