Bieber Fans Tricked Into Self-Harming

A cruel prank led to many Bieber fans cutting themselves as a way of pleading to the singer to stop smoking marijuana.

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Justin Bieber fans have been tricked into self-harming after the singer was allegedly caught smoked marijuana.

The twitter trend #cutforbieber was started as a cruel prank by the controversial forum 4chan. Sadly, many Bieber fans took it seriously and began to post images of themselves self-harming, as a way to plead to the singer to stop taking the drug.

"The origins are fake, but the Tweet trending - and the people supporting it - are disturbingly real," writes Complex.

TMZ had recently posted pictures of Bieber allegedly smoking marijuana, taken one day after a paparazzo photographer was killed by Bieber's white Ferrari. Reports say he wasn't driving it at the time.

Bieber responded to the marijuana images with a series of introspective (or meaningless) tweets:

everyday growing and learning. trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up.

Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) January 5, 2013

It is not the first time the 4chan forum has caused controversy, but it's also credited with starting many popular web memes. Lolcats, rickrolling and the "Chocolate Rain" song found fame after being promoted by the 4chan community.

If you've been affected by any of the issues discussed in this article, visit this link for advice or help.

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    And 4chan strikes again. But I can't believe Bieber fans actually did this. Why would you cut yourself for someone you've never even met before and probably doesn't give a rat's ass about you? The only thing he wants from you is your money.
    It's a phenomenon known as "The Cult of Celebrity." Some people actually believe the pop star, athlete, movie star, TV personality etc that they idolize really cares about them too. These people live through a celebrities triumphs and trials, it's pathetic and sad. They should save up the money they waste on People magazine and buy themselves a guitar
    some people are so stupid thay can't rationalize that celebritys don't give a flying **** about them accept when it damages there persona.
    i know i was on twitter and i saw the hash tag #BeliebersLoveJustinBecause i clicked on it for the lolz and half of them were saying because he cares, one attention ***** who said "i dont care about my self someone should shoot shoot me" i'm thinking yes let this happen then he tweets "i care" and you know he said it because that would be one less person buying his crap music... rant over. wait. i should clarify that i did use the hashtag but i said "#BeliebersLoveJustinBecause they're idiots who wouldn't know good music if it drop kicked them in their 10 year old faces" done
    Really, you're 15? That's odd, I could swear you sound like you're 8. Retard.
    What I find hilarious is when people say stuff like "Person X is my idol". Your idol? How exactly? I can understand how somebody who made a great scientific study, did tons of work for charity, revolutionised art or some other feat could be an idol to a person.... but let's face it, this person is your "idol" because you think they're hot.
    Someone thinks Justin Bieber is hot????
    I know that people on here are mocking this because it's about Bieber fans, but how can you be cynical enough to say stuff like "it's natural selection" and "give 4chan the Nobel prize for comedy"? Can't you see that these fans are just kids, victims of the celebrity cult that Bieber's record company has built up around him, and are actually going to the extent of harming and possibly killing themselves? They're extremely stupid and naive, true, but how does it justify to trick them into self-mutilation? Reading this thread made my lose a lot of faith in the UG community.
    tbh, if they're so dumb to actually start cutting themself and whatnot just because he smokes grass... it's their own fault. Would you start cutting yourself if Adam Lambert suddenly wasn't gay anymore? Nigguh please.
    L.T Kickass
    It's called Natural Selection...
    King Zeppelin I
    Because they're children and children aren't as intelligent as adults. Shocking news, I know.
    L.T Kickass
    You don't have to be intelligent to know that cutting yourself is bad for your health...
    Everyone's done stupid shit when they were younger.
    Not this stupid
    You don't really know what they did though. Some people were trolling with fake images of fully slit wrists. These kids could just have got a butterknife and given themselves a little scratch. Stupid, but given that they're about 12 not colossally stupid. Or is that too logical for this comment thread?
    Mind Kill
    Oh, **** off. I hate it when people tell their kids something is okay because they're kids. Teach them it's wrong early instead. If it's okay just because you're young they'll just take advantage and be all YOLO LOLZZZZZ. Fuck.
