BBC 6 Music to Host John Peel Special Playlist on Sunday

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BBC 6 Music to Host John Peel Special Playlist on Sunday
BBC 6 Music will be hosting a special show to celebrate the life and legacy of the late, great John Peel this weekend, Gigwise reports.

The commemorate the radio legend's birthday this weekend, Tom Robinson's "Now Playing" Sunday show from 6pm - 8pm will be putting together a playlist in his honour.

You can help curate the playlist by making your suggestions on Twitter, using #Peel6Music - or by posting on the "Now Playing" Facebook or dragging tracks onto our collaborative Spotify or Rdio playlists, or the other usual live show contact methods.

Not only that, but Tom Robinson will also be sharing his own memories, including receiving replies to his letters as a young music fan from Peel - before he performed his own Peel Session in the 1970s, and went on to become good friends with the DJ.

There will also be classic archive of John Peel in his own words, along with clips from some of the artists whose careers he helped.
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