Billy Corgan: 'Soundgarden Is Only Back To Make Money'

He says reforming bands just want "one more round at the till". Corgan's band Smashing Pumpkins reformed in 2005.

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Billy Corgan who fronts the reformed rock band Smashing Pumpkins has slammed reforming rock bands for being motivated by money.

Corgan, whose recent release of "Oceania" retails for $9.99 on Amazon, singled out bands like Pavement and Soundgarden as acts who simply wanted "one more round at the till."

"There are those bands that are essentially coming back only to make money playing their old albums, and maybe somewhere in the back of their minds they're thinking there might be a future," Corgan told a press conference (via NME).

"When Soundgarden came back and they just played their old songs, great. I was a fan of Soundgarden, but call it for what it is. They're just out there to have one more round at the till; same with Pavement and these other bands.

"I am not in that business, obviously," he insisted. "I condemn anybody who's in that business but doesn't admit he's in that business."

Confusingly, he added: "Without the young fans there is no future for Smashing Pumpkins. We can't run an oldies business. Not only is it boring, it's actually not a very good business."

Let's try to get this straight: Smashing Pumpkins is not motivated by money, but the band will be over if business dies down?

We love Smashing Pumpkins and Billy Corgan, but have to call him out on this one. It's great to see reforming bands, but like he said, you have to call it for what it is: business.

