Brandon Flowers, Father John Misty, and Local Natives Cover Johnny Cash

Watch the whole "lost" Cash album covered in the middle of the desert.

Ultimate Guitar

This week saw the release of "Out Among the Stars," a "lost" album by Johnny Cash comprised of recordings from the early 1980s.

Now, La Blogotheque has shared a corresponding film, which sees the Killers' Brandon Flowers with Dawes, Father John Misty and Local Natives perform various tracks from the album.

AsĀ Consequence of Sound notes, each performance takes place in the middle of a desert, beginning with Flowers and Dawes' rendition of "I Came to Believe." Next, Father John Misty's J. Tillman performs "Baby Ride Easy," and Local Natives close out the film with the album's title track.

The 16-minute film also features brief interviews with each artist discussing Cash's significance and influence on their career. Watch below.

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    that young natives cover was horrendous i get they were doing something different but different doesn't mean good
    Like when Cash covered Soundgarden. One good artist covering another...not always good.
    As a Mormon, I'm so glad there are people like Brandon Flowers who are just plain awesome and show that we're not all uptight weirdos.
    He does seem like a fairly nice guy, by his own admission he doesn't know too much about something he proclaims to be! Believe in what you want, that's cool, but you need to know the documented history behind your belief. Whether or not you think X belief is true, or whether X person is a prophet is one thing, but denying the most basic factual, literal evidence is the definition of ignorance and is deluded.Richard Dawkins vs Brandon Flowers
    It's pretty difficult to "win" an argument when you're against someone who states untrue things with no evidence but gets away with it because everyone there believes they are true. And it seems pretty hypocritical that Richard Dawkins does exactly that and then accuses Brandon of saying untrue things.
    It's also easy to discredit someone's argument without being specific or making a single point. Like what you're doing.