Beck's Brewery Made the First Playable Beer Bottle Ever

We're pretty sure you won't recycle this.

Ultimate Guitar

Rockers love beer. Let's just remember Metallica at their early years. But these two things - music and beer - might be even closer to each other. And there's no way you can imagine it.

Beck's Brewery presented the playable beer bottle, Ultimate Classic Rock reports. Watch the video below.

The company took a concept of Edison's playing cylinder, which was used for playing music with a phonograph before the vinyls were invented. Beck's engineers had to answer a number of tricky questions before they could get a decent sound out of the bottle - like what they'd use to cut the grooves and how they'd get around the way sound behaves when it's being transmitted through glass. They ended up with a terrific collector's item that brings beer and music together the way nature always intended.

Admittedly, the world's first playable beer bottle has few practical applications at the moment (especially since there's no way they'll play on traditional turntables), but it's still pretty cool.

Do you think we'll see anybody releasing their brand new single as the Beck's bottle of beer?

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    This seems like something Jack White would do.
    Yeah, that seems his style. "My next record will be released through the medium of imagination. There's no physical recording. You just have to close your eyes and think about the music."
    It's kind of funny that you'd reference that quote, because Beck actually released an album by only releasing the sheet music. So in a way, it's the same thing.
    Oh man, I thought they were talking about the artist Beck until about half way through the video. That makes perfect sense for him too, seeing as how he released a whole album on sheet music. Still a really cool idea.