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    Pink Floyd. They only started cuz they wanted to get rich. As Corgan said himself, it's an industry. A job.
    There's a "BILLY C ORGAN" in my body that squirm with pleasant I mesmerized your avatar pic.. "billy c orgasmic!!!
    "Billy Corgan who fronts the reformed rock band Smashing Pumpkins has slammed reforming rock bands for being motivated by money." XD ug at it's finest. Can't wait for the Smashing Pumpkins reunion tour!
    What a hypocrite. He obviously hasn't thought that perhaps a big band like them doesn't actually need lots more money, and that perhaps the members actually reformed because playing music is fun?!
    Reforming bands don't always have to be out for "another round at the till". They might just ****ing miss playing live on stage with their best buddies, making kids smile and getting a huge kick out of it like they used to. I think it's great that bands reform.
    You guys realise UG is a music tabloid, and they do character assassination to tell you who you have to hate. And they will post an article about someone who does the same shit, but they will post it in a positive like to make you like that person. Easiest example, UG wants you to hate Dave Mustaine, but they want you to love slash. They are trying to control the way you think, so you buy certain music and merchandise.
    UG wants us to hate Dave Mustaine because they, like pretty much everyone, hate Dave Mustaine. Cause he's a joke. No way they could make him look good anyway. UG wants us to like Slash because they like Slash, cause he's the reasonable side of a fight the other side of which is pretty much universally hated. They don't care what music/merchandise we buy, cause they don't get the profits anyway.
    By the otherside, im sure you mean Axl. Axl is universally hated because of tabloids like this. You dont know Saul or william personally, all your hate or love is based off of what these online sites write. There are two sides to everything, and all you want to see is what slash did right and what axl did wrong. Slash was being just as much of a dink, he wanted gnr to be 20 minute long blues rock solos. Look at velvet revovler, no axl, no izzy, and it was shit. And UG was getting paid by slash directly sir, so you're incorrect, they do profit from it.
    I don't love or hate either of them, but it seems to me Axl's hated because he's louder when he says something, and certainly a big part of that is that when he says something stupid everyone picks up on it, but I think Slash is more liked because he's better at getting people to like him, which is the reason for, not the effect of, the media liking him more. And because UG likes him they dislike Axl. That's a fair point about UG getting paid by Slash, though.
    Axl Rose is hated for driving a once awesome band into the ground eyes open. I couldn't give a **** about how much shit UG digs up on Mustaine, I never know the context, I never get to ask back, and it doesn't change a thing about Megadeth being great, with MD not being Dave Mustaine and vice versa.
    do you really think that these people pay this site off to make them look good? you sir are a moron. i am sure you believe just like any other dumb ass American who thinks that Obama was born in Kenya. you are just spouting random non facts and try to tell everyone try are true. people hate or love others based of what they say and do, the aforementioned, i.e. axl rose, courtney love, dave mustaine. granted i only pointed out people who have said and done some really stupid things, but the matter of fact here is that these people make people hate them, not UG.
    so your the only person that didnt notice slash's adverts all over this site, and he had his own tab in the ug banner?
    another thing, if slash were do say or do something stupid. it would be posted all over this website, so get off your stupid high horse and find something better to do with your time.
    that sir has nothing to do with Slash forcing UG to make their readers like him. so what his team paid money for advertising spots? this is a music website for crying out loud.
    Hold on theirs a typo on the title. let me fix it. Billy Corgan Slams Soundgarden reunion
    "Let's try to get this straight: Smashing Pumpkins is not motivated by money, but the band will be over if business dies down? We love Smashing Pumpkins and Billy Corgan, but have to call him out on this one. It's great to see reforming bands, but like he said, you have to call it for what it is: business." He's not saying he doesn't want the money. He's just saying he wants to make money with new songs, not just the old ones. UG, twisting around everything as usual, good job!
    I hate it when musicians talk shit about each other in interviews. What's the point? You're only making yourself look like an asswipe.
    Why can't the music industry be about the music and not the petty feuds and jibes at other musicians?
    sunburst steve
    Well that's the music media you're talking about. The media LOVES to start controversies and feuds b/c it's what makes them money from websites, magazines, albums etc.
    X DogBert X
    Confusingly, he added: "Without the young fans there is no future for Smashing Pumpkins. We cant run an oldies business. Not only is it boring, its actually not a very good business." I think he means that he just doesn't want to play old songs over and over and again and they need younger fans because the old ones just want to hear the classics, he's not really saying they need new fans for more money, he's releasing his album for free for goodness sake.
    One of the most honest famous rock musicians ever. Even though I don't always agree with him, he truly means what he says and you gotta respect him for that. I think Soundgarden is not in (solely)for the money, cause they're doing a new album.
    "Billy Corgan who fronts the reformed rock band Smashing Pumpkins has slammed reforming rock bands" I see what you did there. On-topic though, I think Corgan just has this thing against older bands still playing their older material. Oh well, I still love the Pumpkins.
    So Soundgarden actually did decline touring with Corgan. Hmmmm. It all makes sense now. Billy is a jilted girlfriend.