    In which case, it isn't the kid's fault. I'm not saying Beliebers are particularly smart kids, but they're still kids and I was ****ing retarded when I was 12 and now I'm studying to be an engineer. Scary stuff.
    Im sure he does in fact care about as fans, like most musicians out there. Kind of a stupid thing to say
    *insert a generic christian crusade joke here*, that's why but seriously, it seems Internet is unstoppable right now.
    Because people who like musoc like that are obviusly massive idiots who listen to what they are told, ind in this case- do what they are told too
    Somebody give 4chan a Nobel Prize for comedy, please.
    Somebody give this guy a million!! I laughed my ass of at work for this comment!
    But that would mean they took comedy seriously. FUNNYBOT IS CONFUSED! ERROR! ERROR!
    don't think nearly enough people understood why your post was funny. But well done man, well done
    brilliant! it is sad that such a brilliant joke went unnoticed! SouthPark people, watch it
    Just to clarify for people; we didn't downvote this comment because we didn't get the reference, we downvoted it because it reminded us South Park is shit now. On a lighter note, another great prank from 4chan.
    Like seriously, one good thing about justing bieber are how stupid the fans of this are. Is just priceless the stuff they do xD
    I'm trying to get my thoughts together to write a decent comment about this, but the level of mental retardation of the situation is just way too high. Btw, LOL at people fearing marijuana like it's crack or something.
    There's not way Bieber is smoking pot anyway. If he did he would know how much he sucks.
    4chan won again. This is natural selection at work, people stupid enough to cut them selves for someone who they've never met, never spoken to and will never meet. Christ people are dumb. "taken one day after a paparazzo photographer was killed by Bieber's white Ferrari. Reports say he wasn't driving it at the time. " So I suppose the car was driving itself then?
    You know what they say: Guns don't kill people... Cars kill people.
    You call people dumb yet you don't see the path of logic that leads to the possibility of someone else driving his car? That's some double standards you have there.
    That's very presumptive of you, strangely yes I had considered that someone else was driving his car. I'm pointing out how vague the article is on this point.
    It is vague -- he wasn't even hit by Bieber's Ferrari. Bieber's Ferrari was pulled over by the CHP when some disphit tabloid photographer following it stopped his car and was running across the 405 on foot snapping pictures and suprisingly he got nailed by another car.
    I don't know what I find more idiotic, that people actually cut themselves for Bieber or the fact that the people bashing the promotion of #CutForBieber are in fact promoting it themselves by "hashtagging" it on twitter.
    I love 4chan for doing this...but I hate the people that actually cut themselves...seriously, wtf, is it worthy to spill some blood that no one will ever see or care about? you should donate instead...some people might need your retarded blood.
    'a paparazzo photographer was killed by Bieber's white Ferrari.' Bieber - 'u get knocked down, u get up'. Anyone else pick up on that?
    Kain Highwind
    Its ****ed up that people think its funny to trick 12 year olds into cutting themselves They're kids ffs
    Yeah, that is true. Still, doesn't stop them having a bit of sense. When I was 12 if someone had walked up to me and said "your favourite musician/actor/job x has smoked weed so cut yourself" I wouldn't have. Common sense improves with age, but seriously, these people seem to have none! There's impressionable, and there's obsessive non-sensible stupidity.
    Guys, leave #cutforbieber alone, its just natural selection doing its work. hear that?..its the sound of the gene pool smartening.
    And this is the effect of cheaply produced music that makes people think the artist cares about them.
    Watch all the idiots who will try and blame pot for the other idiots that cut themselves. My God, this planet is full of idiots!
    actually it wasn't even bieber's ferrari who killed the man - it was another car that hit him while crossing the road.
    By the way it's not 4chan it is just /b/ and probably /v/ that are doing this, the rest of 4chan had no part in it.
    /b/ is pretty much been the face of the website for years, for better or worse. Should be expected that's all people will care about.
    but it's also credited with starting many popular web memes. Lolcats, rickrolling and the "Chocolate Rain" song found fame after being promoted by the 4chan community.
    It's like I'm back in 2007!
