Bid on a Dinner With Eddie Vedder

Charity bid giving fans a chance to win and exclusive invitation for two to dinner with Bill Clinton, Ben Affleck and Eddie Vedder.

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A recent auction on Charity Buzz is giving fans a unique opportunity to attend an exclusive dinner hosted by former US President Bill Clinton and Academy Award winner Ben Affleck. The event will take place on June 7 at a private Beverly Hills home and "culminate in a special musical performance by the legendary Eddie Vedder."

The winning bidder is allowed to bring a guest and will also get the opportunity to meet both hosts, while all the proceeds from the bid will jointly benefit the Clinton Foundation and Eastern Congo Initiative.

"The evening will celebrate the life-changing global work of the Clinton Foundation and Eastern Congo Initiative," reads the official announcement. "Guests will enjoy cocktails, followed by a three-course meal prepared by one of New York's most beloved and respected Italian chefs, Scott Conant. The evening will also feature a conversation with President Clinton and Ben with the audience, and will culminate in a special musical performance by the legendary Eddie Vedder."

The bidding has already reached a hefty sum of $35,000, meaning that you must bid at least $37,500 to get the opportunity to attend the dinner. The bidding ends tomorrow (June 5) on 2 p.m. EDT.

As far as the latest Pearl Jam reports go, the band is reportedly planing to premiere their new single "Mind Your Manners" on July 16.

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    Cocktails with the only man to get laid in the oval office (that we know of, anyway), and a big name actor who I've only ever seen in Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back and Daredevil, ending in a private Pearl Jam gig. Better be some damn good cocktails. At that steep a bid, if I didn't black out that night, I'd be highly disappointed.
    The title makes it sound like you bid to eat dinner WITH Eddie, not with Clinton and Ben, and others while Eddie performs! Still sounds cool though
    Cool and all, but I've a feeling that Eddie wouldn't dig that scene, seeing that he's a recluse of sorts. But, its nice to see what he would do to help others. Love him man.