Bruce Dickinson Introduces Iron Maiden Trooper Beer

Dickinson played a major role in developing the flavour of the beer.

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Trooper is a premium British beer created by real-ale enthusiast Bruce Dickinson along with his Iron Maiden bandmates and handcrafted at Robinsons Brewery.

Dickinson played a major role in developing the flavour of the beer, entailing ongoing visits to Robinson's brewery in Stockport. Trooper is said to be "a deep golden ale with a subtle hint of lemon," according to ClassicRockMagazine.

The Maiden frontman explained: "I'm a lifelong fan of traditional English ale; I thought Id died and gone to heaven when we were asked to create our own beer. I have to say that I was very nervous Robinsons are the only people I have had to audition for in 30 years. Their magic has been to create the alchemical wedding of flavour and texture that is Trooper. I love it."

Oliver Robinson, managing director of Robinsons, added: "Not only do Iron Maiden genuinely enjoy a good pint of cask ale, but so do many of their fans and they have an important part to play in our customer base. This partnership works for both of us."

Fans of both Maiden and real ale can sign up to get news and updates on Trooper Premium British Beer from, where bottles will be available to purchase by both UK and overseas customers from May 2013.

Rumours that Maiden's next single will be Two Minutes To Closing Time b/w Wasted Beers have yet to be confirmed.

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    You drink my beer, but I'll drink yours too! You steal my pint and I'll run you through! So when you go and get a snack, Take your beer and don't turn your back! The last bell rings and the charge begins, But at the bar only hot girls win, The smell of stale beer and cigarettes, As we live our lives with no regrets! Beeeeer beeer beer b-b-beer! Beeeeer beeer beer b-b-beer!
    R.I.P Clive Burr. Cant believe it wasnt announced yet.
    Indeed a little strange to see this posted and nothing about the death of Clive.
    This is UG, so we'll probably be seeing it in a week or so. Btw RIP Clive.
    A disgrace that they haven't reported on Clive's death yet, marvellous drummer and a great showman. Rest in peace, buddy.
    On a more serious note, I tried the Robinsons beer "created by Elbow", called "Build a Rocket Boys". It was awful. Unicorn isn't that bad though, so I'm hoping that a better band can make a better beer. I'll have to look out for this.
    Who would dislike this. basically disliking beer lol
    Anyone with any decency considering UG have had no mention on Clive's death yet think this is more news worthy than say....a drummer from an iconic landmark album in Metal history passing on?
    Yes I agree with you but UG are always a day behind. Tomorrow top story is Clive
    Yeah hopefully, he deserves some recognition for what he's done. It was yesterday he died though so I'm surprised it wasn't up today
    Clive's death was announced at the same time the new pope was being announced, yet they managed to make sure we all know what Scott Ian thinks about thew pope quick enough.
    It's cool to see that Bruce is involved in the whole process, as opposed to bands like AC/DC (who has their own brand of wine) who just slapped a label on some mediocre wine they had no hand in making.
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    Stockport? Nah. Everyone knows the South does the best Ale. Cornwall and the New Forest are the places to go for a really good Ale.