Black Sabbath Hockey Mask Is Awesome

Goalie Liz Connor pays tribute to her heroes in Black Sabbath with a unique red and black hockey mask which you can see here. What custom merch would you get commissioned?

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Hockey goalie Liz Connor has commissioned a unique Black Sabbath hockey mask - and it looks awesome.

"Some women spend their money on purses and shoes... I spend mine on cool custom painted goalie masks," she said.

As you can see in the pictures below, the mask is a red and black attack on the senses.

"I asked specifically for the picture of Henry (the flying devil logo) on the forehead, based on alternative CD art for 'The Devil You Know' and the band name on the chin," said Liz. "My only other stipulation was that the mask not focus 100% on Ozzy."

"Tony Iommi's riffs are what drew me to Sabbath, and I wanted to make sure he was included somewhere. The rest was all Headstrong."

The Headstrong in question would be Headstrong Grafx, who also made an Audioslave mask for North Dakota goalie Clarke Saunders last week.

Meanwhile, Black Sabbath continue working on their forthcoming album with producer Rick Rubin. It's due for release later this year, but after that crazy contractual dispute with former drummer Bill Ward and Tony Iommi's cancer scare, anything could happen.

What do you think of the mask? What kind of custom music merch would you like made? Let us know in the comments.

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    I would love to have this on a shelf. That's beautiful. I loved playing roller hockey as a kid.
    Veronique Vega
    How about a dress, short to about knee length, with Heartagram sequins? I think I'd need 2- one crimson red, the other black. And some Schecter jewelry?
    Just give Bill Ward the money he asked for, then we can have REAL reunion.
    To answer the question, Cannibal Corpse condoms. Definitely.