Band Makes Money From Spotify by Streaming Silence

Learn how to generate $600 a night (or more) with "Sleepyfy" technique.

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Funk band Vulfpeck came in with a rather interesting and legally questionable idea to fund their new tour - by streaming silence via Spotify.

It might sound strange at first, but the approach actually makes perfect sense. So firstly, the band released an album called "Sleepify" consisting of 10 songs featuring nothing but absolute silence. Note that each of the tracks slightly exceeds the 30-second length, the minimal duration for a song to be registered as having been played.

Anyhow, the Guardian further points out that this is where the fan support comes in. So as reported, a band makes $0.007 from a single song stream, which is 100 streams for 70 cents of about 143 streams for a dollar.

So if a fan played the album while sleeping for seven hours on repeat, he'd generate $5.88 for Vulfpeck through approximately 840 song streams. All you now need is 100 fans dedicated enough to merely play the album before going to sleep and the near $600 income is secured through a single night.

As the group noted via YouTube, all funds raised from "Sleepify" streaming will go to support the tour by scheduling shows in cities where most of the streams came from. Furthermore, each the concerts will be free. Check out the clip below for more details, you can also (not) hear the album in full via Spotify.

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    They better play those songs live
    Eh, I think they should play more of their older stuff. All of the songs sound the same on this album.
    Yeah, the new stuff is silent, but it's just not THEIR silent anymore.
    I don't know. They don't seem to be as inspired anymore. I almost fell asleep listening to this record.
    Wasn't sometime ago someone recorded silence copyrighted and then some college kids did the same and then the first guy sued the college kids but it was thrown out of court when the judge noticed they were two completely different lengths?
    Thought about this for some time now, what if you play Spotify songs and mute the sound? Just play your music all day on repeat, and make easy money.
    I think if it's muted it won't count, or at least it won't play through the ads. But if you plugg it into some speakers that are off, it doesn't know the difference
    this is actually pretty smart. i like how they reward the supporters by giving free concerts too
    moody git
    the even better part about it is, when vulfpeck actually play their instruments, they are some funky, funky guys.
    At the point where Spotify (& other streaming services) catch onto this & shut it down, the next option, is for bands to just start making quiet, spacey mood music you can fall asleep too, supplemental to their actual catalogues, and then follow the same process.
    It will be interesting to see how they shut that little money generating loop hole down.
    Just limit streams coming from the same IP to a certain number of plays and stop "counting" after that.
    You don't even need any quiet music, just play any music whilst sleeping, and you will earn the band money. Obviously do it with headphones in or something, so it doesn't keep you awake.
    This is a fine idea, but why would Spotify make these songs available? (I don't really know how Spotify works.)
    I found it to be a tad quiet during certain songs, but overall a fairly well-produced album.
    Would this work with just one song? Like a single? Or does it for some reason have to be an album?
    Long Distance
    Besides making money from their silent album, they're also gathering a lot of attention, which will eventually lead to some plays too. Genius!
    Queens of the Stone Age already came up with this... Songs For The Deaf
    Not really total silence though is it. Good effort though, treat yourself to a lollipop or something.
    I think you sort of missed the whole point of that title... Deaf don't have to listen to silence.
    Why does it say "So if a fan played the album while sleeping for seven hours on repeat, he'd generate $5.88 for Vulfpeck" Getting a bit sexist don't you think?
    Conventional English grammar rules dictate that a genderless person should be referred to as male. It's not wrong, and really, what does it matter?
    Don't Coheed and Cambria have a few songs on a record that are just silence?
    I don't like this. This is just abusing Spotify's system, and stealing money from them (and paying listeners) using your fans. Not cool.