Bon Jovi Is Shocked By His Daughter's Overdose

artist: Jon Bon Jovi date: 12/06/2012 category: wtf?

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Bon Jovi Is Shocked By His Daughter's Overdose
Last month, Ultimate-Guitar reported that drug offense charges against Stephanie Rose Bongiovi, the daughter of singer Jon Bon Jovi, have been dropped. Now, Jon has spoken out on his daughter's drug incident, telling AP that he was "shocked" by the recent revelation. "I'm shocked as much as the next parent with this situation. I had no idea. I didn't have any sisters. We bring home this girl the first day now what? Where's the manual? There's no manual. So you bring her up the best you can, you surround her with hugs and kisses, and you know that she may eventually fall down." The singer and his family are moving forward, after the incident, although it still came as a surprise: "You surround them with the best help and love, and move on. That's where we're at with it. Steph is a great kid at a cool school. Everything about it is idyllic. She was doing great then a sudden and steep decline. Hopefully we caught it when we did and that's the end of it." Bongiovi was found unresponsive in a dormitory at Hamilton College last month after overdosing on a Class A substance. Police reportedly found a "small amount" of heroin alongside the singer's daughter, plus paraphernalia and marijuana.
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