Biggest Queensryche Hater Unveiled ... or Is It?

artist: Queensr├┐che date: 06/21/2013 category: wtf?
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Biggest Queensryche Hater Unveiled ... or Is It?
Geoff Tate has picked a winner from a recent competition to find the biggest "Frequency Unknown" album hater. The competition seemed like an impressively savvy response to criticism of his first album since Geoff split from Queensryche and formed his own version of the band. However, some observers think Geoff's final choice on the ranting winner who will be flown to Seattle this week on an all-expenses trip is too tame. "I should have guessed that he would pick the single kindest video about how much someone hates something in the history of the internet," says Metal Sucks in a rant of their own. "I guess Tate was just too chicken sh-t to pick a winner who wasn't really just giving him a rim job. What a f--king loser." The winner was William McBride, whose rant you can see below. To their credit, they're giving solid constructive criticism of the album, but it's fair to say the competition would have been more fun if Geoff picked one of the real "Frequency Unknown" haters in the video further down. Watch McBride's winning rant here:
See Geoff Tate's reaction to other ex-Queensryche fans here:
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