Bieber Fans Tricked Into Self-Harming

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Bieber Fans Tricked Into Self-Harming
Justin Bieber fans have been tricked into self-harming after the singer was allegedly caught smoked marijuana.

The twitter trend #cutforbieber was started as a cruel prank by the controversial forum 4chan. Sadly, many Bieber fans took it seriously and began to post images of themselves self-harming, as a way to plead to the singer to stop taking the drug.

"The origins are fake, but the Tweet trending - and the people supporting it - are disturbingly real," writes Complex.

TMZ had recently posted pictures of Bieber allegedly smoking marijuana, taken one day after a paparazzo photographer was killed by Bieber's white Ferrari. Reports say he wasn't driving it at the time.

Bieber responded to the marijuana images with a series of introspective (or meaningless) tweets:

It is not the first time the 4chan forum has caused controversy, but it's also credited with starting many popular web memes. Lolcats, rickrolling and the "Chocolate Rain" song found fame after being promoted by the 4chan community.

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