Caribbean Parasite Named After Bob Marley

artist: Bob Marley date: 07/12/2012 category: wtf?
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Caribbean Parasite Named After Bob Marley
Bob Marley has joined a list of famous people, including Elvis Presley, Beyonce and President Barack Obama, who have had creatures named after them. Paul Sikkel, a marine biologist at Arkansas State University, has named a small parasite Gnathia marleyi. It's a crustacean blood feeder that infests fish in coral reefs, according to NME. "I named this species, which is truly a natural wonder, after Marley because of my respect and admiration for Marley's music," Sikkel said. "Plus, this species is as uniquely Caribbean as Marley." The parasite is comparable to a tick or a mosquito, said Sikkel. In case you were wondering, there's a lichen named for Obama, a horse fly named for Beyonce and a wasp named for Elvis. Meanwhile, Marley's former band The Wailers recently supported The Stone Roses during their recent Heaton Park shows, performing a series of his famous hits including "No Woman, No Cry" and "Three Little Birds".
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