    I'm all for a bit of fun Bieber bashing but this is too far and not funny in the slightest, anyone who thinks this is humorous or some form of natural selection is just as retarded as they claim his fans to be. Natural selection doesn't apply to modern humans and you idiots still being around is proof. Seriously grow up. People who hate, judge and wish harm upon people they don't know just because they like pop music are far, far more pathetic than people who like pop music.
    If your going to cut yourself over this (even if it were true), you most likely deserve it. Being a Bieber fan alone is bad enough, and then doing it so that "he stops doing drugs"? I don't know what's worse and more retarded and stupid (the are no other words for it). If it's the fact fans think they are making a diference, or the fact that they think of Marijuana as a killing-machine. We drink and shred our livers but it's all fine. We eat so much crap that's making everyone fat, diabetic and ill (heart problem for example), yet it's all fine. We smoke tabaco which is more addictive and harmful then marijuana, yet it's all fine. When someone smokes marijuana, he's seen as a drug addict/dealer who cares only about drugs, is too "mentally blind" to do anything, and is destroying his life and body. Am I missing something in the middle of this mess? At least it's fine to hate/judge/harm people who do drugs right?
    When did I say it was fine to hate/judge/harm people who do drugs? I think that would be equally as pathetic. I'm not a drug taker myself, I've tried them and found them to be highly overrated, doesn't mean I wish harm to people because of something that is their choice. I also don't smoke or drink alcohol I obviously eat because it is generally needed to survive. These people care about something or someone and yeah while they are mis-informed on the subject and had a bad way of showing how they care care, that does not mean they deserve pain and suffering. So a drug addict (and no I don't deem anyone who takes a drug to be an addict) doesn't deserve the pain and suffering they caused to themselves? You seem very sympathetic to one type of self harmer and yet seem to think the others deserve it, pretty odd train of logic if you ask me. Self harmers either deserve it or they don't not both. Also don't even bother trying to tell me weed is harmless my sister is a paranoid wreck and lost two kids to social services over the stuff. It's fine in moderation like pretty much anything, but a very regular intake will leave you a jibbering wreck who thinks the world is trying to kill them. I don't hate her for it nor do I hate the drug, she has my sympathy simply because she is my sister and nothing more I am fully aware she did it to herself. It isn't as harmless as people like to believe. Just because you smoked it and it was harmless does not mean it is harmless to everyone.
    That sucks about your sister, but because a person has a problem with something doesnt mean it should be kept from the rest of us. Every few years some band get sued because someone hurt themselves or someone else over the lyrics. "The music made them" is the defense. Should those bands be banned because of it? Of course not. If you cant stop eating ice cream and give yourself diabetes, fall into a diabetic coma while driving and kill someone should we ban ice cream? No. A drunk driver hit a car I was in and killed my friend and I have perm injuries from it, some of which affect my guitar playing. Ive never even entertained the idea of returning to prohibition, alcohol wasnt the problem, the person that abused it and drove was. Do some people suffer negative side effects from smoking pot? Of course. People suffer WAY more negative effects from alcohol, and often it spills into family matters and even the general public but we hold the person, not the substance responsible. About the original story...If your going to self-harm to stop a celebrity from doing something that doesnt match your moral compass your probably unstable and its just a matter of time before you do something else inane. What happens when someone thats this mallable meets up with a dangerous cult? I bet a bunch of these kids are now getting some kind of counseling because they've demonstrated that they've needed it, while giving those of us with a depraved sense of humor something very amusing. Win win.
    I think you misunderstood him. He never said he was against any drug user or it should be kept from anyone. Also, I agree it's stupid to harm yourself for that reason, but purposly making others to harm themselves and findig it funny or cool is way worse, be it a naive little teenage girl, or anyone else.
