Bruce Dickinson Slams Judas Priest for Using an Autocue

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Bruce Dickinson Slams Judas Priest for Using an Autocue
Bruce Dickinson appears to be on the warpath. Having previously berated Metallica for headlining the "too middle-class" Glastonbury festival, the Iron Maiden front man is now taking aim at another metal giant - Judas Priest. In an interview with Frank Turner for the Guardian, the singer criticized Priest for needing an autocue to sing their 1980 anthem, "Breaking The Law":

"We still don't have an Autocue. Yay! I never realised that people were using Autocues. What the f--k is that all about? People pay good money and you can't even remember the sodding words. The daftest one I ever saw was [Judas Priest's] 'Breaking the Law.' It's on the f--king Autocue. 'Breaking the law, breaking the law/Breaking the law, breaking the law/Breaking the law, breaking the law/Breaking the law' - guess what? - 'breaking the law.' It's ludicrous."

In the interview, Dickinson also had some harsh words to say about the "cultural snobbery" surrounding heavy metal, claiming that the art establishment embraced punk over metal because punk was rubbish:

"The closest the 'art establishment' ever came to embracing metal was punk. The reason they embraced punk was because it was rubbish and the reason they embraced rubbish was because they could control it. They could say: 'Oh yeah, we're punk so we can sneer at everybody. We can't play our f--king instruments, but that means we can make out that this whole thing is some enormous performance art.' Half the kids that were in punk bands were laughing at the art establishment, going: 'What a f--king bunch of tosspots. Thanks very much, give us the money and we'll f--k off and stick it up our nose and shag birds.' But what they'd really love to be doing is being in a heavy metal band surrounded by porn stars."

Iron Maiden are set to co-headline Sonisphere with Metallica and The Prodigy from July 4th-6th.
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