Billy Howerdel on New A Perfect Circle Album: 'When Maynard's Ready, I'm Ready'

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Billy Howerdel on New A Perfect Circle Album: 'When Maynard's Ready, I'm Ready'
Billy Howerdel has been talking to Billboard about the current state of play for A Perfect Circle. The guitarist notes that "there's more material" in the pipeline from the band and that he hopes to record a new album. However, when that material gets recorded depends on the schedule of frontman Maynard James Keenan: "Tool is in full recording mode, writing mode, at least writing mode, so when the schedule allows, when (Keenan's) schedule allows, I'm ready. I'm ready to go. I've got, I feel, a good foundation of material to come into the studio with when we're ready to concentrate on these things that could be the foundation for the next APC release. When he's ready, I'm ready. That's all I can say." A Perfect Circle recently released a best-of compilation titled "Three Sixty." The record also included a new song, "By and Down," which the band has been playing on recent tours. As Howerdel notes, taking that song into the studio proved more of a challenge than he was expecting: "I kind of underestimated what it would take to do it because we had played it live so many times. The song was pretty realized, and I knew what it was gonna be. But just like anything else in the studio, just because you know the notes doesn't mean you know how the production's gonna go down. It took awhile to craft it into a proper studio recording that you were gonna be proud enough to release. Once I was in the middle of it, it did feel like familiar ground again to do that, but it definitely takes a little while to get back on the horse."
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