Bono Admits To Being 'An Insufferable Jumped-Up Jesus'

artist: U2 date: 03/01/2013 category: wtf?
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Bono Admits To Being 'An Insufferable Jumped-Up Jesus'
U2 front man Bono has admitted that he is "an insufferable jumped-up Jesus" at a TED talk in which he also stated that technology could be used to eliminate extreme poverty by 2013: "Forget the rock opera," he told the invited crowd. "Forget the bombast. The only thing singing today is the facts. I have truly embraced my inner nerd. Exit the rock star. Enter the evidence-based activist. The factavist." The singer told the audience that more people with AIDS are getting life -saving treatment and that deaths from malaria have dropped. He also stated that the child morality rate has fallen with over 7000 fewer children dying each day than ten years ago. "The rate is still too high, but it is mindblowing, heart-stopping stuff. If we get to the Zero Zone, for number crunchers like us, that is the erogenous zone. I am sexually aroused by the collating of data." Bono also joked that his target to end extreme poverty in 2030 isn't as far away as some might think, adding that it was "only three Rolling Stones farewell concerts away". The singer's talk was more upbeat than the severe message that Bono had delivered at TED in 2005, where he stated that the audience needed to take a more active role, instead of just giving money to charity.
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