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What are the best metal covers of all time? It's something many of you discussed after we posted lists of the best and worst covers of all time. We know where your heart lies, so it was worth adding a metal-specific list to round off the series. So here are the top 10 best metal cover tracks, according to the NME. This list is in no particular order, nor are they exclusively metal - but at the very least, they're born from a staple of guitars, bass and drums. The holy trinity, if you will. And with respect to the publication, UG commenters came up with much heavier suggestions than the NME have here. We'll be rounding up your recommendations for a UG exclusive post in the future, but for now, dissect and discuss the merits of this list in the comments. Shall we begin?

Killswitch Engage: "Holy Diver"

This is like a best of old and new metal, with the 'switch covering Dio, one of yesterday's greats. Great standard of metal on show, but what a ridiculous video!

Faith No More: "Easy"

The Commodores get a 90s revamp of their song, and Faith No More came closer to scoring a porn track than ever before. Alright, not quite, porn, but some kind of romantic comedy score with a dappy englishman and irresistible woman who is charmed when he trips in the rain.

Ignite: "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

U2 probably didn't expect their song about the Bloody Sunday massacre in Ireland to be covered by basketball-shirt wearing punks, but it did.

A Day To Remember: "Since U've Been Gone"

This pop punk act realised they could get a bunch of teeny bopper fans by covering Kelly Clarkson, but dare I say, the original is probably better. It's actually less cliched than this version. It's as if the decade of musical progress since the 90s didn't happen.

Trivium: "Master of Puppets"

Need I say that Metallica wrote the original? Trivium released this cover through a Kerrang cover CD, and it's pretty solid.

Alien Ant Farm: "Smooth Criminal"

This actually made it to the 'worst cover songs of all time' list last week, but many of you were furious about that. Even if it is the definition of selling out to please the label. Love it or hate it, this version of the Michael Jackson classic song is a well-known example of rock covering pop.

Gallows: "Staring At The Rude Bois"

Britain's greatest punk hopes give a gritty rendition of this song by The Ruts. Not sure why they felt the need to call in rapper Lethal Bizzle, but gotta love the aggressive vocal.

Xerath: "Speed Demon"

Another chugging Michael Jackson cover, and a pretty darn good one at that.

Dillinger Escape Plan: "Fight The Power"

This is awesome. One of Public Enemy's most politically charged songs gets a wildly kinetic update from hardcore legends Dillinger, and they even call in Chuck D ffrom the original. One of the best metal covers ever.

Biffy Clyro: "Buddy Holly"

Even pop haters love this Weezer song, and Biffy Clyro somehow found a way to make it feel utterly fresh with Pixies-inspired guitar dissonance and British post-hardcore style time signature changes and noise. Wonderful.
Some great metal covers in there, but some real duffs too. Of course, UG readers are the real pros at making the judgement on the best metal covers of all time, so post your recommendations in the comments and we'll round them up for a UG-exclusive in the future.
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