Black Veil Brides Frontman: 'Sometimes People Feel the Need to P-ss in Bottles and Throw it at Me'

Andy Biersack discusses the emotions his band evokes before blasting into a full rant mode during this year's Golden Gods Awards.

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Black Veil Brides singer Andy Biersack sure is a sassy guy. And on the recent Revolver Golden Gods Awards ceremony in LA, he gave multiple proof with a series of saucy statements and stage rants.

Firstly, Biersack evoked memories from the last year's award show and the "smattering applause" the band has received. According to vocalist, the hatred crowd sometimes tends to give them is something the California-based five-piece finds nothing but amusing.

"We really evoke a lot of emotion in people. Sometimes so much that they'll feel the need to piss in bottles and throw it at me," the singer tells Fuse. "So I mean, if that's an emotion you feel at any point, please, by all means, during this interview, pee in a bottle and throw it an me."

"It might get weird between us if I were to do that," interviewer Jack Osbourne replied, just for the singer to snap back with another comment, saying, "I think it would make it better between us. [laughs] The best way to meet a man is to have him throw a bodily fluid at you."

Once the band was awarded with the Song of the Year title for their "In the End" track, the 22-year-old's laid-back attitude switched to full-rant mode, flipping the audience off and throwing the f-bombs all over the place, as you can see in the video below.

"Here's the thing - you motherf--kers should have voted for somebody because Black Veil Brides won three years in a row," Biersack shouted, just to start picking on individual members of the audience, saying, "I know that you fat motherf--ker and you right there, you hate us, but I'm holding a heavy as s--t award so f--k with me right now motherf--kers!"

"Here's the thing - Black Veil Brides have a song on the radio, you have a f--king fat a--, f--k me come on! I don't care about what any of you fat bearded motherf--kers say, Black Veil Brides won the Best Song of the Year, in the end, this one goes out to Urban Flanders, f--k you!"

"In the End" comes off the group's latest studio effort "Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones." Released back in January, in debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 chart with 42,000 copies sold within the first week.