    Never said it should be kept from others. I explicitly expressed that it was my sisters own fault and that I have no problems with people who take drugs. Though one of the reasons a lot of drugs aren't legal is a lot of people wont accept the risks involved. They happily broadcast any findings that suggest positive affects of certain drugs but they tend to ignore any negative findings and dismiss it as some sort of government conspiracy, and anyone who thinks it's a big government conspiracy most certainly shouldn't be doing drugs. The sort of people who protest for things like weed to be legalised are the ones who are stopping many places from legalising it. Look at any rally for legalising weed you will see hundreds of young kids among them and usually the rest of the rally is made up of mostly teenagers and students. If you could get a rally of a lot people in their 30's and over with jobs all smartly dressed campaigning in a well informed way, who are willing to broadcast the risk as well as the benefit you would have weed legalised in that area within weeks. But no it's kids, teenagers and students who mainly protest it and often in daft inane ways that disrupt cities and costs the government money in having to have a police force there to make sure it doesn't get out of hand. Also the alcohol thing is mis understood. A lot of governments would happily make Alcohol illegal if they could, but imagine the backlash. They've already tried to ban it once in America and it in the end lead to higher crime and most people were still getting hold of it very easily. It started a huge wave of organised crime that still continues today. The problem is we currently have no way of keeping this stuff out of the hands of minors, making another drug even easier to get isn't going to help. Sure it isn't that hard to find a dealer but a lot are deterred by having to go through one because they can be pretty shady characters. Despite this I'm not against the legalisation of weed, I just don't think it's a good idea with our current inability to control the drugs that are already legal. For every person who uses it properly there will be many more who abuse it and don't understand it. Honestly I don't even know why we are on the topic of drugs, my main intention was to call out the idiots who think this trick was funny. Then some guy (not you) went on a drug rant at me and implied I hated people who take drugs and that I thought it was ok to wish them harm, though I had never expressed anything about the drugs part of this mess. Anyway back on topic. I'm not saying what these fans did was right I'm just saying it is even more pathetic to judge/hate/wish harm on them just for liking Justin Bieber and caring about him enough to do such a stupid thing. Yet I bet many of them are willing to throw them selves into a mosh pit with the chance of harming themselves for some songs they love. No one seems to have brought attention to the fact that a group of disgusting people came up with this idea with the very intention of getting people to harm themselves and possibly even accidentally kill themselves. In fact people who claim to own some intelligence are applauding them and calling it natural selection.
    So Kinth, you admit that Alcohol prohibition didnt work but you for some reason believe that drug prohibition does? Around 10 years ago Portugal decided to legalize all drugs. Within a few years deaths from overdoses had gone down, deaths from HIV due to dirty needles went down, the number of people who sought rehab increased (since they no longer had to fear going to jail for their addiction) and overall drug use decreased in all cases. Many countries have since then decided to legalize some drugs, and all report the same results. Less crime, fewer deaths, less drug use.
    'Portugal decided to legalize all drugs' haha I wish But nope, weed is still illegal in here. lol did you really think so, or did you just randomly named a country, huh?
    Sounds like your sister is on more than mary jane friend.
    You're the definition of an asshat. That statement was uncalled for. Maybe mine was too, but seriously.
    I agree. I'm actually surprised that lot of people here find it funny what 4chan did, I think it's more like disgusting.
    What 4chan did is actually, IMO, quite funny - I can see it as being a prank. What is disgusting is the way people actually believed it and are so obsessed with JB that they thought doing that would help. Any sensible person would have seen it, laughed, and ignored it and got on with their day as if it never happened.
    Are you serious? What makes them the bad people for falling for the twisted ruse of some sociopaths? Go read Darwin's "the Decent of Man," and then some literature on altruism, and then some on anti-social personality disorder. Because at the moment you are behaving like a slack-jawed primate who hasn't evolved to the level of social species.
    Descent*. Decency is something I believe you assume I am lacking? Sociopaths? People have free will. If someone walked up to you and told you to walk in front of a car to pick up a penny for them, would you? It's virtually the same. I would appreciate it if refrain from referring to me as a "slack-jawed primate". Firstly, I have respect for primates so do not believe you should be insulting them. They probably have more sense than many of these obsessives. The majority of primates and other apes/monkeys/etc are all social species. Please find some examples of ones which are not - otherwise your point is highly invalid. Secondly, I am simply not. I know quite enough on altruism, compassion and other such aspects of "humanity". I clearly stated that to fall for this such people are blatantly non-nonsensical. Any sane or rational person would see that this is a prank, regardless of how sick one may consider it. On the other hand, I believe that society has far over-stepped itself. Do you believe that we live in a good, thriving society when there are so many homeless people in developed countries, when people are paid millions for doing virtually nothing (footballers, bankers etc) and there are people who so idolise and obsess over a remote celebrity that they are willing to harm themselves to prevent that celebrity from smoking a drug which is less harmful (based on number of deaths caused and other crimes caused) than alcohol? Quite frankly, that is hardly a society I would like to live in, so pardon me if I am rather more than a little sceptical and cynical about the ignorance and idiocy of people nowadays.
