Cat Mosh Pit Is One of the Best Things Happened to Metal

Well, it's time to post some kitties...

Ultimate Guitar

We here, at UG, are fond of two things: metal and kitties. And when those two meet each other, we can't help posting that on our website.

Our fellas at Consequence of Sound shared this video, called "Cat Mosh Pit." As they note, the Siberian woman has "rescued" over 136 cats, which she keeps in her three-room apartment.

So, what do we see in this video is ... meal time! Because having 136 individual food bowls is really silly, but ... just check out the video.

Is it Wacken Open Air or something?

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    Man, they must have put weeks of meticulous note-by-note songwriting into those breakdowns. I've never heard something so layered and complex.
    Jaden Smith
    this is my saturday night with willow and the boys.