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    Someone dared to throw one at Ozzy during Monsters of rock in the 80s. Of course he didn't use it to look cool in interviews. He just drank it
    Seen these live at Download, absolutely terrible. P.s I never boo or throw things at a band, that's just disrespectful, But I am allowed to form an opinion that there shit and just walk to a different tent. The people who throw shit are morons, similar to the dicks at football matches shouting racist abuse / starting fights...There an embarrassment.
    I too saw them at Download. All the singer did between songs was moan so if he'd have shut his gob then people might have given them more respect.
    F*ck me, he's one whiny little b*tch isn't he? The bit about the bottles, fair enough, but that acceptance speech? What the hell was that?
    Watched the Revolver Golden Gods Awards. Love the title to this article. HA!
    Never understood full grown men throwing shit/booing. First things first, he's a child. Secondly, they're just a band, it's not that important haha.
    I never understood grown men going all feminine with their stage attire and makeup. They look like the aftermath of a three-way bus crash between Motley Crue, KISS, and Marilyn Manson.
    It feels like the band is going to get so much resprect from anybody right now, telling the audience to f**ck off and basicly telling them that he is so much better than them in any way..They could just have accepted the award said thx to their fans and left, but noo... Way to go as a frontman. I am not at all a fan of this band and never really given them my attention, and I am tending to keep it that way.
    Wait, did he accept an award... by beating down on the audience? Why the hell would you do that? What's the reasoning? What an ungrateful *****.
    Pretty sure he did it because there was a "smattering of applause" which means people weren't pleased they won. He was making a point that if the audience didn't want them to win then they should have voted for who did they did want if they didn't want BVB to win. This band is awesome and have interesting ideas that are glossed over by stupid people saying shit. My guess is that some people are too embarrassed to admit that they like them because it goes against the image that they are trying to put forth of themselves. Which is amusing because while yes BVB was very concerned with image at the beginning, I think it is more about the message. You can judge them by the cover (or image) or read the goddamn book (listen to their lyrics and message-which is all about thinking for yourself and not giving a shit for what society/religion says). Maybe the religion thing is what gets them. Americans are some of the most religious people and BVB makes them question it. The message really is fantastic: live your life the best way you can, have a good time and be a good person, live by your own philosophy and cast away your indoctrination.
    One of my friends used to be very friendly with this guy. He said Andy was really cool, and before BVB got big, he'd send the family a Christmas present every year. Recently, however, he said world fame got to Andy's head a bit, and they don't speak to each other any more. This rant kinda shows that.
    I really don't care for these guys, but man he really comes off as an ass,you'd think winning award 3 years in a row would make a guy humble
    Welcome to the new milennium where all that matters is how much fuss you make around your music instead of the music.
    It's kinda hard to not throw piss bottles at you when the first thing you do when you win the award is flip everyone off and grab your junk. Honestly, if they hadn't done that, I don't think the boos would have started. Show some humility and stop acting like you're better than everyone
    they were actually boo'd before they stept on the stage. They knew it was coming
    See the shitty thing about it is that rather than just roll with it like a mature person at the GGA, they started making fun of people.
    Do people just carry around bottles to piss in and throw at bands? Seriously, this baffles be. Not that I like BVB. I actually despise them, but if I saw someone pissing in a bottle next to me at a festival, I'd be like, "What the ****, man?!"
    I saw these little ****ers on Saturday at an all day concert. The whole HOUR their set lasted he didn't stop bitching and pointing out the fact that everyone hates them and how people kept throwing ice. They are seriously the worse band I have seen live. I mean there is a shirtless guy in a cowboy hat with a headset mic. I doesn't get any weaker than that.
    I was very surprised by "Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones," it's actually a solid album. I think the problem the band has is they invested so much in their image so early that they now look like something contrary to the music they're writing. I'll admit, that album was out of left field and I had zero expectations for it. This is what Butch Walker was warning people about when he said, "learn to play now, worry about your image later."
    He looks like he's twelve. Considering how he acts, he might as well be twelve.
    The article doesn't come close the aptly describing the douchebaggery in that video. Sh*t band, and a bunch of c*nts to boot.
    Here's an idea, stop acting like a douche-bag at every opportunity and people may start liking you more.
    link no1
    I actually like the bands music. They have some nice songs, guitarwork and are a radio band that doesn't use auto-tune. They are 2000% times better than most crap on the radio. That's right, 2000%, which means they could be 1900% worse and still be 100% better than most anything else on the radio but, when I see them, even I get the urge to throw a bottle of piss his way. I saw them live last year at Download and all he did was complain between every song that people don't like them...kind of irritated me that he couldn't just ignore them and cater to the people that actually went to see them instead. The way he reacted at the awards though...meh...kind of douchey but if I was in a widely hated band and got booed whilst accepting an award for best song (as voted for by fans) I would probably rub it in peoples faces that a band they don't like won aswell. They should have voted if they didn't want BVB to win.
    No they're really just on par with everything else on the radio save a few bands. They're about a step above 3 days grace. Which doesn't say much.
    lol radio lol Round here you only get some reggaeton music blaring out of the radio, still better than this boys.
    If you don't want to be bullied, don't be a disgusting, pretentious weirdo. I hate these little weasels.
    KISS mania
    So much for people being who they want to be and doesn't matter what people say about you hey. Hypocrite
    God, **** that guy. I'm not even familiar with his band that much and I already want to strangle him before I even hear a note.
    Haha, hate the music this band produces, but they sure did handle this situation well!
    I kinda sympathise with him... every time they get an award, they get booed. It's not respectful from other musicians not to clap. Though I understand they won a metal award when they are not metal. But still, it would get annoying if you keep getting shouted down after you won something.
    That only proves that they have more fanboys than other bands :L i mean, cmon, is an AC/DC fan likely to go out of their way to vote for their favorite band?? not really, real fans only care about music, not awards
    Their image aside, BVB are actually kind of OK compared to most other contemporary "scream your lungs out and breakdowns" bands. Would take them over Bring Me the Horizon, Motionless in White, Asking Alexandria, etc, any day.
    I kind of like BVB too, it takes balls to reach the UEFA Champions League Final.
    Double post, I know, but I just listened to that song and I understand now that Golden Gods is just another Grammy deal where shitty bands win based on record sales.
    It pretty much is. The difference is they take only slightly lesser known artists than what you would see at the Grammys and then they win. So, pretty much the most popular of the not so well known bands.
    who the **** would hate these guys? with all the shit on the radio like bieber why would you hate them? they have great solos. a decent vocalist and some alright music. they use distortion and not autotune for **** sakes open your eyes
    I don't think you know what a "great" solo is... I've heard a lot of BVB songs, and I'll listen to it if I have to, I don't hate them or anything, but their solos are all exactly the same, just senseless shredding, sure, shredding can be cool at times, but when it's the only thing you ever do, it gets annoying. Part of being a good guitarist is the ability to write good music, IMO.
    I don't think you realize that autotune is used fairly often in studio work. Just not to the point where it becomes an effect.
    i am pretty sure he was drunk. i am a huge fan of these guys and i was at the awards. i was really happy when they won but when they went up there and started ranting i got kinda upset.
    I hate the band but he has a good attitude towards it. They're a bunch of pretty boys in makeup, and they won.
    After watching this... strange video there I just had to find out what these guys are really about. Like I mean, they just ripped on an audience that just handed them an award, that's f*ckin' badass I will admit. So I checked out their video. MRW
    They ARE wank mind. They're not metal, they're not rock, they're some kind of hybrid of the worst kind of dog-shit spliced with a shit-KISS impersonator with a little bit of glam rock turd thrown in. People boo them cos they're shit. I'd gladly piss in a bottle, mix in a used needle, and stir in the contents into this little cocksuckers' morning pickup (which I hear is the cum-juice of his bass player mixed with the virgin tears of his whiny bitching little drummer boy). I like not this "band".
    There's a difference in who you're telling to f**k themselves. If it's the music industry at the grammy's that's one thing, and from rock/metal genre's pov the argument could be made that it would be wholly justified.. If it's fans, other musicians, or people from your own sect of the industry, have some respect for those who put you there. This guy needs to be taken down a few pegs by other bands/fans. In addition, I've seen them live once as a favor to my friend, and any grown man who encourages 13-16 year old girls to grab him/put their fingers in his mouth and acts like that needs to be arrested or have the shit kicked out of him.
    Mister A.J.
    Somebody should fix his attitude. Preferably by beating a new one in with his own femur.