    First, I said we are geared toward good behavior, not that we exhibit it. Secondly, oh, I'm sorry I ****ed up my spelling. . . get a life. Third, I didn't cite any modern apes, I was referring to you as an Australopithecus or something of the sort. Fourth we don't formulate solid reasoning skills till after high school age. Fifth sociopaths are very clever when it comes to manipulation. I think that about covers it.
    You never mentioned once that we are geared toward good behaviour. Furthermore, if we are geared toward it as a species, then logically we should exhibit it frequently?! Secondly, I have a life. Nonetheless your spelling completely changed the meaning into something ironically humorous considering the utopian point you were attempting to make. Thirdly, the ability to Wiki an ancient hominid is hardly intelligent. Technically, it is australopithecus africanus, I believe. Sadly for you, this species is no longer in existence, as of many thousands of years ago. Your better bet would have been either a Neanderthal (I do have strong genes thereof it would appear) or Cro-Magnon man (the most recent hominid, roughly concurrent with the beginnings our of "modern" homo-sapiens. That is beside the point - they were all fairly intelligent, socialable creatures. My point included that you had cited nothing, and thus had an incomplete insult of little value. It has not improved. Fourthly, we can formulate reasoning skills (some very solid) before the end of "high-school". We formulate our ideas and beliefs constantly. Please do not tell me that suddenly at the age of 17 or 18 (or any number you may care to choose) we suddenly gain solid reasoning skills overnight. If you cannot differentiate between right and wrong, and between a prank and an order at the age of 12 or so, there is something wrong. Fifthly yes, they can be. Which goes to prove that 4chan are hardly sociopaths. There is nothing vaguely subtle or ingenious in their "manipulation". Indeed, I can hardly bring myself to call it "manipulation", because it simply is not. If I asked you to walk in front of a truck because it would save the world from aliens and drugs, would you consider that manipulation too? Or simply laugh it off? Finally, for someone who attempted to create a coherent and supposedly intelligent argument, you seem to have lost your way very quickly; at the first sign of challenge to your dubious idealistic beliefs. Please, develop your own reasoning skills. This is not me being rude, this is simply for the benefit of anyone who listens to you or reads what you write.
    Blah blah blah! people cutting themselves! Blah blah blah! ignorance! Yay! I like alcohol! It makes me forget that people are awful. . . like you.
    You clearly don't believe what you wrote then if you can't even argue your case... People like you are far more dangerous to society because they believe they are doing good when in fact they are breaking society apart. I really am unconcerned as to whether you like me or not. Thankfully I will probably never have to listen to your bile in person
    Shaving your head for Bieber is one thing. Inflicting pain upon yourself is another.
    Making others shave their heads is one thing. Making others harm themselves with the possible side effect of death is another. Let's look at their intentions: The teenage girls, who cut themselves are still young and naive, and they are also quite fanatic about someone. Everyone was young once and did stupid things. Now, if they are by any chance also depressed to some extent, and they see that their idol is smoking weed, which they don't know much about because of their young age, they will think that he is doing something horrible. And when they see that everyone is cutting themselves to stop their idol, that might be that final straw for them to start cutting themselves. Yes, what they did is incredibly stupid, but deep inside their intentions were good. On the other hand, let's look at the 4chan user. He is supposed to be a mature young man. They don't have anything better to do, so one day they come up with an idea to make JB fans harm themselves. Why? Maybe because they dislike his music, I'm not quite sure about that. I wonder if they even thought about the possible consequences of their actions. And these are the people, who claim themselves to be more intelligent and calling this whole thing "natural selection". What they did is not just incredibly stupid, it's very immature and disgusting. They had no good intentions with it, they just wanted to cause pain for others. I'm really sorry, but I still can't see how could someone think this is funny. Playing with other people's life is very far from being a good joke.
