BBC Radio 1 Boss Says Green Day and Muse's Music Isn't Good Enough to Be Played On-Air

"The last Green Day project simply wasn't good enough," while "Muse are approaching a crossroads," according to the station head George Ergatoudis.

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BBC Radio 1 head George Ergatoudis banned both Muse and Green Day from being played on-air, Consequence of Sound reports.

As Alternative Nation points out, Ergatoudis spoke about both bands' presence on BBC Radio 1 in a recent interview with Music Week.

In regards to Green Day: "The last Green Day project simply wasn’t good enough."

In regards to Muse: "Muse are approaching a crossroads - their last single was the first one not playlisted by Radio 1 in a decade. The door remains open to them but we’ll have to think carefully about their next album."

As Consequence of Sound notes, the station's today's playlist includes new Arctic Monkeys single "Do I Wanna Know?" as well as Daft Punk's smash hit "Get Lucky" alongside with the other newest tunes, such as Jay Z's "Holy Grail," London Grammar's "Strong" and DJ Fresh's "Earthquake."

What do you think on this? Should be Muse and Green Day banned from BBC Radio 1 or should they be both played? Or should just one of them be played?

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    But playing Blurred Lines a minimum of 4 times every day is fine yeah?
    "The door remains open to them but we’ll have to think carefully about their next album." I don't think Muse even care...they don't need Radio anymore
    Exactly, I think these two bands could even be better off. Their work is always best listened to in album form anyway - to get a better feel for context. Unfortunately context isn't up to Radio 1's standards. Oh and Radio 1, it's 2013 - nobody gives a s**t about you anymore.
    Yeah, Green Day too. They both have a big enough fanbase that word of mouth alone carries them. Implying people haven't heard of them yet.
    I've heard of Green Day and Muse. I've never heard of George Ergatoudis
    What's really funny to me is that Jay-Z and DJ Whogivesashit are good enough to be played.
    That's funny because every time I've heard that radio station on it's the same crappy pop music over and over again.
    All the while pretending to be cool and alternative. Radio 1 is surely one of the worst stations out there. It's even worse than local pop stations like Key 103, Capital and Tower FM.
    Van Guff
    This is why British mainstream radio is a joke. Radio 1 does, however, have Daniel P Carter's Radio 1 Rock show. The problem is, it's 12 midnight until 2 am on a monday, once a week. It's a joke! George Ergatoudis should hang his head in shame.
    I got the boot
    Most people just listen to XFM or Absolute for teh rocks though, honestly why would you go to BBC 1 for rock?
    Muse's promotion for The 2nd Law has been terrible. The only big success I think they've had was Madness, mainly in North America. It's not really the quality issue when it comes to radio. They play what's popular. Anyways if a band had to reconsider their direction simply because they don't get radio play I don't think they'd be changing for the right reasons.
    As both Muse and GD fan, I must say I've been a bit underwhelmed with both band's latest releases. But still, nice albums...better than most shit BBC1 puts on anyway.
    that pic looks like matt's giving billie a surprise butt seks
    While I do agree that the Muse's and Green Day's last projects were mediocre, their playlist isn't much better. I do like The Arctic Monkeys and Get Lucky (even though it was overplayed as hell). I also like Jay Z, but not "Holy Grail" Jay Z. He fell off years ago.
    Tom Ak40
    Oh ****ing please! Just say the real reason BBC, don't make up some bullshit. The real reason you don't want to play them is because they don't appeal to your listeners, who are the lowest common denominators when it comes to music. I realise that, yes you have to play to play music nowadays because you don't make hits any more, you just play them and from a financial point of view, its not a 100% viable option (maybe for green day anyway, who are probably dwindling in popularity.) But this is just pathetic, especially since these are still big bands. Why don't radio 1 post the requirements to get air play on their station on their website. I would really like to see what muse and green day failed to meet but songs by the likes of Miley Cyrus or Rihanna or Nicki Minaj (etc) exceed time and again.
    I do agree that Muse and Green Day have been on the downslide, but I also agree that playlisting a radio station is a crime against music and radio.
    And yet they play ****ing Daft Punk. Okay....
    1. Green Day and Muse might be great bands, but in all honesty, both of their recent projects were mediocre. 2. While Get Lucky might have gotten overplayed, Daft Punk are actually really good, and RAM was a breath of fresh air when it comes to mainstream music. Contrary belief on this site, music doesn't have to be rock/metal or have distorted guitar to be good.
    I didn't say it had to be. I like some electronic music and music which is predominately meditative music. The comment was more directed to the fact that they're playing shit like Get Lucky when they say that Green Day and Muse aren't good enough to be played on there. I mean, yes I'll admit their latest stuff wasn't that great and hell I honestly CAN NOT say I'm a fan of Muse. But I'll admit their recent albums did have at least SOME decent stuff.