    Dude, Soundgarden reunite and you complain?!?! Come on! I prefer a single chord by Soundgarden than the whole discography of Audioslave! (not to mention Scream...) And even if they're back togther just for money, you know what? Soundgarden worth it!
    As a guy who has seen them live twice since the reunion: I think he may be right.
    In other news, nobody gives a shit. Stick to making music and stop trying to degrade other bands/artists
    He needs to stop talking. Every time he says something, its something he just pulled out of his ass. Does he think the smashing pumpkins are the only band worth being around or what? I love the Smashing Pumpkins, but Billy is diggin them a hole.
    Nobody goes to see a band that had their prime 15+ years ago to hear their new stuff. That applies to you too, Corgan. Hits or GTFO.
    If all the bands you like didnt improve as musicians and stopped getting better, you must listen to some pretty shitty music
    I can think of worse things to do than playing music you wrote in front of massive crowds all over the world.
    Soundgarden are a hugely great talent. I would pay to see them 15 years ago and would pay to see them tomorrow. This Corgan kid needs to wake up and get real for crying out loud. I doubt very much that Soundgarden have money problems they're famous all over the world. Corgan if YOU need some money i can pay you to NOT reform the smashing *****s
    Criticism, is it really needed? Talking crap about other bands only widens reputation. Constructive criticism is good, this is just talking crap.
    I ****ing loathe these ultimate-guitar news pieces now days. For the love of god, can we just have an UNBIASED PIECE PLEASE? Everyone here and myself are likely intelligent enough to form our own opinions.
    I don't think these clowns can write an objective article. All we get is Mustaine/Nugent hate articles. But, look at most of the comments....they have their fanboys.
    he should've been mad at Axl rose,.. but instead he's friends with him..
    Yeah, I'm sure Cornell really needs the money. Corgan can't sing to save his life. Yes, he is(was) a decent songwriter, but his vocals are not very good at all. He needs to be quiet.
    This made me giggle -> "I am not in that business, obviously," he insisted. "I condemn anybody whos in that business but doesnt admit hes in that business." I think he must know that there is at least a part of him who is in fact in for it for the money.
    First wasnt the bassist of Soundgarden homeless just a few years ago when they first got back together? Didn't the band reform to help their bandmate get back on his feet? Hasn't the reformation of the band led them into the direction of an actual reunion including coming up with new material? Here's another question who gives a **** about Oceania and the fact that Corgan refuses to do any of the original tunes that got his comforted ass where he is today? Did anyone download his free digital album a few years back, if I had it probably was illegally through a torrent site. At least Soundgarden and Creed came back with all the original members and lets be honest Creed bandmates have some issues with each other and they still reunited and are working on their second album since. Billy Corgan is one more thought away from becoming the 90's Axl Rose. Maybe Smashing Pumpkins and GNR should be touring together right now so everyone that hates Chinese Democracy and Oceania can show their distaste for frontman trying to recreate their bands in their selfish image.
    Oh Billy you're such an ARTIST! Such class and integrity. Get over yourself. So your intention is to appeal to a younger audience to make you feel relevant. They already have a purple dinosaur named Barney. Get in line.
    What does that say about Corgan's band reforming in 2005? And, for the record, I liked a lot of his new stuff more than his old stuff.
    You honestly can't ridicularize this (I guess). Chris Cornell is always trying to get some extra cash nowadays (see his "Scream" album with a pop/radio orientation), but I don't even see that as a problem. Bands wanna make money, so what? They make music, I give them the money.
    I really don't see Chris "always trying to get extra cash". The past few years he's been playing sold out acoustic solo gigs all over the place.
    I nominate Billy Corgan to the STFU!!! club. Other members include Dave Mustaine, Axl Rose, Courtney Love...
    Billy seems to only have the ability to go negative.
    Or only the negative things he says are turned into news items, because controversial headlines will be read more
    This is very true. I think the first time I saw him interviewed ever was in a Rush documentary, and he didn't come off as such a bag at all. I just hate his voice, but he's probably not a bad guy and he's creative
    sunburst steve
    billy corgan actually donates money to different organizations and causes it's just that UG doesn't report it.
    True. But also because they can still perform at a very high level... as opposed to the pumpkins.
    Well isn't that what bands do? They play their songs live. You mean to tell me when smashing pumpkins got back together they played none of their old songs? Chris Cornell is a better musician and songwriter than Corgan anyways. $20 says the new Soundgarden album will be better than that Oceania crap
    I agree with most of what you're saying. I like Oceania, but it seems like they were repeating themselves a bit on that album. And the next Soundgarden will almost certainly be better.
    Billy,Billy, is Zwan doing these days? You only took back the name Smashing Pumpkins to make more money.If you really believed what you are saying,you would have used a different band name.Hypocrite.
    "Billy Corgan who fronts the reformed rock band Smashing Pumpkins has slammed reforming rock bands for being motivated by money." WHAT THE HELL IS IT WITH THIS WEBSITE AND THE WORD SLAMMED?
    Who cares if they are trying to make money? If a band still has the ability to play well and enjoys playing live and going on tour, then more power to them! And if people will pay to see that, then I don't see what the problem is! I can't tell you how many bands I would pay to see live if only they would reunite or come out of retirement.
    [continued] I think this sentiment stems from people not liking Corgan's newer work, which I'm actually a big fan of, but old-school Pumpkins still holds a special place in my heart.