    I agree with you concerning the immaturity of 4chan users (even though i love meme sites like it), however I can't see the reason why anyone would do this. Self mutilation is not a good and healthy way to fight depression your favourite singer smoking pot is a terrbly stupid reason to do it, even if you are 10 years old. I feel bad for any of the kids that might have been hurt seriously because of this prank and I blame the 4chan users who started it but the idea that someone could take something as stupid as "cut for bieber" seriously makes me feel much worse about what our world is comng to...
    Unfortunately some people are pathetic, something tells me that a lot of people here visit /b/ and find it utterly hilarious.
    Thank you. i was avoiding the whole natural selection doesn't apply to humans thing anymore and how this is just monstrous. . . but people here have this tendency to view themselves as bermensches (for something a superficial as musical taste). Hey, how about everybody read "the Decent of Man," and then come back and feel stupid and ashamed at being a failure as a social species. We as a social species are geared toward perpetuating the species through diversity, which includes empathy and assisting others. Which on some level explains this behavior, solidarity and whatnot. To say anybody deserves this is to be inhuman. This is just sad. All of it, the news, the fact that this happened, and the majority of comments on this post. Solidarity Kinths!
    Surely it is not "inhuman", as this is behaviour displayed by many humans. What you mean, is that such behaviour is contrary to an ideal of humanity. That ideal is, quite frankly, purely that - hypothetical! What one person believed we should be like. Realistically, we will never be like that. Unless humans lose their greed, stop being self-serving and decide that we should preserve things for the future and do anything only because it is good, or is not harmful to anyone, then that ideal will never come about. Society is a community designed to be strong and united, surely? In a small scale at least. So why include lower thoughts into the society? You speak of humanity's descent, yet you fail to notice the over-bearing pop-culture which brought about this entire issue in the first place. Why do you not mention these people harming themselves? Any comments on how their behaviour is in relation to an ideal human? Whilst having empathy and compassion is admirable and worthy, surely we should not simply accept everything, but instead take a stand against such foolishness?!
    I don't think self harm comes under "assisting others" in any situation. I'm sure the hundreds of young people could simply have said "plees dont smoke justin :'(" and it would have had pretty much the same effect.
    When exactly did I state the self harm was "assisting others"? I do not see that it ever assists anyone but the person self-harming, if indeed it helps them at all. I agree though - a wall of tweets/posts asking him to stop would be as effective. Probably more so, as this fanatical behaviour is frankly disturbing and off-putting. I would hate (if I were a celebrity) to have fans who thought the actions of the sort would compel me to do anything.
    While I agree with you Kinths to a certain degree, this IS totally natural selection. Hell, it might even be a better example than the whole Origin of Species! This is, simply put, genius.
    Nero Galon
    Damn this is too funny but also too sad that people would even do this... Good work 4Chan!
    This is why I lose a little faith in humanity every so often. A joke is a joke but "tricking someone into self-harming" just isn't funny to me. My opinion, I know, but I find it sort of disturbing that people would wish harm upon other folk because they like a celebrity and claim it as "natural selection". To each their own I guess but this article and a few ofthe comments make me despair.
    No one is/was forcing them to actually do it. It's not wishing harm on anyone (I hope). I agree it's not actual natural selection, but that also makes a lot of sense as a joke. I lose faith in the people who thought this was actually a good idea. They didn't lose free will.
    I'm pretty sure if you knowingly choose to listen to Bieber's music, you're committing self-harm...
    What a bunch of IDIOTS!! If you dont stop consuming a harmless plant I am going to hurt myself. This is just sad, meanwhile getting drunk is OK even though it kills thousands every year. Grow some balls Beiber and stand up for yourself! You have done nothing wrong. 420 stand's for for peace, love and freedom.
    This is coming from a fellow stoner, please don't present arguments like that unless asked for them. Kinda gives us a bad name.
