Bruce Dickinson Denies Manufacturing Drones for US Military

Iron Maiden frontman squashes reports of receiving a $500 million contract from the government.

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Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson addressed the latest rumors of allegedly receiving a $500 million contract to manufacture drones for the US army.

The rumor was started by Dorset Eye blog post titled "Bruce Dickinson: Rock N' Roll Warmonger" and is based on a South African conference speakers' website announcement. The singer's spokesperson described the post as "totally inaccurate and malicious" in a written statement to NME.

"This is a totally inaccurate and malicious piece of writing that seems to have stemmed from an unfortunate mistake in terminology on a South African website that the writer of said blog has since used as a starting point and catalyst to go off on a flight of sheer fantasy," the spokesperson stated.

"Both Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden's manager Rod Smallwood were early investors in, and remain great supporters of, Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), a company that has nothing whatsoever to do with drones, 'lighter than air' or otherwise!"

The statement further reads, "The future implementation of HAVs is a likely global trend which has massive positive implications in many areas of life and both Bruce and Rod are proud to be involved with a British company at the cutting edge of this technology.

"As with many far-sighted technological advances, early adopters and financial supporters tend to be military-based as they have the resources to invest and develop, be that everything from space-travel to medicine. Possible military use of HAVs in future could be for heavy-lifting, transportation or high altitude detection of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), or similar, thus saving lives, both military and civilian."

The spokesperson concluded, "Rather than being involved in attacks in the Third World, as this writer has claimed in such an erroneously dramatic and defamatory manner, HAVs are designed to offer much needed assistance to civilians, businesses and governments that would be unavailable otherwise, due to the unique nature of these incredible vehicles."

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    Maybe hes creating personal war drones!!!!!
    Wouldn't mind Bruce talking over the world. And the international anthem would probably be awesome!
    Tom Ak40
    You'll take my life but I'll take yours too You'll fire your musket, I'll bomb the shit out of you So when you're waiting for the next attack I'll send my drones to bomb Iraq.
    Obviously he's interested in HAV's... Bruce flies Iron Maiden's private jet. Not exactly cheap on fuel
    Yeah ignore this, some blogger is trying to demonize Bruce Dickinson, he's barking up the wrong tree. Bruce is possibly the most modest front man of all time so for me this one was a no brainer.
    Title conjured an image of Bruce in a shed knocking together top secret military hardware on the sly.
    The Raven
    So, from what I've gathered after some research is it's less like military drones and more like Big Brother surveillance. Brave New World, Bruce?
    Brave New World? Big Brother was in Nineteen Eighty-Four, written roughly a decade after Brave New World. Wrong novel, so the pun doesn't even work.
    I guess that running to the hills wouldnt be so bright of an idea after all.. Nah, of course this is insane. I doubt that Bruce would be involved with any war-related activities. He seems to be a man of honour.
    So, Iron Maiden's gonna get you?
    You walk through the subway, his eyes burn a hole in your back, A footstep behind you, he lunges prepared for attack. Scream for mercy, he laughs as he's watching you bleed, Killer behind you, his blood lust defies all his needs.
    The Raven
    I understand that they're different novels. I'm making a point to say he should know better than to get involved in something like this.
    I can just see it now, a few drones flying over Syria and then the next thing you know you hear this booming voice shout out "Scream for Syria!"
    I wouldn't be surprise if it actually were true, no doubt in my mind that Bruce is the Da Vinci of this generation.
    Bruce is simply investing in a company designing flying machines, that hardly makes him the Da Vinci of the modern era. Besides, I'm the real Da Vinci!
    Actually confused which side to fall on here. The report from the South African blog thingy was clearly over the top and misleading (check out the headline to THIS article for another great UG example), however the fact Dickenson has invested in the tech does mean that he is in some way linked. Although I suspect he isn't in favour of militarised use of drones, that's the natural way of such technologies and he is effectively profiting from them. I dunno though theres probably more to it and I'm more annoyed at drone technology being misused by governments than at 1 man who more than likely unknowingly invested in them.
    i think you missed the whole article. the company hes invested in has nothing whatsoever to do with drones at all
    "...a range of revolutionary products with global market potential demand is being driven, in particular, by changing defence..." - taken directly from the companies website. I understand that they wont be involved directly with them, but the tech certainly is.
    The "tech" being involved is way too broad od a statement to try and force a link between military drone and Bruce Dickinson. By that same standard we could accuse anyone who invested in anything related to computers as being involved in military/war affairs, because the army uses computers too. Then again, if he did, I wouldn't care. It still wouldn't make him a "warmonger"
    somebody once said that Bruce didn't want to go to South America just because he was a racist, well that was proven wrong, even in one interview he mentioned he was scared for security reasons...
    No security issues in south america, world is the same all over the west. Nothing but an illusion of the dumb part of the so-called first world.
    So what they're saying is, they are totally making military technology, just not drones. Because, you know, blowing people up is fine as long as a robot doesn't do it.
    link no1
    I think this would be totally badass!!! Just think, a small legion of drones flying over the hill blasting some Iron-maiden whilst they shoot down some mo'fos. My vision of what the drones actually do is more than likely wrong but still...would be a good scene for a film.
    Your type of thinking legitimizes the death of all americans on war, including everyone who died on 9/11. Congrats!
    yes i am THE bruce dickinson. i put my pants on one leg at a time like everyone else. the only difference is when i put my pants on i make flying drones
    1. I have to get on the bandwagon here and say that Rod Smallwood is perhaps the most embarrassing "normal" name I've ever heard. 2. At least do research before you slander, people.