Bruce Dickinson to Crown Britain's Best Real Ale

More beer to the King of Beer!

Ultimate Guitar

Bruce Dickinson will crown Britain's best beer at a national awards ceremony tomorrow, Metal Hammer reports.

The Iron Maiden frontman and real ale enthusiast will be at the Great British Beer Festival in London to crown the winner of the Champion Beer of Britain competition, organised by the Campaign for Real Ale.

Considered the top prize in British beer, the award is the culmination of 12 months of local, regional and national competition, with the final beers being judged by a panel of experts, journalists and Campaign for Real Ale representatives in the final tomorrow, before the winner is announced at 3pm.

Dickinson, who released his own successful beer called "Trooper" last year, says: "As a dedicated ale drinker myself, I was very aware of the many great beers available and the extremely high level of competition we faced.

"For 'Trooper' to have grabbed people's imagination and taste buds right from the very start has given us all a real sense of satisfaction and I'm much looking forward to spending time at Olympia with fellow real ale enthusiasts. I am also very proud to be asked to announce the Champion Beer of Britain award - especially amongst such great company."

Trooper sold more than one million pints in its first year.

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    Dickinson is just a beard away from turning into the real-life "Most Interesting Man in the World."
    I think the sale of Trooper beer might also have something to do, besides tasting good, with being made by Iron Maiden
    Good. More ale please, Mr.Dickinson. None of this imported pisswater kids seem to think is beer.