    First of all I am not a 'stoner'. Secondly It's not an argument its a fact. Alcohol kills weed does not. Your argument of (dont speak unless asked to)Is also sad. Is that what your parents taught you? I believe thats what they used to tell colored people and women back in the day. Bob Dylan wrote a song called 'times are changing' maybe you should listen to it. It might help you to grow up a little and learn to speak for yourself instead of waiting to be asked to speak. other great people who have spoken up when they see something they feel is wrong: MLK, Rosa Parks, and maybe someday you.
    Its may be less harmful than alcohol and im in full favour of legalisation (im a stoner) but it is definatly NOT harmless
    I am not trying to be a dick but can you back up your claim that weed is harmful with any facts? I can find lots of info on the positive effects of marijuana but no conclusive evidence that it is harmful. Lots of people just talk out their ass so I was just curious what harm this 'drug' does? I have never heard of any harmful effects of weed and would be curious to see what people believe they are. I appreciate a constructive argument, especially from someone familiar with the subject(in this case weed) and would like to hear your comments.
    Its a fact that the smoke causes cancer , whereas it is used for medical reasons, it is only a painkiller, but actually does no good, another arguement against what i just said that most tokers would only have 1 or 2 joints a day so its not nearly as harmful as 20 cigs, but yes i agree with u that it has more positives but it is a fact that it can cause cancer (unlikely) but just saying, its not completly harmless
    How about paranoia, driving stoned is dangerous, disassociation. . . need I present more? I can, I have a degree (Oh god, here come the trolls). Yes it is less dangerous, and yes I am for legalization, but seriously, don't be spewing JB fan hate just because of their opinions. I don't like Beiber's music, but that doesn't make me hate him (I hate him because he supports Pailin).
    Paranoia is usually short term, as i said, its not completly harmless but it is blown way out of proportion,as for disassociation, your arguement is invalid, i know many stoners and they are very social, driving stoned is dangerous yes, but it is equal to driving on the phone or drink driving
    Paranoia can persist, and All I was doing was giving you answers to your question, "can you back up your claim that weed is harmful with any facts?" Also, disassociation.
    The biggest threat weed has to people is the smoke, smoke in general strains the lungs and causes cancer, Paranoia only really occurs if your smoking 10 years or so, but it is reversable.The ideal way to consume weed (medically speaking) is to eat it in cookies or what ever your into . I am not trying to have a go at anyone or anything, just saying, those argument you gave there are just ''facts'' that are blown way way out of proportion
    I expected an article about people being tricked into listening to Bieber's music.
    I don't understand why his fans are so upset about him smoking weed? It's f-ing weed, people! It's no worse than alcohol!
    If Bieber fans want to cut themselves then they had better do it and decrease the surplus population
    Dear Ultimate-Guitar... how is this topic related to ultimate guitars?
    The worst part about this article and this thread as a whole is that people actually think it's funny that people tricked kids into cutting themselves all because they love a celebrity. Don't get me wrong, I can't stand the little shit Beiber, but that doesn't make any of this right.
    People need to start having a sense of personal responsibility. Your attitude is going right along with "someone else's fault" defense that seems to have become more the norm these days in the U.S. Don't blame people for exposing idiocy.... blame the idiots themselves.
    You guys talk about "natural selection" as if you have no grasp of how serious this is. I like to think we on UG are more mature than Beiber's fanbase, so we are capable of realizing how ridiculous it is to harm oneself for a celebrity... but to certain people (presumably young girls), this is very real. Regardless of how "stupid" a young girl is for cutting herself, it's downright despicable to manipulate anybody into self-harming. Chances are any girls who actually DID cut themselves for Beiber were already depressed or something similar to begin with. 4chan took advantage of people who simply didn't know any better. Young girls idolize this guy because of the way he's marketed to them. Give them a twitter account, and they feel they can communicate with him. It's not as if young people weren't crazy about celebrities when we were younger - now they have an avenue to "communicate" with them though, which is dangerous.
