Chad Kroeger Mocks Sum 41 Front Man For Dressing As Avril Lavigne

Deryck Whibley and partner go as Chad and Avril Lavigne for Halloween Party.

Ultimate Guitar

In some circles, dressing up as your ex-girlfriend and then parading around in public is considered a bit of faux pas. Sum 41 front man Deryck Whibley knows no such bounds, though. He and partner Ari Cooper went to a Halloween Party dressed as Chad Kroeger and the former Mrs Whibley, Avril Lavigne over the weekend.

And it would seem that Chad is none too happy about it. The Nickelback singer, and Lavigne's future husband, took to Twitter after seeing pictures of the pair's costumes, alleging that he and Lavigne would have dressed up as Sum 41 for Halloween, but added that the band wasn't famous enough for them to bother with the effort: "Hey Deryck loved the costumes! we were going to dress up as you guys this year but all the parties had celebrity themes haha! -CK"

As Ultimate-Guitar has noted, Kroeger has already reacted to those who have responded negatively to his and Lavigne's engagement, claiming that he tries not to take too much interest in the world's opinion of their relationship and that the couple are very happy.

Whibley had been married to Lavigne since 2006, but the pair announced their separation on September 17th, 2009. Lavigne initiated divorce proceedings in October 2009, claiming irreconcilable differences.

For future reference, we suggest that Deryck Whibley does as us Ultimate-Guitar staff have done for many years, and sticks to dressing up as his ex in the privacy of his own home. As we can tell you from personal experience, things don't get too Complicated that way (see what we did there).

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    ...Kids, Kids, settle down now. You're both just awful.
    I'm sorry, what did you say?
    Wow, I've never hated on Sum 41 like most people, but I never really thought they were that good. While not the hardest Metallica song, they played it really tight.
    Dunno, couldn't hear him over this.
    Don't forget they play parts of Seek and Destroy and Cowboys from Hell. Nickelback are more tight on the heavy side... Sum 41 should just stick to what they do best.
    Childish from both sides imo (Chad & Dereck). But they could probably become bro's in a few years time, both making the same mistake & all.
    I wouldn't consider Avril a mistake... Y'know what I mean? :3 lol
    lol imagine telling your GF we're going to dress up as my X and her new BF for Halloween. She would be like wft ??
    Imagine being mocked by Chad Kroeger! I'm not sure it's possible to get much lower. Maybe if Mustaine called you a 'credulous right-wing eejit', or Manowar said your music is derivative and cliched...
    What I got from this: "There's no point to being a musician unless you're really, really famous" -Chad Kroeger
    Yeah, it definitely shows what he values in life - his celebrity status.
    You say that as if he's the only one that enjoys being famous.
    Well, Kroger is a special case because his music is so formulaic that there really is no arguing that he isn't in it for any reason but fame. . . not to say others don't either, but Kroger and Nickleback are just the biggest example of this, and also the most grating.
    Epic Winner1987
    this is how it looks, when canadian artist's diss each other))
    We normally just say "I'm not your friend, buddy"
    I'm not your buddy, guy!"
    "Hey Deryck loved the costumes! we were going to dress up as you guys this year but all the parties had celebrity themes haha! -CK" That's not nearly as hostile as I would expect. It sounds like they might actually be friends.
    Shut up Chad. Take Deryck's sloppy seconds. This is funny as hell
    To be fair, Chad never initiates anything. He didn't start any of this shit with The Black Keys, the Detroit Lions' fans, that Braves pitcher, or Sum41. He just responds.
    As much as I want to find what Whibley did as funny, there's no denying the obvious bitterness he displayed. It was childish and uncalled for and I don't blame Chad for reacting.
    Yeahhhh, Whibley is a pathetic loser who can't let go and Chad Kroeger is... Chad Kroeger. I say we let them fight to the death over Avril and whoever wins gets to marry her. At least that way one of them will be dead.
    Mocking .. Yeah right, As soon as he saw the pic hes probably exploding in his pants ..
    Gotta give it to Chad, no matter how much shit Nickelback gets (deserved and undeserved). He's got a very tactful way of dealing with things like this.
    Guns N' Chains
    This is funny yet at the same time, petty. Seriously? This actually occurred? A little strange if you ask me. This is sort of childish. But definitely worth a chuckle though.
    Oh Chad... You just don't know when to stop do you? My 12 year old sister could have come up with a better retort than that...
    I love Sum 41, so maybe I'm biased, but I doubt that Deryck would have meant this as an attack; it's just a funny costume idea, given the recent engagement.
    I might be biased too, but that response from Chad looks like it could be taken as a joke too. And UG is taking it out of context.
    I think what's going on here is that Deryck is commenting on the fact that this is to be the worst marriage ever (for the world, not necessarily the two of them, but I have my suspicions that Kroger is a selfish and shitty lover. . . I cannot substantiate this). While Kroger's response was to say, "I'm rubber and you're glue!" because he has no better or more accurate comebacks. Mind you, I really don't give a shit about any of these people, I just amuse myself with all the stupid things that end up here. . . I'm terrible.
    this sum41 guy is lucky that kroeger did not mistaken him avril. that would be a lot of butthurt (on both sides).
    Chad Kroeger SLAMS Deryck Wibley.. while he was dressed as his wife.
    When you name is Whibley do you really need to dress up as a woman to look any more of a dick?
    chad + wussy guitar cover of one of the easiest songs ever! Sum 41 blows these douchebags outta the water in skill!
    I like the ending of the article. Yes, those were some old jokes, but they were nicely used. I like Sum41, but Derrick made a dick of himself here. As far as I know, Avril left him because he had drinking problems.
    "had drinking problems"?....try HAS drinking problems. I saw them do a show/interview session about 2 years ago and he was pretty ****ed up the entire time. He also said that the only album they did sober was Underclass Hero...which is probably why it was no good
    Now, I don't know all the details here, but you can't base an accusation of CURRENT drinking problems on something that happened 2 YEARS ago...
    she left him because she wanted to start a family and he didn't want to yet.
    They both suck and are fighting over an equally suckish woman. Let 'em hash it out. As long as it keeps them out of a studio, I think we're good.
    The way I see it, Chad Kroeger dresses up like Chad Kroeger every day, so he doesn't get to talk about what someone else wears.
    I don't know guys. Chad may be pro at writing the same song for every track on each album, but I still don't see how that makes him a celebrity. I'm pretty certain his comeback backfired. He's also marrying someone younger and more famous than he is and Deryck was already married to her before Chad was. Chad lost before before the proposal was even announced publicly.
    "Chad may be pro at writing the same song for every track on each album" I know you're not the only one that has said this before, but Nickelback is actually one of the most diverse bands out there. Seriously, This Means War, Animals, Photograph, Rockstar, This Afternoon, Far Away, Lullaby, Never Again, How You Remind Me, Too Bad, When We Stand Together, Burn It to the Ground, Gotta Be Somebody, Someday, Side of a Bullet, and Leader of Men are all major hits by them, and none of them sound anything like each other. Unless the sound of Chad's voice make every song the same, then yes you're right.
    There isn't actually a ton of variety there. Wanna talk variety? Let's talk Boris going from drone doom to having songs that sound like they belong in anime openings.
    C'mon people... It was a Halloween costume.. I dress up as a random celebrity almost every year. Chad should stop whining, sum41 may have been a flash in the pan, but I'd pick one of their albums up before touching a Nickeback or Lavinge album any day.