    It'd be one thing if they actually played real Daft Punk. Get Lucky isn't anything like what Daft Punk sounds like. Their other music is way more original and unique. Get Lucky is just a disco song with about a minute of Daft Punk on it lol.
    i dont understand,"The last Green Day project simply wasn’t good enough" is he talking about uno dos and tre, or 21st century break down, if he is meaning it about 21st century breakdown then yeah i understand the statement, but if is about uno dos and tre, then im mind boggled! "Cause personally i really enjoyed the trilogy
    See, I thought that uno dos tre was the single worst thing I have ever heard green day make by a VERY long way. I wouldn't want it on my radio if I actually used the radio.
    Muse isn't good enough yet they play Jay Z and that Get lucky song? funny. If they played Daft Punk's other stuff that would be awesome but that song is awful and disappointing coming from DP.
    Can't stand Green Day ever since I graduated the 8th grade. Wasn't into Muse's last two albums, because I mainly thought that they were writing too much for the radio and commercials. Interesting to hear that coming from a guy who works at the radio...
    mainstream radio sucks, greenday is boring, and muse is just average.
    Green Day's new albums were some of their best works imo. They were all filled with solid songs. They didn't seem to try and write a bunch of "hit singles". but instead they just wanted to make a modern pop-punk trilogy that everyone could rock to. I thought they did a great job.
    Because people that go by radio 1 music are absolute tools!!! (I listen to Radio 1 whilst driving sometimes but that's because there's no Metal 1 )
    While I agree that Muse have gone downhill the last few years and Green Day are an ancient lost cause..Radio 1 is the worst station I have ever heard. Apart from Radio 1Xtra, Capital, Pure, Kiss, Silk, Magic, Heart, Gold and Kerrang. Apart from those it's definitely the worst.
    I disagree. Though i have a local station called realXS which plays metallica, maiden, zeppelin... just good stuff really Though i need to fight people at work for control of the radio lol
    Woo good to see a little bit of honesty and even accuracy in a truly moribund media industry. Shame BBC don't exactly play good music instead though..
    I will say "Get Lucky" is a fun song to cover live. It's a repetitious chord progression, and if your on bass its really fun. Mostly my band just pulls it out if we ever go through our setlist fast.
    Saying the last Muse album isn't up to par is certifiably insane. Go listen to it again; just because its music and its theme are more complex doesn't mean they've strayed... they're better! I wouldn't have the same respect I have now for Muse if it wasn't for the 2nd Law and its tour. Whatever function of mind it is that requires many of you to give a band a label based on their first few albums and then bash everything after because its different is laughably dismissible.
    i have been a muse fan for many years and they're the reason i started playing guitar many years ago and i'm still grateful for that. I also have lot's of respect for green day for keeping at least parts of the punk scene alive in the public conscience. i do agree that the last muse album wasn't of the same quality than the little epics that they released earlyer. People just need to realise that when bands grow to be as big as muse and green day are it keeps getting harder to top they're last albums and songs. as Matt Bellamy has promised several times now, the next album they make will be more old skool muse. also, i don't think muse and green day really care. It's been ages since i heard some iron maiden, led zeppelin, Van Halen and even Guns 'N Roses on any mainstream radio for that mather. Other bands like Alter bridge and Slash's solo project along with other great rockbands are ignored altogether. and they don't seem to mind. Muse and Green Day should take this news as a compliment. Their fanbases are big enough to keep the band alive and they will have earned enough money in all those years to buy the bbc radio 1 station. they can delete all rockbands form their playlist as far as i'm concerned and act like rock is dead. We all know it will keep on going but what do they know about music? If you consider miley cyrus and lady gaga are musical gems, i can't help you Sorry this comment is soo damn long but this sort of stuff really pisses me off
    Radio 1 say they don't want Muse yet im sure for the release of the last album they did a 30 min live lounge session plus BBC radio 2 asked them to put on an intimate gig. Doesn't add up. While Green Day sell out the Emirates and Muse play 4 stadium gigs in the UK (all with very good attendance) Btw this guys idea what the next Muse album should be like is completely different to what everyone here wants and I will say this, the 2nd law after a couple of listens is definitely one of my top 3 muse albums. the first time I heard most songs I wasn't a fan but the more I listen and after hearing some of the songs live the more I love it, especially Survival, Panic Station and animals