Biggest Queensryche Hater Unveiled ... or Is It?

The winner of a recent competition inviting ex-Queensryche fans to slam Geoff Tate's new album seems to be more tame than expected.

Ultimate Guitar

Geoff Tate has picked a winner from a recent competition to find the biggest "Frequency Unknown" album hater.

The competition seemed like an impressively savvy response to criticism of his first album since Geoff split from Queensryche and formed his own version of the band. However, some observers think Geoff's final choice on the ranting winner who will be flown to Seattle this week on an all-expenses trip is too tame.

"I should have guessed that he would pick the single kindest video about how much someone hates something in the history of the internet," says Metal Sucks in a rant of their own. "I guess Tate was just too chicken sh-t to pick a winner who wasn't really just giving him a rim job. What a f--king loser."

The winner was William McBride, whose rant you can see below. To their credit, they're giving solid constructive criticism of the album, but it's fair to say the competition would have been more fun if Geoff picked one of the real "Frequency Unknown" haters in the video further down.

Watch McBride's winning rant here:

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See Geoff Tate's reaction to other ex-Queensryche fans here:

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    This guy isn't even hating on the album. He critically commented on it, complimenting a few songs. That's just ridiculous.
    I've been following this for a few weeks now and I can finally conclude that Geoff Tate is a pompus *****. Fuck him. He doesn't deserve the name or the right to perform any of the songs without paying royalties to the real Queensryche.
    Wow, dude. I don't even know where to start with that. Lol. I wonder if everyone who entered this "contest" is feeling really stupid about doing it right about Probably not. I mean, if actually watching the footage of themselves didn't do it, what will?
    Aaannnnnddd here's GT's biggest fanboi trying to white knight his gay love for him and trying and defend him AGAIN. Like, why? How can you possible sit there and defend in EVERY article literally EVERYTHING this guy has done? from throwing that phone, to the insults, to the shitty album... HOW!?!? Face it dude, GT is a ****ing useless douchebag whose best career move would be to ultimately disappear off the face of the planet forever. No one has proven themselves to be more a worthless, has been, uncreative hack in metal then Geoff Tate. Not even Lars or Dave.
    Aaannnnnddd here's UG's biggest waste of bandwidth going out of his way to cry on the internet because musicians he doesn't like anymore just won't *sob* go *sob* away *sob*...AGAIN. Lol, what a loser. I'm surprised you didn't film one of these rants...or did you?
    I don't care what Geoff Tate does. If he can still be successful, more power to him. People say that Axl Rose is a douchebag/*****/twat, etc., but I think he's just generally misunderstood and has a bad night every now and then. But I think it's a pretty accurate observation when people make those claims about Geoff Tate. If you can't see that he comes across as an arrogant dickhead (and not even in a rock & roll kind of way -- more like a self-entitled, self-important diva), well, I don't know what to tell you.
    I rarely comment on the article's themselves, more what crazy others have written (95% of these articles being from you, cos you're the only one crazy enough to defend him). I just think it's hilarious to see such a futile effort for such a talentless douchebag, especially since there's no reward for you other than grief. I don't think he needs to go away per se, he has fans and it's not fair to just get rid of him, and he's good for a laugh. But if there is any motivation to my comments, it's to make sure everyone knows he in NO way deserves any rights to use the Queensryche name, and I would just hope it's apparent to EVERYONE, and thus eventually a jury, that this man deserves no extra privileges of the legacy, other then live covering rights, and it's all to his doing.
    Don't what you mean by that first part but i totally agree with the second bit. They all look retarded except for the guy that one.
    I didn't realize that it was possible to hate Queensryche more than I do... -__-
    Correction, Geoff tate's Queensryche. The proper Queensryche band released an alright album this year, not mind blowing, but at least prooved they had chops Tate was making them hold back. so transfer those years of hate into him, not the whole Sryche name.
    Matter of opinion, I think it IS mind blowing. Considering the absolute tripe we've had to deal with since Promised Land.
    Well, did anybody expect anything else from Tate at this point? This is something anyone who's been mildly interested in Queensryche for some time has already realised: he doesn't accept criticism and he's always right and everyone else are losers, according to him. Things are either done his way, or no one will do crap. This is exactly what he's doing with Queensryche; since he knows he'll lose the name, he's doing all he can to destroy its credibility and damage the band. Why would this "contest" be any different? The contest was about the finding the best video from a hater, and the winner he's chosen is a fan who likes the album. Big surprise. Everything surrounding Tate nowadays is just one big joke which, fortunately, will most probably end in a few months.
    Tate is a textbook egomaniac. He hates his fans, he hates metal, he has no taste in what good music is. He doesn't know how to write songs collectively with a band, he thinks his own vision is correct, and nobody else's matters. Well, I think the REAL Queensryche's new album proves him wrong. I wish he would just fade away, and be forgotten. He could have bowed out gracefully, but chooses to be a dicTATEr. LOL
    No the biggest shit sundae the rock and metal industry has ever had to take a bite of is LuLu...
    No, this is way, way , way worse. Lulu shouldn't even be considered, it's not metal and it's under Lou Reed's name. Way to ride your bandwagon over that dead horse. . Pull your head out of your 14 year old arse and form opinions based off projects that weren't ever always destined to be a failure.
    This whole thing is like a fat chick putting on a new shirt and asking the whole world "How fat does this shirt make me look? Most honest opinion wins" and then getting offended at the responses. What did you expect, Geoff? Guy has got some sort of an inferiority complex if you ask me.
    And next Axl Rose and his new GnR invites an old fan to discuss his new album and Dave Mustaine turns up n calls him a fa**ot, a fight begins. Lars Ulrich then flies through the wall, having an epic battle with glam rocker Gene Simmons who then gets haymakered by a stealthy Corey Taylor, just turning up after hearing the noise. At this moment Chris Cornell is about to hit Danny Filth with a wet t-shirt he is reminded he isn't in rock any more and walks away ashamed. Feel free to add to the brawl of Metal Douchebags.
    Chris Cornell a douchebag? A big **** you man.
    in all fairness i'm havin a joke, i guess that didnt translate well =/ n with cornell, well he made the album scream, i know its not that big a reason, honestly i was just runnin out of names. now feel free to lecture me on how ultimate guitar isnt for humour, lars ulrich somehow isnt a douche or I'm not funny. the big group of guys laughing with me as we made this thought it was funny. i guess i apologize. oh yeah just like to point out am a fan of everyone i mentioned except danny filth. i was havin a laugh geez
    Well that's cool and all but why here, on this article, now? Doesn't this sort of jargon belong in a facebook status or something?
    mmm Sorry but the joke was fine with Axl, Mustaine and Gene....I could understand that...but putting Chris Cornell in the same league of Axl and those others just because of "Scream"?
    Not the fan of him or the band, but hideous to read those articles or "news". This whole situation looks kinda like when Portnoy was kicked from Dream Theater. But Tate makes it even more lame. Portnoy atleast moved forward and made new band with different name and ideas.