Brian May: 'I Was Nervous About Meeting Psy'

Queen guitarist was star struck by South Korean pop star.

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Brian May admitted being nervous about meeting with Psy, the Sun reports.

Speaking at the Kerrang! Awards last week, the guitarist discussed his upcoming collaboration with the singer, and the reasons that he wanted to work with him:

"It turns out he's a massive Queen fan and he says he's in the business because of us, which is always nice to hear.

"I was quite nervous to meet him. The guy's had 1.6 billion views on YouTube. It turns out that he was pretty nervous too. So we just sat there and looked at each other for a while.

"Then we had a good conversation and it was nice. It was a friendly lunch."

Psy has previously noted that Queen were one of his main inspirations for getting into music.

"If it wasn't for Queen at Wembley, I wouldn't be a pop star. When I was growing up I would watch Freddie Mercury with all those fans in the palm of his hand. He is the best."

May has stated that he has a greater understanding of the singer following their meeting.

"You never know what might happen. We talked music strangely enough, in its various forms, and our history. He's not a flash in the pan, he's made six albums. I've come to understand what he's about. He's a very thoughtful guy."

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    I'd rather hear this than a bastardised version of Queen without Mercury
    I think this actually sounds pretty interesting, this contribution...
    It irks me how afraid of change, and clinged to the past some people are. For ONE thing, Adam Lambert has a GREAT voice. He was not trying to "replace" Mercury, as some have been led to believe. He was a great fit for what he was doing. As with May's collaboration with Psy. LOOK at how long May has been in the music industry. I think he's damn well earned the right to experiment. Not that it should be something that is earned. Music is music.
    Wow this is a stupid article.
    Psy hasn't got shit in May.
    Although May was part of Queen, and he is an amazing musician, I don't think he is a step above anyone else, and he can collaborate with whomever he wants. I am sure that he will make sure the track/tracks they write sound decent, but even if you dont like the vocals you get to hear his guitar playing on new songs.
    So this korean guy watched Queen on TV as a kid and went on to make music that takes absolute zero inspiration from queen or rock music..great..that's just lovely. Come on, Brian May wrote some of the best guitar solos of all time if I'm not mistaken..He is the real thing, and millions of youtube views won't change that..
    You can be influenced by someone and not mimic them.
    TRUTH. As a musician, I listen to tons of stuff that doesn't influence what I write. I wish I could upvote this more!
    Haha Brian May wrote some of the best guitar solos of all time, and Psy has the most watched music video of all time... First thing can be questioned, the second one can't...
    Well, u probably should know that gangnam style is only one of psy songs from his 6 albums. he has made rock songs, ballad, rap, techno, rnb and many genres. DO SOME RESEARCH DUDE.
    He was probably just nervous about meeting Psy because no one can understands what he says.
    Brian must be having the onset of dementia. psy is a worthless, gutless piece of crap gimmick who no one will remember in 5 years. "I loved queen, i love how freddie held the crowd in his hand" Yea, real great musical reasons for liking queen...
    Yeah.... except that Psy has been pretty successful in South Korea since around 1999. There is more to music than western music.
    Im all for music whereever it comes from. Psy is crap thats just an exist for music video and over commercialized theatrical productions and denegrates women. If not liking that crap doesent make me a worldly person, sorry.
    tl;dr Brian May and Psy have lunch, find out they are, in fact, human. That is all.