Bieber Fans Tricked Into Self-Harming

A cruel prank led to many Bieber fans cutting themselves as a way of pleading to the singer to stop smoking marijuana.

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Justin Bieber fans have been tricked into self-harming after the singer was allegedly caught smoked marijuana.

The twitter trend #cutforbieber was started as a cruel prank by the controversial forum 4chan. Sadly, many Bieber fans took it seriously and began to post images of themselves self-harming, as a way to plead to the singer to stop taking the drug.

"The origins are fake, but the Tweet trending - and the people supporting it - are disturbingly real," writes Complex.

TMZ had recently posted pictures of Bieber allegedly smoking marijuana, taken one day after a paparazzo photographer was killed by Bieber's white Ferrari. Reports say he wasn't driving it at the time.

Bieber responded to the marijuana images with a series of introspective (or meaningless) tweets:

everyday growing and learning. trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up.

Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) January 5, 2013

It is not the first time the 4chan forum has caused controversy, but it's also credited with starting many popular web memes. Lolcats, rickrolling and the "Chocolate Rain" song found fame after being promoted by the 4chan community.

If you've been affected by any of the issues discussed in this article, visit this link for advice or help.

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    And 4chan strikes again. But I can't believe Bieber fans actually did this. Why would you cut yourself for someone you've never even met before and probably doesn't give a rat's ass about you? The only thing he wants from you is your money.
    It's a phenomenon known as "The Cult of Celebrity." Some people actually believe the pop star, athlete, movie star, TV personality etc that they idolize really cares about them too. These people live through a celebrities triumphs and trials, it's pathetic and sad. They should save up the money they waste on People magazine and buy themselves a guitar
    some people are so stupid thay can't rationalize that celebritys don't give a flying **** about them accept when it damages there persona.
    i know i was on twitter and i saw the hash tag #BeliebersLoveJustinBecause i clicked on it for the lolz and half of them were saying because he cares, one attention ***** who said "i dont care about my self someone should shoot shoot me" i'm thinking yes let this happen then he tweets "i care" and you know he said it because that would be one less person buying his crap music... rant over. wait. i should clarify that i did use the hashtag but i said "#BeliebersLoveJustinBecause they're idiots who wouldn't know good music if it drop kicked them in their 10 year old faces" done
    Really, you're 15? That's odd, I could swear you sound like you're 8. Retard.
    What I find hilarious is when people say stuff like "Person X is my idol". Your idol? How exactly? I can understand how somebody who made a great scientific study, did tons of work for charity, revolutionised art or some other feat could be an idol to a person.... but let's face it, this person is your "idol" because you think they're hot.
    Someone thinks Justin Bieber is hot????
    I know that people on here are mocking this because it's about Bieber fans, but how can you be cynical enough to say stuff like "it's natural selection" and "give 4chan the Nobel prize for comedy"? Can't you see that these fans are just kids, victims of the celebrity cult that Bieber's record company has built up around him, and are actually going to the extent of harming and possibly killing themselves? They're extremely stupid and naive, true, but how does it justify to trick them into self-mutilation? Reading this thread made my lose a lot of faith in the UG community.
    tbh, if they're so dumb to actually start cutting themself and whatnot just because he smokes grass... it's their own fault. Would you start cutting yourself if Adam Lambert suddenly wasn't gay anymore? Nigguh please.
    L.T Kickass
    It's called Natural Selection...
    King Zeppelin I
    Because they're children and children aren't as intelligent as adults. Shocking news, I know.
    L.T Kickass
    You don't have to be intelligent to know that cutting yourself is bad for your health...
    Everyone's done stupid shit when they were younger.
    Not this stupid
    You don't really know what they did though. Some people were trolling with fake images of fully slit wrists. These kids could just have got a butterknife and given themselves a little scratch. Stupid, but given that they're about 12 not colossally stupid. Or is that too logical for this comment thread?
    Mind Kill
    Oh, **** off. I hate it when people tell their kids something is okay because they're kids. Teach them it's wrong early instead. If it's okay just because you're young they'll just take advantage and be all YOLO LOLZZZZZ. Fuck.
    In which case, it isn't the kid's fault. I'm not saying Beliebers are particularly smart kids, but they're still kids and I was ****ing retarded when I was 12 and now I'm studying to be an engineer. Scary stuff.
    Im sure he does in fact care about as fans, like most musicians out there. Kind of a stupid thing to say
    *insert a generic christian crusade joke here*, that's why but seriously, it seems Internet is unstoppable right now.
    Because people who like musoc like that are obviusly massive idiots who listen to what they are told, ind in this case- do what they are told too
    Somebody give 4chan a Nobel Prize for comedy, please.
    Somebody give this guy a million!! I laughed my ass of at work for this comment!
    Like seriously, one good thing about justing bieber are how stupid the fans of this are. Is just priceless the stuff they do xD
    But that would mean they took comedy seriously. FUNNYBOT IS CONFUSED! ERROR! ERROR!
    don't think nearly enough people understood why your post was funny. But well done man, well done
    brilliant! it is sad that such a brilliant joke went unnoticed! SouthPark people, watch it
    Just to clarify for people; we didn't downvote this comment because we didn't get the reference, we downvoted it because it reminded us South Park is shit now. On a lighter note, another great prank from 4chan.
    I'm trying to get my thoughts together to write a decent comment about this, but the level of mental retardation of the situation is just way too high. Btw, LOL at people fearing marijuana like it's crack or something.
    There's not way Bieber is smoking pot anyway. If he did he would know how much he sucks.
    4chan won again. This is natural selection at work, people stupid enough to cut them selves for someone who they've never met, never spoken to and will never meet. Christ people are dumb. "taken one day after a paparazzo photographer was killed by Bieber's white Ferrari. Reports say he wasn't driving it at the time. " So I suppose the car was driving itself then?
    You know what they say: Guns don't kill people... Cars kill people.
    You call people dumb yet you don't see the path of logic that leads to the possibility of someone else driving his car? That's some double standards you have there.
    That's very presumptive of you, strangely yes I had considered that someone else was driving his car. I'm pointing out how vague the article is on this point.
    It is vague -- he wasn't even hit by Bieber's Ferrari. Bieber's Ferrari was pulled over by the CHP when some disphit tabloid photographer following it stopped his car and was running across the 405 on foot snapping pictures and suprisingly he got nailed by another car.