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Springsteen, Madonna and Waters beat Bieber in top earners list Billboard publishes highest-paid musicians list for 2012.

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Justin Bieber may have started 2013 by becoming the first artist to score five Billboard No. 1 albums before the age of 19, but it would seem that, in terms of sales, the singer still isnt quite hitting in the same league as the big boys.

Billboard has published its list of top earners for 2012 this year, and while Bieber came in at #10, the top spots went to some more established acts.

Pink Floyd man Roger Waters came in at #3, with earnings bolstered by his massive Wall Live Tour, while Bruce Springsteen's latest album release and tour earned him slot #2. It was Madonna who topped the earnings list though, having earned $34,577,308.62.

Last year. It is the second time that Madonna has topped the list, the first time being back in 2008. The full list is as follows:

10. Justin Bieber $15,944,293.10 9. Coldplay $17,300,144.34 8. Jason Aldean $17,578,651.96 7. Tim McGraw $18,329,167.89 6. Dave Matthews Band $18,903,334.14 5. Kenny Chesney $19,148,525.24 4. Van Halen $20,184,079.91 3. Roger Waters $21,160,131.06 2. Bruce Springsteen $33,443,606.63 1. Madonna $34,577,308.62

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    Glad to see Van Halen on the list!
    Yeah. It's good to know Van Halen, after a half ass tour and a re-recorded DEMO tape from the 70's, still comes out on top over Bieber and Dave Matthews.
    Yeah i thought the same thing. Everyone on this list is disgusting its all way too much money. Fair enough Matthews band and springsteen are grafters with huge tours recording and charity work etc but still this is just one years earnings...
    Thought RHCP was on here. Oh well, fair play to waters and Springsteen for keeping it cool!
    Justin Bieber is set for life ALREADY... Yet he still insists on writing music that sounds like it came out of my butt hole?! What is life.....
    His new music really isnt THAAT bad. I would prefer not to listen to it, but the guy can actually sing now. He doesnt have that same BABYY BAABYY BAABYYY OOOOOH anymore lol
    WHY? WHY MUST THESE RIDICOULUS ADD'S EXIST?! What company/trickster would seriously expect people to be moronic enough to think "hm, seems legit, I'd better try it!"? They aren't even trying! They might as well had written "Click here to accept virus/spam/scam/drainage of money from bank-account!"! Why must this abomination against nature exist?
    When you see the prices of the tickets for Madonna or even Spingsteen, you understand why. Of course for guys like Bruce they are in the billboard because they are always on the road, but for the others...
    The only downside to Roger Waters earning so much is that he is everything his songs protested 30+ years ago and the ticket prices are far too much for a man set for life
    I don't think the prices are too high considering the complexity of the show, remember last time Pink Floyd toured with it they made a huge loss, and this one is much more elaborate than that one!
    Yes...but he made OVER TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS..he didn't then proceed to pay for the tour, no that was take care of in the first few shows.
    Damn right. He should work for free. Wait a minute...
    It makes me happy Roger Waters is making enough. The most talented man in the world and Madonna is still beating him... Oh well, nothing I can do.
    Are those gross totals for the entire production or the amount the individual groups/members earn?