Bruce Springsteen Performs 'Born to Run' Parody on Jimmy Fallon

Song mocked US politician following 'Bridgegate' scandal.

Ultimate Guitar

Bruce Springsteen took to Jimmy Fallon's Late Night show last night to perform a spoof version of his hit song "Born to Run," Gigwise reports. See the video below.

The song was lampooning New Jersey governer Chris Christie following the recent "Bridgegate" scandal. The governor's aide is accused of orchestrating a huge traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge to punish a Democratic mayor for not supporting his re-election.

This will no doubt produce mixed feelings for Christie, who claims to have attended over 100 Springsteen concerts, and has also quoted his lyrics in speeches.

Springsteen released his new album "High Hopes" on Monday (13 January.)

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    matteo cubano
    would have preferred he did something serious as he's not a comedian. but, i guess its funny...i guess