Black Keys' Patrick Carney: Bieber Doesn't Deserve Grammys

Justin Bieber was snubbed by the Grammy awards, but drummer Patrick Carney says he doesn't need to win when he makes so much money already.

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Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney has hit out at Justin Bieber for complaining that he deserved to win a Grammy. To the surprise of many, Bieber had been snubbed by the nomination panel (and has never won a Grammy in his career so far).

In turn, Bieber tried to steal attention from the ceremony by doing a live video stream for fans at the same time as the awards appeared on TV, according to Mashable.

Bieber's manager was also vocal about him being ignored.

Carney is known for speaking his mind on certain people in the music business - he's targeted both Nickelback and Napster founder Sean Parker in the past.

This time, Carney tells TMZ that Bieber shouldn't complain about missing out on a Grammy award:

"He's rich right? Grammys are for, like, music. Not for money... and he's making a lot of money. He should be happy."

That's easy for Carney to say - The Black Keys won four Grammy categories, including Best Rock Album for "El Camino". Watch Carnay get mobbed by paparazzi here:

Did Bieber deserve more credit at the ceremony, or is it a good thing that he was snubbed? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    You know what? Normally I hate hearing from Patrick Carney. But Bieber is being a total self-centered douche by doing video streams to draw attention away from an awards ceremony celebrating other musicians. Complaining about not winning a Grammy...seriously! What a weenie.
    Musicians should not care about grammys.
    So if you were nominated for one you wouldn't care? Anyone who is honest in the industry wants recognition in some form and it has to be a great feeling to receive recognition for your music.
    Well, I did not mean it that way. Of course, it's always nice to get some recognition or compliment from something "prestigious"(in this case grammy awards). But if you're a musician, you're doing something you love and have enough to eat, those awards do not mean a s**t, especially such one as from grammy-jury, that gives away prizes to some "artists" with no talent, just to keep some 14 year old kids satisfied. In this case I'm talking about Patrick who's whining about some kid getting an award. Just do what you love, well... if he likes to whine too... I guess it's cool:/
    He wasn't really whining as much as just stating his opinion on the topic.
    I agree, he wasn't whining, I wrote my reply before watching the video. As always UG likes to exaggerate something so simple.
    I wouldn't call it whining when he was directly asked whether or not he thinks Bieber deserves it. I'd call it "answering a question."
    Recognition is all fine and good. But from the Grammys? Hell, from ANY award show? What self-respecting musician would care about that kind of trash?
    Grammys and honesty? Oh man I'm laughing my socks off at the thought of that.
    i think if i was a great musician i wouldn't be obsessed or worried about whether or not i win a grammy but i would be grateful if i did.
    i think if i were a great musician i wouldn't be obsessed with winning a grammy but if i did win one i would be grateful for it...
    "Grammys are for, like, music. Not for money..." This is how it should be; sadly, it's become the opposite. Man speaks the truth about Bieber, though, what a butthurt attention wh*re.
    To be fair, Justin Bieber shouldn't even exist.
    His mom was on Fox News a few days ago talking about how she got pregnant young and how she seriously considered aborting. While I don't wish him a lack of existence entirely, you've just gotta wonder what life would be like if she would have chosen differently.
    hahahha, beiber thinks hes good because a million shovel-brained teenage girls told him so, and then whining about not winning? thats why half the world wants to bitchslap that little douchey shit
    I love how in one UG news thread everyone is like "How DARE Justin bieber try to detract from the beloved GRAMMY CELEBRATION!" And yet, in another news thread, on the SAME DAY everyone is like "THE GRAMMYS SUCK!!!" UG hypocrisy at its finest, and proof that people's opinions change only when they see fit to benefit their own, stupid ideas.
    Must be tough to be all of, like, 14 years old and still be waiting for that first Grammy. Poor little bastard. Maybe it's time to get rid of those Hello Kitty undies too, eh JB?
    I don't like Justin bieber but I really don't like the black keys these guys are just pricks.
    The Grammys are all about money. An artist has to pay to be nominated. They are also pointless. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen was nominated for Song of the Year...need I say more?
    Patrick seems a lot less douchey when you actually see the video where he talks, I always read all his trash talking and what not and it bugs me but seeing this, I'd probably chill with him. I'd break his hipster ass glasses first, then apologize, and have some beer with him.
    Hey Patrick, I saw that Grammy performance of yours. You don't deserve a Grammy either!
    Wow, the Grammy is totally worthless now I guess. If these morons won four of them they must not mean anything.
    To be fair -- the Grammys have always been worthless. It's not new. Doesn't anybody remember Milli Vanilli winning 20 years ago?
    somehow i have a feeling if the Black Keys didn't get nominated for a bunch of these now pointless awards this ass hole would be whining the same as bieber. Every main stream artist just wants the money and attention, Black Keys and Bieber are exactly the same in that respect. the quality of their recent music is the same as well too...
    I dont have a problem with the Grammys but don't clown on something your whole career and then gloat when you start winning. The Black Keys have become a Grammys staple and a couple of hypopricks in the process.
    I don't hate Bieber, but that was kind of a douchey move with the stream. Maybe when he moves on from performing childrens music he will finally be nominated. He does have talent (to whatever extent), but he basically wastes it. And either way, the Grammy's are automatically a joke for recognizing artists like The Black Keys who are neither innovative or interesting. Either way, congratulations to them.
    I think the Black Keys earned the Grammys the won but I don't think the Grammys should matter to anyone. I love this guy for being the biggest troll in the history of the music industry. If you have read his Twitter in the past 24 hours it's the best thing in a while. Just retweets from butthurt Bieber fans.
    I'd rather have loads of money than a Grammy. But a Grammy would be a nice start.
    They're both butthurt. Maybe Justin shouldn't have complained and done a live stream, it's seems childish. But on the other hand, a guy who has won four Grammy's telling another musician that they don't deserve it is also unfair. You may not like Bieber, but he still goes out and puts on performances and works pretty hard.
    The number of legendary bands who have NEVER won a Grammy shows what a load of bull they are when it comes to serious music - Led Zep, Rush, the Who, Deep Purple - absolute LEGENDS who came to define music as we know have basically not been recognised by this sham of an award. Metallica only got one because they were the biggest concert draw at the time. Popularity and publicity contest at best. Bieber is a waste of DNA.
    Patrick seemed like a nice bloke, all those people around him demanding attention, I don't think he really cared about the direction Beiber is taking. From what I could see he was just answering out of politeness, but by his reaction I recon he was just thinking- Beiber does his thing while I do mine.