Black Sabbath Announce Tour Dates for 2014 Band Lined Up for European Festivals

The band's European 2014 tour will start in Poland.

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Black Sabbath have announced the first two live dates for 2014. As HenneMusic notes, the band will be playing at the the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland on June 11, and will be headlining Austria's Nova Rock Festival, taking place June 13th - 15th at Pannonia Fields in Nickelsdorf. Sabbath's comeback album, "13," was named as album of the year in a recent poll by Revolver Magazine. Such an accolade might not sit well with Devin Townshend, who was recently critical of the album in an interview with Dead Rhetoric: "I bought the new Black Sabbath record and I can't listen to it because the drums are distracting," Townsend explained. "It’s not Bill Ward. It has nothing to do with the drums being not-Black Sabbath or poor performance or poorly recorded, or anything - it's just that I can't shake it’s not Bill Ward, so it's not Black Sabbath to me. I know that it’s a naive way of looking at it, but I feel the same way about anything I do. Unless it's completely me, I don't want to be that guy, I don't want to be that guy that goes up and plays Strapping Young Lad songs."

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    "Sabbath's comeback album, "13," was named as album of the year in a recent poll by Revolver Magazine. Such an accolade might not sit well with Devin Townshend" Why add his quotation in? UG acts like Devin's meant to be the voice of reason here for band reunions or something. Personally, I don't really care for the dude's opinion so as a Black Sabbath fan, I don't want it shoved down my throat in almost every article to do with 13.
    Wait....I totally misread the title for the article. I thought it meant they had a band lined up for their European tour and that was Strapping Young Lad o.O I was going to say "Aren't Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats supporting Black Sabbath's European tour?" I wish WE got Uncle Acid in the states and not DJ WK.... Sleep would have been awesome as well.
    DJ WK was a waste of everyone's time. Not only was the idea just awful, but he just played a bunch of standard tracks (Pantera's Walk, Breaking the Law by Judas Priest). If you are going to make us sit through some kind-of-famous guy working his iPod on stage, at least play some deep album tracks, or personal favourites.
    I think we got like one "deep cut" whiel he was up there. And I honestly don't remember what it was because I didn't pay any attention to what was going on on stage til he announced that Sabbath were about to come on.
    haha dude uncle acid would be so awesome to see open for sabbath. when i saw sabbath this summer at the gorge and was waaaay disappointed with anderew wk, my friends and I decided that ORANGE GOBLIN should open up for sabbath.....forever.
    Orange Goblin wouldn't have been awesome. BUT! Not as awesome if it were them AND Electric Wizard opening up for Black Sabbath. That'd been an amazing show.