Batman Theme Gets The Metal Treatment

We loved this metal version of the Batman theme on YouTube. Can you recommend any other YouTube guitar superstars?

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Guitar covers on YouTube are everywhere, but one particular cover caught our attention in a big way this week.

Meet YouTube user Mat Graham a.k.a. Artificial Fear who records covers of his favorite theme songs, complete with wild shredding and fantastic recording quality.

Mat told UG about how his version of the Batman theme took him 20 hours to complete over two days, including transtranscription, arranging, recording, and editing the video. The result is a truly epic cover which earned over 100,000 views in its first week online.

"I have been reorchestrating tunes into metal adaptations for more than two years now," Mat told UG. "I've always loved this theme, and I thought it had tons of potential to work as a metal piece."

Mat says he's blessed to live in the era of YouTube where he can share his endeavours to the world from home. "Without YouTube, I wouldn't really have an audience! Having subscribers is sort of like having a guaranteed audience that wants to hear you play. It's totally awesome, and I am truly humbled and inspired by all of the people that are subscribed to my channel."

Sounds like he has a sense of humor too; when one commenter asked why he had a soap dispenser under his desk, he snapped back with "Because I masturbate profusely. That is the only logical answer why I would have hand sanitizer near all my of my expensive gear."

The rest of his channel is worth a browse, particularly if you're a fan of old game themes, and Mat says to expect more movie themes in the future.

Watch Mat Graham's awesome metal version of the Batman theme right here:

YouTube preview picture

As a bonus, here's his entry to a solo contest:

YouTube preview picture

Have you found other incredible guitarists on YouTube worth checking out? Give us a link in the comments and we'll take a look.

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    FUCK YES! I didn't think ArtificialFear would get an article about him on here! Been a fan of his for awhile and im glad to see him getting some more recognition
    This sounds alot like the Powerglove Version from their album Saturday Morning Apocalypse from last year
    Eric Calderone (Erock) is a YouTube legend, his 'meets metal' videos are mindblowing. One of a few YouTube musicians I've downloaded and listened to on my iPod. NeoGeoFanatic is brilliant too. Started to move towards some gear reviews now, but his covers have always been brilliant - great tone.
    Wow. If I didn't know that was the Batman theme, I would have thought it was an epic metal song!
    Really nice rearrangement. His cover of the Tristram Village theme from Diablo is very cool as well, has got kind of an Opeth-like vibe to it.