Black Sabbath Uncertain About Making New Album: 'It Just Wouldn't Have the Same Vibe'

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Black Sabbath Uncertain About Making New Album: 'It Just Wouldn't Have the Same Vibe'
Metal pioneers Black Sabbath expressed uncertainty over recording another album, naming the lack of proper vibe and too high expectations as key reasons. Chatting with Classic Rock magazine, guitarist Tony Iommi was the first one to touch on the subject, saying, "We've not spoken about it, to be honest. I don't know if it would be the right thing to do. God knows what the expectations would be next time around. I'd probably have a heart attack worrying about it! "Making '13' was such a great, memorable experience, so if that's the final chapter, we'd have to be happy. But who knows. I don't think we'd write anything off. The history of this band has taught me to never say never," Iommi concluded (via Blabbermouth). Bassist Geezer Butler chipped in, sharing a similar stance on the matter. "To me, it's been nicely rounded off now," he said. "If we did another album, it just wouldn't have the same vibe, as far as I'm concerned. And with this one doing so well, the next one would have to be No. 1 everywhere too or people would see it as a failure!" Finally, Ozzy Osbourne gave his two cents, adding, "We'll see what happens. We made promises about another album 15 or 20 years ago and it took this long for it to happen. I don't think you'll see another one in 20 years, put it that way." The trio also discussed the rift with original drummer Bill Ward, wishing things would have turned out differently. "I haven't spoken to Bill, but to be honest, I don't actually know how to reach Bill these days because he doesn't have the same phone number as I have for him," Iommi said. "I see people saying: 'Why don't they talk?' But it's not that simple," the guitarist continued. "The only way I can reach Bill is by e-mailing his secretary, and then she speaks to Bill. It's not as easy as picking the phone up. I e-mailed him the other week, because he'd been in hospital and wasn't that well, but that's as far as it's got at the moment. I'd like to talk to Bill - me and Bill have been friends for many years - but it's not happened recently." As the 19th effort in Sabbath opus, "13" saw its release on June 10 via Vertigo Records.
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