    "4chan took advantage of people who simply didn't know any better." I think we both know that is not true. If you are capable enough to read a tweet and pick up a knife, you are smart enough to 'know better'. Prank is a prank, it's funny and very telling. We can see how crazy people can be over one star, but we also see how ridiculous some views still are on marijuana. I mean why would they care if he smoked anyway? What's he going to do, O.D.? Anyway, the fact is we would be unsympathetic to any 'fan' who would do this for any act, it is ridiculous on many accounts, it really doesn't matter if it's Justin Bieber or Mastadon or some shit. I would hardly call this a manipulation. More like a wake up call.
    My point is that you and I can discuss this rationally... the young girls (again, I am assuming) who fell for the prank are clearly, to some degree, irrational. Being able to read a tweet doesn't necessarily mean you are able to understand the consequences and futility of cutting. They may have even been thinking about cutting prior to this, and 4chan's prank gave them additional incentive. I agree that people can be "crazy over one star", and that's just my point: 4chan took advantage of people's craze for Beiber. The craze itself may be irrational and completely over-the-top, but that doesn't mean it is exploitable. Basically, yes, it's ridiculous that SOME people are "crazy" enough to fall for this. It's equally ridiculous that anyone would not have the foresight to acknowledge that irrationality before playing a harmful joke.
    With that kind of thinking, Im curious what your thoughts were on those two radio hosts who pranked Kate Middleton last month? Did you feel they were irresponsible and should have had the foresight to know a nurse was going to commit suicide because of a simple joke? Just wondering
    dont do drugs justin please they cause alot of harm to your body, but ohh wait weed doesnt because its medically induced on the world i dont smoke it but people need to learn and not be dumbly in love with a celebirty whose voice is autotuned like every other pop artist
    come on, weed is obviously harmful. anyone who says otherwise is a ****ing idiot.
    Weed does more good than bad. It's not addictive like cigarettes, there are far less toxins in it than cigs, etc. I don't know why people are so focused on banning weed rather than crack and meth and far more harmful stuff like that. Also, weed helps cancer patients
    King Zeppelin I
    Pretty sure anyone who is against weed is equally, if not more, against crack and meth. The latter drugs are just less prevalent and arguably easier to police. So it is less harmful than another drug. That's your justification for allowing it? Hitler killed fewer people than Stalin, who killed fewer than Mao; does that make him good? Nope. These arguments are only arguments for banning tobacco and alcohol (which I am not suggesting doing, by the way), not for legalising another harmful drug. As for it helping some, let them (it's not just cancer patients) get it on prescription as some do in certain states/countries. Morphine has its uses medically, but it is not possible to obtain it legally without prescription; why should that logic not be applied to weed?
    Not what I meant. I meant to say that I've seen weed do more good than bad. I don't like drugs period, but we should focus on more important things like the debt, Nd how to murder this butch lesbian.
    I am also against drugs in general, but quite honestly the only harm weed does is cause loss of focus. It's silly that people make such a big deal about it. I honestly think we would be better off just legalizing it if only for the tax revenue. Coke, heroin, meth, etc. are highly addictive and highly destructive. Meth is actually classified as poison now. Nicotine and alcohol are both much more destructive/addictive than pot. Hell, slitting your wrists does more harm.
    Can you back up your claim that weed is harmful with any facts? I can find lots of info on the positive effects of marijuana but not conclusive evidence that it is harmful.Lots of people just talk out their ass so I was just curious what harm this 'drug' does? I can find plenty of info on the harmful effects of alcohol and tobacco, I think we all know what they are, but I have never heard of any harmful effects of weed.they
    Weed isn't necessarily good for you either. Not unless provided in some adjusted medical form. That said, it's basically the mildest recreational drug known to man. So it's hardly as if he's doing himself any harm either.
    It's true that weed isn't chemically addictive, but neither are potato chips, soda, and chocolate. I've seen plenty of people who are addicted to those three things. And it doesn't do any good that some other medication or treatment can't.
    At least it wasn't "shoot yourself in the mouth for Beiber like in 1994...
    im kind of confused with how I feel about this. Im all for natural selection, but Im not all for tricking little girls to cut themselves. the little girls who did do it no doubt have a few screws loose, but youve got to question the humanity in the peoiple who pulled the prank knowing someone would fall for it.
    This is just natural selection. It's how the human race has evolved to survive